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Sixth grade composition

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Sixth grade butterfly composition

Time: 2017-04-11
[Part 1] : Beautiful Butterfly

Butterflies are beautiful insects in nature. It has a beautiful posture, a light body, and is deeply fascinating, loving, and loving. It dances among the flowers, near the spring near the stream, and is known as "flying flowers "" Dance of Nature. " It is dotted with picturesque nature with its own bluish blue color.

In order to make us better understand the beautiful butterflies, the Youth Palace specially exhibited more than 3,000, 700 species of treasured butterfly specimens and wall charts for us. "Three-tailed swallowtail butterfly", "blue ribbon butterfly", "big purple butterfly", "prince's spotted butterfly" and so on. There are all world-class famous butterflies, each of which has different colors and each one is beautiful. There are a few that I particularly like.

The most beautiful butterfly in the world, the bright goddess butterfly, first attracted me. Uncle Narrator said that this is the world-famous butterfly from the tropical virgin forest in the Brazilian Amazon basin on the other side of the ocean in South America. It is recognized as the world ’s butterfly. The most beautiful butterfly. Its diamond-like wings glitter with dazzling Lime green and sky blue lights, which are wonderful. When your eyes suddenly flash the colors of these phantom fans, you really feel like you are in a fairy-tale world. in.

The Chinese national butterfly, the golden spotted beak butterfly, is also very beautiful. It is covered with emerald green gold powder, and the hind wings have a pair of large golden spots. As the saying goes, "Things are rare and expensive." This kind of butterfly is not only beautiful, but also very rare. Since it is rare, it is naturally very precious. The uncle commentator said that this butterfly is only produced in the subtropical virgin forest of more than 1,000 meters in the south of China, and it is a unique world-class rare butterfly in China. There are less than ten specimens in the world. They are listed as K-level protection objects by the International Committee for the Protection of Endangered Animals. It is the only butterfly in China that has been listed as a first-class key animal. A good golden beaked swallowtail butterfly can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Beautiful butterfly, your graceful figure, light and light body, colorful blue dress, deeply attracted me, let us act! Protect these cherished and beautiful butterflies and make them the most beautiful scenery in nature.

[Second] : Innocent Friendship-Reading "A Butterfly"

A friend who is very close to you is dying. If you know that you can save him with your whole life, but he will eventually forget you, would you do such a thing? Maybe you don't, but the hero in the novel does it.

This novel is about a pair of very good friends, who often play together carefreely. One day, a friend knew that another friend had an incurable disease, and was about to die. He found one. The magician, the magician told him: "If you become a butterfly, your friend can live for more than two years! But you will change back within three years." The friend promised the magician that he became A butterfly, the friend ’s illness gradually improved. When it was three years, the friend ’s illness was three months away to be cured. At this time, he made the final decision: to give up and return to his friend. Human chance, always make butterfly. His friend was blessed with butterflies and healed.

This is a touching novel. The friendship between the two friends in the text can be said that it cannot be described in words. It is a true friendship, but a friendship that uses one honor for one and money for friendship is not at all Innocent friendship. If none of the stories is willing to be a butterfly, his friend will lose his life.

My good friend, Wang Chen, is a friend who has true friendship, because we have become good friends through frequent cooperation, mutual help and improvement. We study together, learn together, discuss problems together, play games together, share happiness and sorrow together, and grow in happiness.

The innocent friendship of "A Butterfly" moved us, and our true friendship with Wang Chen made us proud.

[Third article] : A butterfly

The sun is shining in the spring, and I am lazily resting on the leaves, enjoying this comfort. Just after eating a big leaf, I have to rest. Alive seems to be to eat, while eating, experienced several molting. Isn't life like this? Eat, rest, molt. I'm just a little hairy, hairy and worm. What earth-shattering event can I do? What sound? I opened my eyes lazily, huh, are you having a party? All kinds of insects fly, dance, sing, how chic and joyful! But I, one hair, one hair and one worm, can't fly or dance, so I can only be an lonely audience in the side, and enjoy their "happy dance". Fly must feel good! I'm not willing to do this, I have to learn to fly! I shouted in my heart, ambitious. I struggled to move my awkward body together . When I managed to climb from one leaf to another, I felt like traveling around the world, and Taiyiyangyi had already fallen. Can I fly like this? Why am I just a little hairy and hairy? Maybe no one believes that this night I lost sleep. When Tai Yiyang climbed up the mountain slope again and showed off his brilliance to the earth, I saw a bird passing over my head, he was heavier than me, but he could fly freely. Suddenly I opened it-I'm a hairy, a hairy worm, but I can become a butterfly! In order to become a butterfly sooner, I ate more. Eventually, I became a "fat" puppet. I look like I'm dead now, yes, I used to be dead. A brand new me is slowly taking shape. I am experiencing the pain of reborn, but it is also joyful, because my dream of flying is not far away! I don't know how many days later, my skin became thin and cracked, and a brand new me appeared—a butterfly. I looked at my wings with excitement, how beautiful they were, shining in the light of the sun. Is this me I pat my wings, and my body empties, so light and light! Ah, my dream came true! It's so simple! It seems that life is not just about eating, molting and resting, but it should be constantly changing, growing, and working hard for dreams.

[Fourth] : I am a butterfly

I am a born dancer, everyone praises my beauty, everyone likes me very much. I am a beautiful butterfly that everyone knows.

What makes me most proud is my beautiful pair of wings. There are various bright and eye-catching patterns on the wings, black stripes on the orange background, and beautiful golden yellow embellishment on my wings.

My partners and I like the revival of all things and the vibrant spring. Only in spring can we show our style.

We flew to the hillside. The wildflowers of gold, red, pink, white, purple ... are all over the place. We saw it, we were very excited, because we all could fly here, play here, and fly as much as we like. My companions and I glowed and flew into the flowers. The beautiful wildflowers exude a faint fragrance, which makes us happier.

I danced on this beautiful hillside, and the flowers accompanied me. Under the breeze of my sister, I swayed and waved and danced with me. The bee sisters also came, and they came to gather honey. "Sister Butterfly, you're a great jump!" I stopped on a yellow flower and said excitedly: "Sister Bee, jump with me!" "No, no, I will rush to pick Honey, Sister Butterfly, you can dance in this big platform! "" Thank you! "As soon as the words fell, Sister Bee flew away. My friends flew over and took my hand and danced cheerfully.

Although my life is very short, spring is the happiest and happiest moment in our butterfly's life.

In the blue sky, there are blossoming white clouds, and colorful flowers grow under the blue sky. We are flying happily, dotted with this beautiful scenery ...

[Fifth] : Why are there so many butterflies this year?

Since March of this year, many white butterflies have appeared throughout the city, and our school is no exception. Not only the grasses outside the classroom, but even a few from time to time during class. So many butterflies aroused my curiosity. I thought: There didn't seem to be so many butterflies before, why are there so many suddenly appearing now? And what kind of butterfly is this? Last week, I went to Baoyan with Shajiabang to play with my mother and mother. Along the way, I saw butterflies flying around. Adults also joked the name of the road as "Butterfly Road". Taking a closer look, I found that they are all white butterflies, and they like to move in wild grass and vegetable fields, but there is only a little in the tall woods. I was very surprised, so I grabbed two specimens and brought them home. When I got home, I took out my "Teenage Encyclopedia Atlas" and compared them one by one. After twenty minutes of searching, I finally found it. It turns out that this butterfly is called cabbage butterfly, and its larvae like to eat leaves and stems of small plants. I went to the place where cabbage cabbage butterflies often appeared and found that there were indeed many small plants growing, attracting so many butterflies. I thought things could be over for now, but I suddenly thought that the plants are growing every year. Why is there so many cabbage butterflies this year? With new questions, I went online to check some information. It turned out that although this year was one year higher than last year, the temperature one year later, because of the rapid changes in the temperature one year, much faster than the same period in previous years. The cabbage white butterfly appeared in stages, but this year it can only appear in the same period due to qi and temperature. So it seems particularly numerous. My two questions have been resolved, and I finally know why there are so many butterflies this year. I am very happy! Through this incident, I understand a truth: there are many problems in the world, depending on whether you explore or discover it. If you do not explore it, you will never fully understand it. If you explore it, you will be glad of your discovery and taste the joy of success.

[Section 6] : I am a little butterfly that can be loved one by one

I was an ordinary worm. After my mother gave birth to me, she let me live in a small house. The small house was so crowded that I couldn't move at all. How I wish I could go out! After a while, my wish came true-the door of the little house opened! I can't wait, the sound of "wow" got out.

Wow! The outside world is so beautiful! There are a stream of creeks, green grass, and delicate flowers ... Soon after, I became familiar with them, and I also made friends! How happy I am here! : I went to Brother Xiaocao to have a cup of dew for a while, and talked to Sister Huaer for a while; When I was tired, I went to the river to wash my face, sleepy, and went to sleep in the flowers. ,,,, Although I have a leisurely life, I am also unhappy: my brothers and sisters call me " a hair, a hair and a worm", and I find myself ugly. Hey, forget it, who told me it was like this when I was born? One day counts.

One day, I was playing with my brother Earthworm, and I suddenly had an inexplicable urge to think of it across the river. But no, I do n’t have wings, how can I get there? I thought again: If only I had wings!

One day, I was itchy on my back, and then I was surprised to find that there were actually a pair of blue wings on my back! I flew into the sky to taste the lychee honey and smell the sweet-scented osmanthus ...

I stood on the branch and called in my heart:

I finally became a little butterfly that I can love! !! !!

[Seventh] : I am a butterfly

"Sisters, get up one bed and one soon , we are going to pick honey!" Xiao Zidie began to shout. Her shout awakened me in my sleep, and I lazily opened the curtains with my colorful wings. Outside the window, Tai Yiyang came out, the birds were singing on the branches, and all living things started to work.

Fold up a bed and a sheet, and then tidy up my tentacles, and gently brush my wings with a hair and a brush. He said to himself, "Get up to the essence and go to the honey." My sisters and I flew out of the house hand in hand.

We flew freely in the sky, the birds greeted us, Tai Yiyang and Uncle smiled at us. Along the way, we also met Brother Bee and Sister Dragonfly, and we were extremely happy. I crossed the crystal clear river and saw the fish swimming freely in the water. On the shore, there were many animals playing with each other, and we went for a ride.

"Sisters, there is a flower bush in front." Little Blue Butterfly shouted loudly. We flew forward quickly and came to a field of flowers. We were working separately, partly collecting the pollen over there, partly collecting the pollen over there, and soon after we collected a lot of pollen. Seeing these pollen, we are all sister We are very happy with the fruits of our labor. At this time, we were exhausted, but on the way back, we talked and laughed, and no one was tired.

Along the way, the happy laughter of our butterfly sisters echoed for a long time.

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