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Third grade composition

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The third grade composition 350 words

Time: 2017-04-11

Composition 1: I love my hometown

Each has its own favorite hometown, and I am no exception. My favorite hometown is Wuhan, let me introduce it to everyone!

Let me introduce to you the scenic spot of our hometown-Huanghe Tower, ascended the steps, and faced a pair of copper-plastic yellow cranes with a height of one meter. There are five floors in the Yellow Crane Tower, about 50 meters high, and it is magnificent. The main entrance has three big characters-"Huang Helou" is striking. Wind chimes hang on the octagonal eaves of each floor. When the wind blew, the chimes rang "Ding Ding Dang Dang". The crisp sound made Huang Helou more ancient and solemn.

Our most famous snack in Wuhan is hot dry noodles. I eat one in my mouth and it tastes great. The method of hot dry noodles is to boil the noodles in boiling water before adding seasoning. And bean curd ... all our famous snacks in Wuhan.

Every time someone comes to our Wuhan to serve as a guest, we will take out our special Wuhan dish-lotus root pork rib soup, first put the ribs in the water and slowly simmer them. When the ribs are 80% rotten, then Put it in a jar and simmer it together. The delicious soup color is delicious and people want to eat it.

We also have a beautiful place in Wuhan- one river and one beach. The scenery there during the day is very beautiful; at night it sparkles. I thought it was someone else putting out firecrackers. I took a closer look and it turned out to be a night light.

I am so proud of such a good hometown!

Composition 2: If I change

If I change, I will change many, many things. Of course, in different places, I want to change differently.

In the sea, I want to be a small fish, swim in the arms of the sea, and play freely.

I'm in the sky, I want to be a bird that can be loved one by one , flying freely and freely, without shouting from mother to mother: Shanshan, buy me something; Shanshan, you should learn Learned one by one ...

When a mother and a mother took me for a walk in AD, I wanted to become an umbrella and a sun, and I could protect the mother and the mother from too hot heat; when it rained, I became an umbrella. One mother, one mother, one rain, and one mother, one mother, and one safe home. When Taiyiyangyi father-in-law came out and hurried his rain brother and Wuyun brother back home, I turned back to a birdie, took a branch of flowers, and flew to the sky to say hello to Taiyiyangyi father-in-law.

In the hospital, I want to be a theologian and remove the pain of disease for the patients.

At home, I want to be a child ’s mother and mother. If she wants to eat snacks, I ’ll buy her. I wo n’t say to her: no, but to her: do n’t eat too much, treat yourself like that. One is bad. I will be gentle with my children and be a good mother who is kind, loving, and loving.

I want to change a lot, I ca n’t finish talking for a long time. I still want to be what I am now.

Composition 3: I am not afraid of facing difficulties

When life is not smooth, there will inevitably be some bumpy roads in life, but I am not afraid, I will face these difficulties bravely.

Difficulties are like ubiquitous parasites, which appear at your side anytime, anywhere. These terrible bugs are not for you ordinary difficulties, but problems that you cannot solve, but I am not afraid of this nasty bug, I want to put This parasite was defeated. Last time, a very nasty parasite gave me a problem. It was a group report. The four people in our group and the other two people seemed to have lost their souls, so they didn't listen. Not only didn't listen, but also sang the opposite tone with me, annoying my stomachache. At this time, I put down the identity of the team leader and talked slowly with them. My lips were numb, and finally they would cooperate with me. At this time The proud bug was defeated by me, so I had to walk away dingy.

We have to have the courage to face difficulties, and the difficulties are like an invisible person. They will appear at my side whenever and wherever possible. So we must always be ready to fight those difficult parasites!

Composition 4: Full Score

The inter-school activities started and everyone had a great time. Suddenly he only heard Wang Ming's "wow", Wang Ming found that his homework grade table had 100 points written on his Chinese paper!

It turns out that Wang Ming has always failed to pass the exam, so he conveniently uses his classmates' break time and noon to play hard to study hard. However, no matter how hard he tried in school, he still couldn't get the desired grade. Then, his father and his mother let him do the papers all the time, and the night was quiet and there was no rest. Nevertheless, his performance has not improved significantly, and his scores have been high and low, which has always puzzled him ... Finally, one day, Wang Ming found that this method would not work, so he changed his mind. In the process of pre - learning and re - learning, he emphasized "understanding" and "integration". Since then, his performance has been significantly improved.

Wang Ming summed up this truth: hard study may not be completely effective, because it may become hard work, and only by good study and practice and hard work can we gain more.

Composition 5: Discovery in Autumn

Now is the golden autumn season, the weather is very cool, and everyone feels that summer has left unknowingly.

At 7 o'clock in the morning, the genius was just bright. At this time, I was already on my way to school. Along the way, I didn't see the fallen leaves, and I was surprised: Why is there no fallen leaves? When I walked, I saw some fallen leaves. The leaves were green, yellow, orange, brown, and so on.

On the weekends, I go to the park to play. I didn't find any bugs. After searching for a long time, I found that only some ants were looking for food, storing food and preparing for winter. I tried to catch an ant with a leaf and take it home to observe it. As soon as the ants saw the leaves, they ran away, but I didn't catch any of them.

As soon as I looked up, I noticed that some of the leaves were about to fall out, and some of them were completely lost. I thought: They will freeze to death, what can we do for them?

I also noticed that people had put on thick clothes, and they did not know where to go in their short summer clothes.

I like autumn the best! what about you?

Composition 6: One love and one day can make me happy

In our life, one love one is ubiquitous, and the appearance of one love one can make us happy.

Each kind of love has a different expression.

Today I am going to have a sports meeting. I am very happy, because my mother and mother are coming together to participate in parent-child activities. The sports meeting has begun. I saw a mother and a mother and I went to find a mother and a mother. The first sentence of one mother and one mother asked me when the parent-child activity started. I said: it will start soon. I and one mother and one mother arrived at the playing field. The teacher gave me and one mother, one mother, one or two. Balloons, and stated the rules of the game, started the game, I separated from my mother and my mother, and dealt with the enemy separately. Suddenly, I was kicked by my own balloon, one mother and one mother came over and kicked. That guy's two balloons, the game was over, our second place and got the certificate.

In the afternoon, speaking of my personal competition, I thought one mother, one mother and one mother would not come, but when I was going to play, I saw the figure of one mother, one mother, and the game started. One mom and one mom thought I raised my thumb, and finally I got fourth.

At night, I am very happy when I think about the game!

Composition 7: Little Crow Drinks Water

The little crow came to a forest. The little crow flew for a long time before coming to the forest. When he wanted to drink water, suddenly, a water glass filled with half a glass of water came into its sight. It thought: This should be left by people who come here to travel. The crow's mouth couldn't drink water, so in order to drink water, the crow began to look for small stones. one by one……

The water in the water cup was rising little by little, and the little crow was getting tired. It was sitting under a big tree in a shade. After a long time, the little crow got up, and it began to look for stones again ...

After the unremitting efforts of the little crow, the little crow can finally drink water! While the little crow was drinking water, a cricket creek entered the eyes of the little crow, and the little crow froze. It thought: Why didn't I see this stream at first, if I didn't just watch this glass of water, You can pick up small stones and drink water less hard.

The little crow drinking water tells us: don't look at things partly, even in an emergency, don't just look in front of you, you can find a better way by looking away.

Composition eight: Autumn in my hometown

In September, the fall of the Northland began when the first leaves fell.

The sky was clear, the white clouds in the sky were white and snowy, and for a while they ran happily like a group of steeds, and for a moment they ate a carrot and a carrot like a white rabbit.

The river is clear, and I can see the fish in the water clearly. They swim freely in the water, swim to the west, and swim to the east. Suddenly, they stay in place. Now, I walked away for a while. When I came here again, they were gone. I think they should go.

The harvest in the autumn field is in sight. The golden rice looks like a golden blanket, the white cotton looks like a little rabbit, the corn looks like a grandpa's hustle, and the peanut looks like a fat doll ... The farmer uncle laughed and blossomed.

The fruit in the orchard has matured. There are persimmons, pomegranates, pears, oranges, etc. I picked the pomegranate from the tree and peeled it off. I saw a lot of pulp inside, like diamonds. The red persimmons are like little lanterns.

Ah, the autumn in the Northland is so beautiful!

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