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Third grade composition

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The third grade book Imagination composition

Time: 2017-04-11

Composition 1: The Magical Cottage

I have a small room, which is both my study and my bedroom. It is a place where I learn and rest. I can read, write, sleep and rest.

I stood by the window and looked out of the window. The green lawn was the first thing that caught my eyes. There was a fence around the lawn. There were rows of trees around the wall, including linden trees and ginkgo trees. There are rows of tall buildings in the distance, next to the high-rise Yixian Road, next to the track line 3. The flow of cars on the elevated road is like a flowing river, and the cars on the road are like water in the river.

Sitting at the window and looking out the window, I would imagine my room as a sports car with five wheels on each side, which can be driven on flat ground or run on the mountain. I drove out. During the journey, I saw the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. I saw a small green turtle caught on the beach by a sand crab. The sand crab dragged the caught green turtle into its own nest. Some green turtles escaped.

Sometimes I imagine my cottage as a park with trees, a lake, a pavilion, and a rockery. There are still people fishing by the lake, some people in the pavilion are pulling erhu, some people are playing on the lawn, some people are working out in the fitness area.

My little floor is amazing. I can see great scenery there. I very much hope to share this scenery with my classmates.

Composition 2: The school of the future

Ding Dong, Ding Dong, the doorbell kept ringing. I hurriedly opened the door. It turned out to be Xiaoqing. Damn! I almost forgot to visit her school today. Xiaoqing and I hurried on the tram and ran to the moon.

It took only 20 minutes to get to Xiaoqing's school. Entering the gate, a luxurious 8-story teaching building bypassing the flower bed comes into view. Strangely, there are no stairs in the school building, only a series of huge colored stars surround it. When we beckoned, a star landed in front of us. It turned out to be an elevator! The whole body of the Star Elevator is transparent. In the elevator, we can see everything under our feet, so beautiful! The Star Elevator carried us slowly to the 7th floor. As soon as I entered Xiaoqing's classroom, I had a class. I saw a robot walk up to the podium and said to everyone, classmates, one assignment one assignment. So the students put their workbooks in the robot's belly. Suddenly, the robot spit out a boy's workbook and said: Your work is unqualified, redo! The boy had no choice but to return to his seat with his workbook down and seriously redo.

After class time, everyone can do whatever they want, so Xiaoqing takes me to the amusement park in the school. I rode a white horse with her and toured the entire campus.

This is the school of the future, and I really hope that such a campus will appear soon.

Composition 3: Future spacesuits

As the saying goes: Thirty stands. Yes, 20 years later, I am exactly 30 years old, and have become a well-known fashion designer specializing in the work of spacesuits.

After repeated experiments, my masterpiece Superman Clothes-Superman Clothes was finally born. Let me introduce its features next. Open the wrist, there are many buttons arranged inside, and marked: color, size, speed, etc. If the "color" button is pressed, the color of the clothes will be changed according to the astronaut's personal love and good, instead of the monotonous silver and white that we usually see on TV, it can also protect the vacuum, high and low temperature One , one sun, one radiation. Just rest assured that it will not have any impact on the work and life of the astronauts. In order to make astronauts more comfortable, select the "size" button, and the clothes will be tailor-made, especially fit. There is also a speed button. Pressing the yellow one, the astronaut will fly like a bird in the space capsule freely. Pressing the green one will change the speed. If you want fast, you will slow down, and Able to stop at any time. It also has a special feature. If there are aliens competing for Earth, the clothes will tell you how to make choices, and then defeat the aliens just like playing a game. This dress is bullet-proof. Even the original bullet can't hurt the astronauts, let alone the spacecraft fall, so that our astronauts can go home safely.

How's it going? Are you excited, but you won't see each other until 2033?

Composition 4: The Trash Can

Time flies, and in a blink of an eye, high-rise buildings in the world have risen, bungalows have been replaced by villas, and trash cans have a new look.

First look at its appearance. The big eyes of "Shui Lingling" can emit ultraviolet rays, scan the trash and pick it up. And his nose smells countless times higher than dogs! Mouth is used to eat garbage, almost forgot! It also needs to breathe. It only breathes carbon dioxide, but it can expel oxygen. It also speaks. If you throw away garbage, it will say to you, "Please pick up the garbage!" If you do, it will say, "Thank you for your cooperation." If you don't, it will make You taste the super strong current, and then use the remote report in the body to report to the health bureau.

It has a total of four layers. The first layer is used to hold garbage. You don't need to empty the garbage. Its body has a magic purifier that can be used to fertilize. The second, third, and fourth layers are all hidden. The second layer has the function of purifying the air. It can use its robot to pick flowers, and then release it into the air, and the air will evolve. For example: Monday is a chrysanthemum and Tuesday is a peach blossom, every day is different! The third layer is that if the street lamp breaks at night, it will glow, and it will still be warm. This is because it absorbs Taiyiyangyiguang during the day! The function of the fourth layer is that if it gets water, don't worry about your home being flooded, it can store five tons of water in its body! You say in case it's full? Not afraid, it will purify this water with a filter in the body and use it to water the flowers!

If there are tens of billions of such trash cans in the world, the world will surely become more and more beautiful!

Composition 5: I want to be a small fish

If you ask me, "What do you want to be the most?" I would answer without hesitation, "I want to be a little fish."

In spring, flowers bloom and birds quarrel, and the cold north wind has disappeared. I swim in the stream. Sometimes I suddenly jumped out of the water to see the lush trees beside the stream. I can also swim next to the waterfall to enjoy the beautiful songs played by the spring water next to the waterfall.

In summer, I take a bath in the stream. The cool stream makes me happier with other small fish. I can catch shrimp with other small fish and taste the taste of the small shrimp.

Autumn is a season full of fruits. Every time we paddled, every leaf fell. I can jump out of the water, press a leaf under the stream, and let the stream feel the smell of the leaves.

When winter came, the creek shouted from the north wind. My friends and I brought the collected shrimps to eat. After we were full, we began to hibernate until we woke up next spring.

How I want to be a little fish!

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