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Third grade composition

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The final composition of the third grade

Time: 2017-04-11

Composition 1: An interesting thing

Everyone's life will have many "story", happy, sad, angry ... a childhood "story", still think of it interesting today.

I remember when I was five years old, I just learned to ride a bicycle (four-wheeled bicycle). In order to show off to my friends, I often rode it to "swipe across the city" in the community. On this day, the sky is so refreshing, I especially want to ride a bicycle. So he took it out and called his father, mother, mother, and milk, and milk, and let them see my "real skills". Because a milk and a milk distressed me very much, and wanted to make me ride more slowly, I laughed and made a little joke with me "**, be careful on the road, don't ride too fast, it hurts, we are not responsible ! "

After I listened, I remembered the words of milk and milk. After bidding farewell to father, mother, mother, and milk, they went to the small garden. I ride faster and faster, like a happy bird. As I rode, I thought to myself, "Look, as soon as my mother -in- law rides, how fast and how good is it, I can immediately break the world record."

However, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, when I was proud of myself, my car was stung by a small stone on the road and started to sway and jumped to the "disco". I also followed it, and all of a sudden, people turned over. I looked sadly at the bleeding wound, I really wanted to run home and let the milk and the milk help me bandage, but when I thought of the milk and the milk I said that it hurts, they are not responsible and can only cancel this idea. Dejected, I took a napkin from my pocket, wiped the blood off the wound, and pushed my bicycle, like a defeated cock, limped home.

When I got home, my family saw the injury on my leg and asked me anxiously. I told them things fifteen and ten. One milk and one milk smiled and clicked my head: "What a fool! I'm just joking with you, why are you serious! Go, I'll help you bandage." After that, take me Go to the small room to bandage the wound.

Composition 2: I love my hometown

My family lives in Tangtou Village.

When spring arrives, the trees there are shaded, and the bird's tongue, flowers, and fragrant Tangtou Village are easily accessible, and the scenery is beautiful, with dense cobwebs and vertical and horizontal paths; there are as many stars as wild flowers; It is expected to be spread like a piece of gold canola ... In front of the village, there are tall and tall trees on both sides of the road. Houses are next to me, and there is a small one next to your road. Tupo, covered with grass on it. When spring comes, the grass emerges from the soil and looks at the world. Blossoming wild flowers compete for flowers and flowers, sending out bursts of fragrance, attracting countless butterflies and dancing.

Behind the village, there is a long, very wide stream. It is laughing and singing to the distant summer. The stream is clear and transparent. Underwater fish, shrimp, and sand are clearly visible in the woods by the stream. Alas, I heard that I had forgotten all the troubles of the distant mountains winding up and down, adding a little bit to the scenery of my hometown.

The lotuses in the lotus pond are open, with a wide range of postures, all of which are different in shape, revealing small yellow lotus tents, some only expand two or three pieces, and some still have flowers, which look like they are about to explode. A large lotus leaf looked far away, like an open big green umbrella, adding a beautiful landscape to the mountain village.

In the morning, the mountain village was fresh and quiet. The vehicles and pedestrians at the crossroads came and went, and the children continued to go to school with laughter. The young people hurriedly walked to work. Farmers' markets heard a lot of screams ...

What a beautiful hometown! I love my hometown!

Composition 3: Protecting the Environment

In the past, Qingshui Yijiangyi was shimmering and crystal clear, but now it is not like Shimizu Yijiangyi.

Now Shimizu Yijiangyi is like a child who dare not come out to breathe, because now there are brick factories, cement factories, lead and zinc factories along Yijiangyi, these factories make Shimizu Yijiangyi become black because I am from the factory drain There are many chemical components in the wastewater that flows out, which makes Qingshuiyijiang become yellow, sometimes black, sometimes green, and there is a smell and the waste water has caused pollution to the water.

There are tens of thousands of factories in the world. Factories can bring us benefits. For example, power plants can make our lives easier, our mobile phones can be charged, people can watch TV, etc. On the contrary, factories are also harmful to us. Quite large

The lead and zinc plant is both a victim and a harmer

I would like to tell the workers in the factory that you have to endanger the earth ’s environment and the scenery around Qingshuiyijiangyi. Please give us a complete earth and an unpolluted earth!

Composition 4: Feeling the Country

The countryside, a non-prosperous place, can be seen everywhere with beautiful scenery and rich rural rusticity.

In the early morning, Tai Yiyang gradually rose from Dongshan. The cock stood up, and slowly walked up to the paddock on the paddy field. "Oh oh oh oh oh" cry, the quiet village was awakened by the chicken. The industrious bee gathers honey; the bird stretches out and catches worms happily; I also yawn and get dressed to cut wild vegetables ... In the quiet morning, the animals are working.

At noon, the hen sat cheerfully by the nest, hoping to lay a good egg and hatch a chick. Just listening to the "thump" sound, an egg fell, and the hen was happy, and "giggled" constantly. In the room, my grandmother and I were making pancakes. I beat two eggs, my grandmother threw some flour, and I sprinkled a little onion. As my grandmother started to knead, I patted the flour into a pancake shape. Grandpa was burning the fire, and grandma poured the pancakes from the pan into the pan and started frying. Aha! A plate of fragrant pancakes was served.

At night, the bats sneaked out for food, the owl stared at the mouse, and the goat closed its eyes and fell asleep. Moonlight in silver and white shines on the country road ...

Goodbye, good night, beautiful countryside.

Composition 5: Brothers who can love one

My brother's name is Baby Lei. He is 2 1/2 years old this year and he is very smart and sensible.

How smart is he? One day, he learned to say "I'm not free" and kept using it. We called him and he said "I'm not free" and didn't answer the phone; we told him to eat and he was playing and also said "I'm not free"; when he asked him to sleep, he still said "I'm not free". Baby, baby, how can you be busier than an adult a day!

What did he do that made me think he was sensible? One night during the winter vacation in 2012, I had a fever. Aunt Xiao said, "Would you like to add a quilt to you?" One mother and one mother were too late to answer, and the baby ran in with a small quilt. After I put the quilt down, I ran to help me with the little pumpkin fluff, a fur, a toy that I loved, and then climbed to a bed, picked up the ice pack on my forehead, and lifted my Clothes, put the ice pack on my belly, and then patted it again, whoops, cold me!

Composition 6: My Pencil Case

I have a beautiful pencil case.

The pencil case is yellow. There is also a bunny pattern printed on it, which is very loveable. Seeing their smiles, they seemed to say to me, "Little master, with our help, you need to study harder and study harder!"

My pencil case is not only beautiful, but also convenient and practical.

The pencil case is divided into three layers. The first layer is used to store pencils, the second layer is used to store rubber and rulers, and the third layer is used to store less used learning supplies.

Whenever I have trouble, learning a thing will jump out of the pencil case to help me. The pencil allowed me to write the characters correctly, the eraser helped me to erase the typo, and I used a ruler to draw straight lines ... They are really my good helpers!

I love my pencil case very much. Once, a hole was made in the pencil case. Mom and dad advised me to throw it away and buy a new one, but I refused. So he picked up the needle and thread and stitched it up. After a while, it was as good as ever.

Oh, I love my pencil case!

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