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Third grade composition

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Third grade composition

Time: 2017-04-11

Composition 1: Give up

On Sunday I went to the street with my mother, my mother and my sister.

There is a lot of buses, so many people on the bus! It's really crowded! We had to stand at the door of the car. As soon as the car drove, I grasped the armrest tightly, and I was afraid of falling. As soon as the car stopped, I couldn't stand still, and I was shaking. After a few stops, there were fewer people in the car. Suddenly I saw an empty seat. I was so lucky! I sat up quickly, fearing that others would steal. At another stop, no one got out of the car, but came up with an old milk and milk, her hair was pale, carrying a few bags of things, struggling to hold the handrails, standing there trembling. The uncle and aunt in the car saw her turning her face outside, pretending not to see it. The car started, and I saw the old man, the milk, and the milk shaking, I felt very uncomfortable. At this moment, I thought: father, mother, and mother, and the teacher usually taught me to be a sensible child. Give up the seat to the old woman. But another thought, those young uncles and aunts would not let them, so why would I let them? Another thought, I am a young pioneer, I should respect the old, love the old, and take the lead to give up! So I got up from my seat and said to the old milk and milk: " One milk, one milk, and you come to sit." But one milk, one milk, one, two, three, two, three said to me, "Children, please sit , You are young, you sit and you sit. "I said firmly," No, I can stand, you sit! "The old mother and the mother said politely," Little sister, thank you! "

A mother and a mother smiled at me as soon as they let me sit down, and that smile contained praise to me. I saw the old mother, the mother and the mother sitting securely in the seat. I smiled happily, and my heart was happier.

Composition 2: Give up

Today, a mother and a mother took a bus, a bus and a car to the pedestrian street to go shopping. Sitting next to us were a mother and daughter, her daughter was in her teens.

When the car arrived at Dongtang Station, many people came up, including an old grandfather. I only heard the aunt next to the sister say, "Get up and give your seat to the grandfather!" But the sister didn't mean to get up to give up the seat. I was about to give up my seat. The aunt next to her had already stood up and gave up the seat to Grandpa. I saw the older sister sitting on the seat with peace of mind. Her mother and mother stood in the aisle and crowded in the crowd, but she did not know that she would give the seat to her mother and mother. I don't know what that sister thinks, and I feel ashamed of her. If I were her, I would definitely give up my seat to the elderly. When there is only one seat, I will give up my seat to my mother. It will never be as indifferent as this sister, without love.

After getting off the bus, I told my mother, mother, and mother, and said that I was grown up and sensible.

Composition 3: Give up

On the fourth day of the new year, our family went to the aunt's house to pay New Year. Such a thing happened on the bus.

When the car drove to Daqiaodao Station, seven or eight people came up all at once. Among them, a middle-aged woman, in her forties, looked like I had a seat in front of me, and hurriedly ran to the seat in a short step. She took the seat with her bag, and shouted to a 16-year-old boy: "Son! Come here, there is a seat!" The young man was one step higher than her mother, mother, and mother. He said nothing. He sat up and down without giving up. I thought: This son really doesn't make sense.

I looked at the woman carefully. She was wearing a slightly faded coat, and the wrinkles in the corners of her eyes were deep. The thin body kept shaking with the car and coughed twice.

Her son was wearing a brand new sportswear and a pair of white sneakers. Listening to MP3 leisurely, humming two pop songs from time to time. Ignore the hard work of the mother and mother standing beside him.

I couldn't stand seeing this, and hurriedly stood up and said to the aunt, "Auntie, sit here! She said a little embarrassedly," Thank you, no need. "Her son saw it, his face was" suddenly "flushed, and quickly gave up his seat to his mother and mother. Then my heart was more comfortable.

This incident left a deep impression on me. A mother and a mother love and protect us, and we should also love and protect them and respect them.

Composition 4: Give up

Today, as soon as I went shopping with my mother and my mother, we just walked to the station and the car we were waiting for came as if it was agreed with us.

As soon as I got in the car, I found a good location. I passed several stations in a row. The empty car just now was full. Oh, there are people coming in, they are full. Just then, an old woman came up and stood next to a young uncle. I looked around, alas, strange? Why didn't anyone make a seat? I quickly stood up and smiled to my grandmother and said, "Mother-in-law, please sit down!" My mother-in-law said, "Let's sit down!" I said to my granny, "No! Our teacher taught us that it should be a seat!" I heard other old people say, "Children will give up their seats, but these adults are sitting in their seats without moving!" I saw the adults blushing. I was also thinking: Why can't adults give up? The radio said: "Xinfeng Road East is here!" I and my mother and I got off the bus and went shopping.

I hope my brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts can give up! Because you are our role models.

Composition 5: Give up

Today, my grandfather and my grandmother took a bus, drove a car, and drove to a family to play.

When we first got on the bus, there were very few passengers and a lot of empty seats. Grandpa and I were all seated behind the car. As the car moved forward, there were more and more passengers, and the seats were gradually full. At another stop, a gray-haired old woman waited under the car. She was holding a walking stick in one hand and a full shopping bag in the other. After the car door opened, she leaned up against the car door with difficulty. At this time, three elementary school students, about the same age as me, wearing a red scarf, came down from the car to help the old woman, the young woman, and the mother to get things, helped the old woman, the mother and the mother to get on the car, and helped her to apply for the old card , Arranged the old milk and milk to sit in their seats.

This behavior of respecting the elderly was immediately applauded by all the passengers in the car. Everyone was talking about it. I don't know who led the applause. The three elementary school students blushed, and said embarrassedly, "This is what we should do." At this time, the old mother and the grandmother also showed a kind face, touching the head of the elementary school student and asking, "Which school are you from?" What's your name? "The three elementary students answered in unison:" We are from Hongqi Elementary School, and we are called Young Pioneers. "

The bus passed two more stops. The elementary school students and the old mother and one milk said goodbye and then got off. I saw the red scarf around their necks fluttering in the wind, what a bright red color! So beautiful!

Composition 6: Give up

One day, I went to Sangu with a mother, a mother and a bus. There were not many people in the car, but there were no seats left.

The car started to move. When a kid saw me standing, he asked me to sit with him. I gave a mother a look on her face and walked away with a grimace. Thanks! I was seated. At the next stop, the bus arrived one by one , and an old man came up. The old man didn't have a seat. At this time, I said to the children, "Our position is given to the old man, does our school often encourage us to do good deeds? Today we will do a practical activity." The children stood up with a smile, and the two of us said aloud, "Master, we have a place for you." The carriage suddenly remembered applause, and at the same time, good students, they were good students.

When the bus arrived, I said "goodbye" to the children, and I got out of the car with the hands of one mother and one mother. One mother and one mother told me that to help others is to help themselves. Will be more harmonious.

I hope everyone starts with the little things around them and helps those in need to make life more beautiful.

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