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Third grade composition

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The third grade motherly composition

Time: 2017-04-11

Composition one: mother one love one

She is extremely tall in my heart, and her kindness, kindness, and simplicity are deeply imprinted in my mind. But she also has a rigorous side, which made me understand the principle of "Yan is one love and one loose is harm". He is the mother and mother in my eyes.

One mother, one mother, one is the person who loves and loves me the most. She takes care of me in everything, whether it is food, clothing or living. Sometimes when I learn a thirst and get hot, a mother and a mother will automatically deliver fruit and drinks and ask me, "Isn't it tiring? Take a break! ..." Similar words, I also I've heard it many times, even countless. No matter how I say it, whether it is coquettish, or An Xiao temper, one mother and one mother always teach me kindly! I gradually learned a lot ... My mother and mother are amiable in my heart! A mother and a mother are not only kind, but also very simple.

Look at my clothes. They are beautiful, high-end, and fashionable. What about each one? Still clothes all at once. I've been persuading her to buy another one, but she didn't listen, and made me not, she always said to me: "Still learn to learn! I don't lack clothes! You grow up and make money Buy it for me! "That's the truth. My mother and mother are always so tall in my heart! A mother and a mother are not only kind and simple, but sometimes they are very harsh on me. When I came home from school, the first sentence I heard was: "Hurry up, go home and write your homework."

Hey! I'm tired of listening. Now one mother, one mother and one mother are not good, because I write homework as soon as I enter the house, so as not to waste one mother one mother one tongue. Sometimes, I asked my mother to pour a glass of water for me, and she didn't pour, let me pour it myself. Oh! I understand. One mother one mother wants me to be self-reliant. Although my mother and mother are very strict, she also loves me. One mother, one mother and one mother will always be a mother who strictly demands children. It is her virtue influence and strict education that make me grow brighter and brighter on the road of growth!

A mother 's love, like a wave and a flower in the sea, rushed forward. Mother 's love is like the spring water in the desert, nourishing my heart. I think: mothers and mothers all over the world have different ways to treat their children, but the great mother of the motherland has given us everything, everything, and I have to work hard to learn everything and give us back Great mother.

Composition 2: mother one love one

The mother's one love one is selfless one love one , the great one love one . I once saw such a story:

In the cold winter, a mother led her child across a very narrow bridge, and the ice on the bridge was slippery. The mother said to the child: "Must hold the hands of a mother, a mother and a mother when crossing the bridge If one mother, one mother and one mother slip, you quickly release the hands of one mother, one mother, and one mother, one mother, one mother and one mother, and you will find a way to cross the bridge ... "This is mother - love- one ! What other one love one can be compared with such one love one ?

Whenever I cry, a mother and a mother comfort me; whenever I feel like a lonely and helpless bird, a mother and a mother open her wide arms and give me love and love Warm and warm.

Mothers are sometimes severe. I've always been used to careless bad habits. Once I lost my clothes at school. When I got home, my mother criticized me. I know that one mother and one mother actually don't want to scold her son. She did this to urge me to get rid of the careless illness.

We should go back to our mother, because once you lose your mother, it ’s like a flower in a bottle. Although it is colored and fragrant, it loses its root.

Give it back to our mother, return to the beginning of our lives, and send a most sincere kiss to my mother with gratitude.

Composition 3: Mother, Love and One

"Thank you for being grateful ..." Whenever this deep and loud song sounds in my ear, sometimes I can't help humming, sometimes my heart is like the waves of the sea, for a long time Can't be calm, this is because mother - love- one is too deep and too great, and all these things as human beings can't be repaid for a lifetime!

When I fell on the ground, it was your pair of warmth and warmth that gave me a mother, a love and a love. It made me feel the beauty and longing of this world, let me involuntarily climb into your arms and enjoy you. Care and care.

When I started to learn to walk, you patiently encouraged me, supported me, and taught me the method of which foot to take first, and which foot to take next ... These are all examples that you demonstrate one by one Show me, but I ’m clumsy, I ’m going to fall a few steps, but you do n’t feel annoying at all, but you still teach me patiently, and it turns out that “Kung Fu is worthy of a caring person”. Finally learned to walk, although not very good, but at least you can walk a short distance, at that time, do you know how happy your child is? But look up, one mother, one mother, and one smile on your face. This is the great power of mother - love- one !

When I'm practicing the piano, you always pay attention to supervising. If I play something wrong or the hand type is wrong, you will definitely raise it carefully and ask me to play it again. Yes, but I understand the principle of "Yan is one love and one is wide," so I focus every time and try not to make mistakes!

And when I make mistakes or encounter frustrations, you always teach me patiently, let me recognize the seriousness of mistakes, encourage me to admit mistakes, help me to correct mistakes, and do things well again!

what! How great and sacred is mother - love- one ! It can knock all difficulties and obstacles under your feet, and give all children happiness! what! Thank you for everything you have done for me!

Composition 4: Great Mother, Love and One

"There is only one mother and one mother in the world, and one mother and one child are like a treasure ..." Everyone will sing this song. In this world, only mother is the best, and only mother, love and one are the greatest. Because the mother loves one , the world becomes so beautiful.

On a summer vacation, Taiyangyanghuo and Spicy, Xiaohuaxiaocao downcast, and shouted weakly. I want to take a nap for a while, but it's too hot, and then the power goes out, and the air conditioner doesn't work, so I can't sleep again and again. When a mother and a mother saw it, they came over and asked, "What's wrong with you?" "It's too hot, and I can't sleep." Listening to what I said, one mother and one mother brought a fan and said, " Lie down, I'll give you a fan. "I lay obediently on a bed, and as a mother and a fan swayed, a blast of cool wind blew across my face. I felt very comfortable, and after a short time, I went to sleep dreamily. I don't know how much time has passed, I woke up slowly, the cool breeze still blowing on my cheek. I got up and looked at it, one mother and one mother were still fanning for me, but she was already sweating. I was so touched that I didn't know what to say for a moment, as if something was stuck in my throat. A mother and a mother said with a smile: "You are awake, do your homework!" I asked, "Why are you always giving me a fan without rest?" "I am fine, as long as you rest OK. I can still lose weight with a fan! " One mom one mom one joke, but it almost moved me to cry, one mom one mom! In order to relieve me of the heat, one mother and one mother were tired and sweaty.

I remember one more time, I failed the exam. Back at home, I put the test papers in front of one mother and one mother, and didn't dare to speak. A mother and a mother stared angrily at me and asked, "What's the matter with you?" "Hmm ..." I couldn't answer. A mother and a mother were so angry that they gave me a slap, and said, "We make money to study for you. You haven't worked hard, you have done so badly! Who can you handle? Then he continued to criticize me. Tears twitched in my eyes, and I desperately kept them back from falling. I hate it one by one . The next day, my father told me that one mother and one mother cried yesterday, crying very sad, and even crying red. As soon as I heard it, I stayed, thinking: Impossible, how could a mother and a mother cry? I thought about it for a while, then suddenly realized, as the saying goes: playing in the child's body, hurting Yiniang. It must have been a mother and a mother who beat me, and I felt uncomfortable, so I cried. In fact, one mother and one mother are reluctant to hit me, I must have done too much. At this time, I realized that one mother, one mother, one love one , and one mother, one mother, one thick mother, one love one in her slap. I know if I take another test next time, I will be so sorry for one mother and one mother. So I gritted my teeth and vowed to work hard to learn everything and take every test and examination seriously, not the next time. I worked hard, learned it with my heart, and lived up to my intentions. I finally achieved good results. When a mother and a mother knew my test results again and again, they smiled happily, and I also received a comfort from the heart. ;;; Mother is great and ordinary. It is the great and ordinary mother who loves and cares for me and loves and protects me. Sometimes, I still hummed the song gently: "Only one mother and one mother are good, and one child is like a treasure ..."

Composition five: mother one love one

Mother - love - like a drop of rain, nourishes my dry field; Mother - love - like thinking of a stove that melts the ice in my heart; Mother - love - like a ray of sun and a light, illuminates my heart Yes, as I was growing up, I left a mark of a mother and a mother.

I remember that my exam was very bad that time, my dad hit me with a stick, and you begged my dad to stop, but he didn't hear it and hit him hard. After you got up and blocked two sticks for me, my dad stopped. Later, the place where you were beaten by your dad turned purple. After seeing it, I felt pain in my heart, and my tears twirled in my eyes, as if it were coming out at any time.

I remember one more time, you and I went cycling in the park. As soon as I got to the park, I could n’t wait to ride it, and rushed out like an arrow off the string. Before I was excited, I heard you shouting, "Be careful!" I fell from the car, and the wound hurt awfully. You hurried over and said kindly, "Are you okay?" I said on my mouth that it was okay, but the wound hurt terribly. You said nothing to lift me up from the ground, carry me to the parking place, and lie on my mother 's, mother 's, warm, and warm back. I suddenly forgot that the wound was still painful.

Mother-to - love - for-grace, I should report to each other—we must learn to be grateful and thank our own mother and mother. Here, I would like to sincerely say to a mother and a mother: " One mother, one mother, thank you."

Composition six: mother one love one

In life, one mother and one mother gave me a lot of love and love. These love and love made me grow up smoothly.

One mother, one mother, and one love now have many aspects. For example, the summer is very hot, and in the evening, we can't sleep hot. A mother and a mother hold a fan for us and bring us cool. In the morning, we didn't get up one bed, one mother and one mother prepared delicious meals for us. When sick, the mother and mother took care of me carefully.

I remember once I had encephalitis, and one night I had a fever, cough and vomiting. As soon as the milk was found, the mother and her mother were on the phone and called. As soon as a mother and a mother knew it, they quickly got into the car and went home. A mother and a mother came back and took me to the nearest children's hospital. The doctor used it first. The next morning, the doctor examined me, and then did a waist piercing. During the waist piercing, one mother and one mother were crying outside worriedly. After I finished the waist piercing, the doctor said, "Do n’t look up in 6 hours, lie on a bed and stay still." A mother and a mother immediately hold my head, and a mother and a mother within six hours Sitting motionless on one bed and one head , he kept telling me, "Don't move, or there will be sequelae!" One mother and one mother didn't eat or drink, and they persisted for six hours. .

For half a month in the hospital, one mother and one mother worked hard to make up for my homework every day in order not to let my homework fall. A mother and a mother taught me to read, read, and recite texts just like a teacher. One mother and one mother told me math problems every day. In the hospital, I could only lie on a bed and not go out to play. A mother and a mother feared that I would be lonely, and accompanied me to paint every day. One mother, one mother, took care of me like this every day, so that I really felt the deep mother - love- one .

One mother, one mother, one loves us, so we also have to love one mother, one mother, and repay one mother and one mother.

Composition 7: Great Mother One Love One

Mother one love one -a common word, but it contains deep feelings. A mother and a love are like a sun and a light, giving us warmth and warmth when we are cold. A mother and a love are like big trees, shielding us from the sun and the light when it is hot.

Mother's love and oneness are great and selfless. When we grow from a baby to a single person, how much effort mothers take for us. I remember when I was in the third grade, I only got seventy to eighty for the midterm exam. When I got home, I quietly hid in the room and hid the papers. I did n’t want to let the mother and the mother know each other. Still asking about my grades, I lowered my head, tears dropped involuntarily, and one mother and one mother saw each other and said to me, "Don't cry, everyone is not perfect. I won't say you, tell one Mom, mom, and your score, okay? "Mom and mom looked at my score and said to me," Although the score is a little lower, we can plenary the right questions. We still have gains. "

"Whoever speaks carelessly is rewarded with Sanchunhui." We are like little grasses, repaying one mother, one mother, one great one, one love with one's whole heart!

Composition Eight: Mother, Love, and Greatest

Today is Thanksgiving. I want to do something for one mother and one mother. What should I do? After much deliberation, wash the feet for one mother and one mother.

How to wash it? I can't wash it yet. I brought the basin first, put a hair and a towel in it, and then went to pick up a basin of water. I said, " One mother, one mother, and one sitting on the chair, I'll wash your feet!" The one mother and one mother were surprised when they heard me, and then they sat on the chair. Put a mother and a foot into the basin, and I wiped the mother and mother's feet, and the mother and mother stroked and touched my head and said, "It's really comfortable." After washing, I Wring the water out of a hair and a towel, and wipe the mother's and mother's feet clean. I took a peek at the mother and mother, and saw that the mother and the mother couldn't shut up happily. The last mother and mother smiled and said, "Son, you've worked hard." I think one mother and one mother bathed me for eight years. I never said that I had worked hard. One foot at a time, one mother and one mother said that I worked hard. One mother one mother is so selfless and great.

I think every mother and mother in the world is like this, we should all love our own mother and mother. One mother one mother one , when I grow up, no matter where I fly, I will take you there; no matter where I go, I will never forget your love, one thank you, one mother one mother one .

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