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Third grade composition

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Character third grade composition

Time: 2017-04-11

Composition 1: People in my family

There are six people in my family: one mother, one mother, one grandfather, one milk and one milk, father, me and aunt.

Let me talk about my mother and mother! I'm in my house, between me and my mother, I'm a "commander", and my mother is a "bing". Because I am in the third grade, I need to buy a computer to learn English. I quickly ordered: " One mother, one mother, one ! I want a dot-reader!" My mother, one mother, rushed all the way, and ran to the national business. When my mother and my mother came back, they ran back all the way and bought me some readers.

My aunt works in Hangzhou. Whenever the new year, she will come back and buy clothes and gifts for my cousin and me. I was very happy then. My aunt's big eyes are beautiful, and the moment I see it, I am very happy.

Grandpa always grows vegetables for us. The dishes brought back are: white radish, carrot, pumpkin, loofah ... one milk and one milk, every time I eat, I say, "This dish grows really fast."

Dad is a computer fan and spends his days either playing computer or sleeping. Every time he came back, I said, "One is not allowed to play with the computer; the second is not allowed to play with the computer, and the third is not allowed to sleep late." In order to escape my pursuit, he went to the Internet cafe to play with the computer. When I was sleeping, he slipped back to play computer, played until 4 o'clock, and slept until 3 o'clock in the afternoon, like a little lazy bug.

One milk one milk one is the best person to me, and sends me to school every day. At night, I was writing. I wrote well and I could win 1 yuan. If I did n’t write well, I would write another prize. I cried so much that I could n’t help taking milk and milk and said, “Forget it. "I went to rain and sunny and ran away.

I love one of my grandpa, one milk, one milk, one mother, one mother, one dad, aunt, and cousin. I love my home very much.

Composition 2: Conan, my favorite character

I have seen many cartoons, and my favorite cartoon is Detective Conan. Conan in the cartoon is my favorite cartoon character. Conan was originally 17 years old, but was poisoned by a man in black and turned into a five-year-old boy. Conan had a man named Dr. Imam who gave him two magic weapons, one called "bouncing one sex and one watch" and the other called "bow tie". Since Conan has two magic weapons, coupled with his superb reasoning ability, he has solved many cases that the police are helpless, and helped his adult solve many problems with his own wisdom and wisdom, and became a famous detective.

Conan is smart, brave, lively, and kind. I like it very much. He is my favorite cartoon character.

Composition 3: My favorite cartoon character-Rabbit

My favorite cartoon character is rabbit bunny, because it is very lively and clever, humorous and funny.

Bunny rabbit often has many dangers, but every time because of its cleverness and wit, it escapes smoothly. I remember one of them was like this: One day, Bunny was sitting in its hole and savoryly savoured a delicious carrot and radish, and suddenly a vulture flew in the sky. Vultures have sickle-like mouths, bare heads, and gray, godless eyes. It swooped down at Rabbit Baku, but Rabbit Baku continued to hold its turnips, as if it had a full chest. The vulture rushed to the hole and said to Rabbit Baku: "I want to take you home and cook." With a clever move, Rabbit Buzz said, "Okay, but you wait I go in for a shower and come out again. "The vulture thought: Anyway, it can't escape the palm of my hand. I'd rather wait for it to come out and grab it and cook it directly, no need to wash, hehe. In this way, the stupid vulture waited in the hole for a while , but he didn't see the rabbit. Suddenly, it heard Bunny singing in the hole: "I'm taking a bath in comfort, but there is a stupid vulture waiting for me ...". The vulture was irritated, angry and burnt, turned away The head "snucked" into the rabbit hole, and only heard the "snapped" sound. The vulture was kicked into the air by the rabbit's hind legs, and fell a half to death. He couldn't return for a long time, and the rabbit and the brother escaped. .

Rabbit Bunny used this strategy to get rid of the vulture's claws. Do you say it is very clever? Of course, this is not the case this time. For example, Bunny Brothers ’s masked thief, Bunny Brothers defeated the invincible, Bunny Brothers ’hunter ... There are many, many, waiting for me Let me introduce you one by one next time.

In short, Bunny is a wit and humorous cartoon character and a little hero in my heart.

Composition 4: Cartoon Character Games

In the warm cheers of the cartoon characters, the tenth "Olympic Cup" cartoon character games opened!

The place of the game is on the playing field in the primeval forest. At eight o'clock, there were already a lot of people there. The referee was Mickey Mouse, and he began to read the list of contestants: "Our No. 1 player is a cherished cherry ball, the No. 2 player is a pink pig with a whole body, and the No. 3 player is fat like a ball The same dullness, the No. 4 player is a naive crayon Shin-chan ... Now everyone please warm up and prepare for the race. "

Cherry Ball and Crayon Shin-chan felt that their opponents were weak, and they could easily get the first place, so they went to play; Dadu and Piggy worked very hard to warm up. These were all seen by Doraemon, the magician in the audience, and he secretly came up with a way to punish Cherry Ball and Crayon Shinchan.

At 8:30, the game officially started. When Mickey Mouse's gun sounded, the cherry balls and crayon Shin-chan rushed out like an arrow off the string, while Dadu and Piggy tried their best. But it still lags behind. Everyone is cheering for Daotou and Piggy: "Big cheer! Piggy cheer!" They all ran very desperately. The difference between Crayon Shin-chan and them is 500 meters. If this continues, The dull and the piglet definitely lost. Seeing that Cherry Ball and Crayon Shinchan were only 10 meters from the end, Doraemon began to use magic to quickly reduce their physical strength. Running and running, their feet slowed down and turned into walking, and they got up, and then they fell asleep and fell asleep.

The audience was very surprised, and some shouted, "What's wrong? Didn't they sleep well last night?" Another said, "Who told them not to be serious about the game." Dumb and Piggy They rushed forward, and after three minutes, they reached the finish line. They became tied for the first place. There was a warm applause and they all applauded for them. This huge applause was heard throughout the forest.

Waking up with Cherry Ball and Crayon Shin-chan, looking at the lively scene in front of her, she asked herself in wonder: "How could I fall asleep?"

After further thinking, I finally realized that I didn't seriously warm up and despise the mistakes of my opponents. They encouraged each other: we must win the championship in the next Games!

Composition 5: The Story of Our Family

There are so many stories in our family like shells on the beach. Do n’t believe it? Now I'll pick up some of the brightest ones and tell you: Dad, my dad is a typical slacker, you see: it's 11:30, my dad's snoring sound is still ringing! Dad still has a bottle of oil and oil. When you are not happy, you can use him to wipe him around: once, he bought a hula hoop at home, and his father learned a Beijing accent, saying, "Let ’s take a look The Wang hula hoop performance, there are many opportunities and many benefits. Come take a look and turn around and get some applause. "

I arrived on schedule and saw my dad twisting and turning his body into one . His twisted face turned red and his neck was thick, and he only turned 13. The posture and the expression made me burst into tears. One mother, one mother, one mother, one mother, one mother and one mother, gave birth to her mother-in-law, and remember that one day, a few classmates living near my house came to me to play. One mother and one mother brought me a watch. She said to me, "Pay attention to the car, don't leave the door ..." I had already reached the door, I wonder what she was still thinking about. Ugh! Me and I are standard fanatics. I have to read the three or four pages before I eat. I laugh for a while and cry for a while. I, occasionally, came back to Sun Wukong to make a big mess and messed up the house. At this time, my dad and my mom were the people on the united front. Then, there will be a storm!

Composition 6: Chinese New Year Characters

Today, our family got up early and saw a Chinese New Year figure standing at the door.

He had long, black, dense hair, like a woman, but a man. There was always a sweet, bright smile on his red face. He has a pair of thick eyebrows and one hair, like two curved arch bridges, three large, watery eyes hanging on the round face, landing on the earth like a mighty Erlang god. A red round nose grows on his face, three large white teeth in his big mouth, a gold watch on his long neck, and two monster-like hands on his powerful arms. , Holding a large black pocket in his hand, which contains many interesting gadgets. There is a large circle on his clothes, which represents a circle of circles, he walks with a figure eight legs and walks very funny.

He strode into the room and said to us, "Happy New Year to you!" Then, he took out a colored box from the big pocket, and he opened the box violently, and each hand in the box reached out. He came out and hit him hard on the face. He shot a meter away, and we laughed. He struggled to get up from the ground. He asked, "Is it very interesting?" We said, "It's very interesting. . "

We had a happy morning with Chinese New Year characters.

Composition 7: My favorite heroes of the Three Kingdoms

My favorite hero of the Three Kingdoms is Liu Bei. He was a corporal wise man with a good eye. In terms of love and talent, although Liu Bei, Cao Yicaoyi, and Sun Quan have the same characteristics, Liu Bei is better than the two of them, the most famous of which is "Liu Bei's Three Gu Maolu."

In the late Eastern Han Dynasty, Liu Bei heard that Xu Zhe and Sima Hui said that Zhuge Liang was very knowledgeable and talented, and he and Guan Yu and Zhang Fei brought gifts to Wolonggang, Longzhong, and asked Zhuge Liang to help him. Coincidentally, Zhuge Liang went out that day, and Liu Bei had to go back disappointed. Soon, Liu Bei and Guan Yu and Zhang Fei went for a second time in a heavy snowstorm. Unexpectedly, Zhuge Liang went on a leisure trip. Zhang Fei didn't want to come again. When Zhuge Liang was not at home, he urged to go back. Liu Bei had to leave a letter. After three days, Liu Bei was going to invite Zhuge Liang again. Guan Yu said that Zhuge Liang may have a sham name, and may not have a real talent to learn, so there is no need to go. Zhang Fei advocated that he call it alone, and if he didn't come, tie him with a rope. Liu Bei blamed Zhang Fei and asked Zhuge Liang for the third time with them. When they arrived at Zhuge Liang's house, it was already noon, and Zhuge Liang was sleeping. Liu Bei did not dare to alarm him, and stood until Zhuge Liang woke up, and sincerely asked him for help.

This is Liu Bei, a hero of the Three Kingdoms who loves me.

Composition Eight: People

I have an ordinary dad. He is funny and often makes his family laugh. However, he still has a secret title, the mosquito buster.

Dad ’s weapon is very ordinary, you ca n’t guess, it ’s not an electric mosquito slap or a mosquito coil, but a rag. You must think, how can a rag kill mosquitoes? The fact is in front of you that the rag can indeed kill mosquitoes.

Dad's record is endless, I will not list them one by one, let me talk about the last one. On a hot summer day, the mosquito group was dispatched, and my dad had to show off his own mosquito killing technology. With a rag in his hand, he patrolled in the mosquito's cafeteria: my room. Since it is said to be a mosquito killer, the technique of finding mosquitoes should be good. Dad found a few sly mosquitoes at a glance. "Snapped"

A mosquito died under his father's weapon. After killing the mosquitoes in seconds, the more cunning mosquito appeared, hiding in the corner of the ceiling. I only heard my dad say: Eat me a trick, let's die! As a result, the mosquito hid himself, avoiding his father's claws. Dad is going to use his nirvana. I saw his hand clenching the rag and beating in the room. The mosquito was caught by surprise, desperately running away, exhausted, standing on the table, slamming, mosquito blood stuck to the table, terrible.

Afterwards, my hanging heart calmed down. As long as there are more mosquitoes, I will always call dad and be on call. Lethality is 1,000,000.

Buzz, mosquitoes are infested. Dad, there are mosquitoes. Here, slap, KO. Not to mention anymore, I will see the end of the mosquito, bye!

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