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Sixth grade composition

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Sixth grade gift composition

Time: 2017-04-11
Composition 1: "June 1" Gift

The annual Children's Day is coming soon. I'm very excited. I don't know what are the gifts for school and family on Children's Day this year?

Today is Wednesday, May 31, and tomorrow is June 1, Children's Day. Tonight, I guessed left, guessed right, what kind of surprise did the school and family give me! I had to wait patiently for tomorrow.

"Dang! Dang! Dang!" My alarm sounded. Today is Children's Day, so I got up 5 minutes a morning and got up! I met my father, mother and mother, "Happy Children's Day!" Father and mother and mother said together, I am very happy! I went to school in the morning. When it was almost time to go out of school, the gift we got turned out to be a packet of "Oatmeal"! We are disappointed! Although the gift is small, it is also the school's kindness to us! As the saying goes, "Li etiquette is light and affectionate!"

Back at home, I thought about what gifts my family would give me? I think! "Wow!" I shouted happily. It turned out that grandpa and mother and mother each gave me a piece of my favorite and what I wanted the most, and that was the roll of "Thank you!" I said happily! At night, my uncle also bought me a children's package from Zhongshan Road. "Thank you, thank you!" As I said, I put 4 or 5 summer sticks in my mouth!

Still a gift from my family! I suddenly remembered: Is it "the etiquette is heavy and the feeling is shallow"? Haha! !! You see, I thought of "littleness and affection" in reverse, which is fun! Haha!

This is the gift I got on June 1! You guys!

[Part II] : Gifts of the Four Seasons

Xia came here so quietly. She brought a flower mark. Look! The white snow of the pear flower, the pink of the apricot flower, the red of the peach blossom, and, moreover, look at the charming lemon yellow of the tulip, the faint purple of the violet, and the elusive Ling blue, which is simply Colorful. They also all splattered on the beautiful green skirt of the mountain, making them particularly eye-catching. At this time, Shan had lost her innocent childishness, and more of the girl's quietness and beauty. She was thinking quietly, thinking about what this stumbling autumn would bring?

Qiu came in this expectation, and she came staggering, even her actions were so slow. He didn't seem to like the dazzling green, numerous flowers. He put a golden veil on Shan and changed the innocence of Shan Maid. This is how she is more like a graceful and dignified lady. A golden-yellow gauze dress even more charming with its unique charming charm. This lady is as quiet and slow as Qiu, but she is so anxious and anxious to see the next one—Winter.

Dong also hurried to her anxiety and hurriedly arrived. Followed by its vanguard-the gale. It whistled away the elegant golden color, which was not a good hue to it, and its love and love were snow-white. Shan's heart gradually settled down, wrapped in this white snow coat, and fell asleep quietly like a seventy-year-old woman. It had a dream, and in its sleep, it dreamed of a gift for the coming seasons.

[Part III] : The most precious gift

A person's life may receive countless gifts, large and small, there are three gifts we must cherish and love.

Life is a precious gift. Life is only once for everyone. It is both strong and fragile, short and long. It has sorrow and joy, and loses all its life. How much affectionate love and love is poured into the growth of life; thank life for giving me a pair of sensitive ears and listening to the beautiful and moving voice of the world. . . . . . Cherish it! Be kind to your life with a grateful heart!

Affection is a precious gift. Nothing is more beautiful than love! Family relationship is the backbone of family; family relationship is always with us like sun and moon. I remember a boy whose family was very poor. He went uphill every day to cut firewood and was humiliated by others. He still had to make money to buy medicine for the mother who could not afford a bed. This is affection. As the saying goes: "Whoever speaks carelessly, reports San Chunhui."

Friendship is a precious gift. The mountains and rivers meet the confidante, which has become an eternal story. It is a rare thing to talk about ancient times and to laugh with joy and suffering together. Treasure friendship, and let them spend every day happy with us!

Cherish one love one life, cherish family and cherish friendship! Let ’s cherish these gifts from heaven!

[Fourth] : Gift

Today is "March 8th" Women's Day. Early in the morning, I thought: What gift should I give to a milk and a milk today?

I took ten yuan saved for a long time from the "Little Pig", rode a bicycle and went straight to the flower shop. I bought five carnations for a milk and a milk. "Little sister, who do you buy flowers for?"

"Buy me a milk and a milk one ." I said proudly.

"What a filial good boy." I'm so sweet to hear my boss praise me!

When I got home, I thought, " One milk, one milk, one fuck, one day of labor, one day of labor. How hard it is, I'll help her!" So, I decided to help one milk and one milk to do a simple housework-laundry.

I found the dirty clothes at home, put the clothes in a large bucket, poured the "Li Bai" washing powder, and poured a bottle of hot water. Then came a milk and a milk. "Lulu, why did you do the laundry? Come, let one milk one milk one wash." I said rightly: " One milk one milk one , today is March Eighth Women's Day, you take a good rest!" I begged one milk, one milk and one old, and she agreed.

After 10 minutes, I started to wash clothes. I rubbed the collar first, and I thought, "Why is this clothes so dirty? How can a milk, a milk, and a milk be washed so clean, or not?" No, no, one milk, one milk, one wash, I can too. So I rubbed a piece of clothes. About half an hour, the clothes were finally washed, and my waist was so sour, it was so uncomfortable. I don't know if it was the same for a milk and a milk. I exhausted to finish the last garment and spread it on the ground.

" One milk, one milk, one happy holiday!" I went to the room and offered carnations to one milk and one milk. One milk and one milk said with a smile: "You can understand the hard work of a milk and a milk, and it is the best gift."

[Part V] : Gifts for Teacher's Day

In the morning, when the sky was white with fish belly, the air in the mountains was so fresh! Breathe gently, the air seems to penetrate through the clouds, moistening the heart and spleen.

On the grass, colorful wild chrysanthemums can be seen everywhere, and the elegant waves are quaking in the delicate breeze.

The flowers and plants are also covered with crystal dew, like a glittering diamond, crumbling.

At this time, a pupil came in the beauty. She was wearing pink short sleeves and a bright red scarf, her hair was blown by the wind, and a pair of smiles were revealed under her big eyes. She rushed to the mountain road and picked many wild chrysanthemums, yellow and blue, very beautiful.

She hurried to the school. The campus in the morning was so beautiful! The verdant leaves on that little tree were rustled by the autumn wind, as if playing a wonderful piece of music. Appears both serene and full of vitality. After enjoying the beautiful scenery, she came to the teacher's office door again. When she was about to push the door in, she realized that she had come too early and the office door had not been opened yet. So she was very anxious. When she couldn't think of any way, she suddenly saw that there was a window that was not fastened. Then she walked gently and pushed the window open, and saw "it is our teacher's desk! "The language books on the table have not been closed, and the reading glasses commonly used by the teacher are on the book, reminding her of the teacher's kind smile and the moment of exhausting work. I said, "Teacher, you have worked hard!" There is a pen holder next to the book. A pen , pen and ruler are inserted in the pen holder. The lid of the ink bottle next to the pen holder is still open. Next to it is a globe. I do n’t know how many times the teacher has turned it! What she saw on the calendar was September 9. I thought: The teacher is so busy that he forgets his holiday. So she turned the teacher to the very eye-catching page of "September 10 Chinese Teachers' Day". Then quietly divided these into two, because there was no vase on the teacher's desk. So, she inserted the flower into the teacher's pen holder, showing a sweet smile. look! How sweet she laughs! How sweet!

teacher! You have worked hard! Please let me give you a precious gift on this special festival. teacher! I wish you a happy holiday!

[Section 6] : Gift

The moonlight was so cold that she shone even more brightly on her pale face. She stood under a willow tree by the lake and told Yinger her grievances. The breeze blew across her beautiful face, and she cried! Her heart was like a knife twisting, and tears kept falling down her face. She was so sad , so sad . She didn't dare to go home, and tightly compiled the brand-new ten dollars in her hand. At that scene, she cried even more ...

5-year-old brother, birthday today. My father invited many friends to celebrate him. How envious she is! I have never received such preferential treatment from childhood to age-just because of the feudal thoughts in the parents' heart, that she is a girl and cannot be seen as decent. Before putting on the mirror, my brother was picking the clothes to wear on his birthday Party. The old bell rang, and at eight, the mother called her to her and said to her, "Today there are guests here, you can go outside to eat! There are ten dollars. Go out and have fun. Don't Coming back too early ... "She couldn't hear a word, and tears swallowed. She nodded knowingly, took the money, and crossed the threshold. How she hoped that her mother would call her and let her stay, so that she could also enjoy the happy birthday and get warmth. But everything she dreamed about, everything was as usual.

The moonlight was getting darker. She had n’t eaten yet. She was still crying. The asphalt road was walking alone. The grass on the side of the road seemed to be cold, and a few yellow leaves shivered on the branches. How many times have I traveled before, today it seems so long. Suddenly, she hated her brother, and his birth gave her such a tragic encounter ...

Unconsciously, she had arrived at the doorstep of her house. From her eyes, it was an extremely deep black hole. She stood for a long time, wiped away her tears, and finally dared to enter. The family was silent, and the mother was packing up the residue on the table. When she saw her coming back, she said coldly, "Come!" My father was sitting on the sofa, smoking a cigarette, his face was terribly blushing, apparently drinking too much alcohol. The sensible woman silently picked up the chopsticks and went into the kitchen. After finishing the housework, she returned to her small room and closed the door. She didn't turn on the lights, and the room was secret. Suddenly, she noticed something flickering on the desk. When she approached it, it was a small note: Sister, where have you been? I can't find you everywhere. Today is my birthday, don't you know? I cut a big cake for you. I wanted to wait for you to come back, but one mother and one mother refused, so I had to go to bed first ...

Looking at the lines of childish words, a warm current was flowing in her heart, she was comforted, she had hope, and a red sun rose in the depths of her heart ...

She took a step and quietly walked into her brother's room, covered him with a quilt, and the moon was so bright and beautiful outside the window ...

[Seventh] : Gift

A gift should be given to the most sincere friend, should it also be given to a cold playmate?

She has been doing this to me for three years, and she has not changed her temper. As soon as I went to her house to play, she yelled and commented on me. In the end, the two of us were always unhappy, and she was left alone.

"It will be her birthday in a few days. Will I give her a gift?" This day, on my way home, I was alone, thinking quietly, and in the distance, she and her new relationship. Several playmates were laughing and joking, and didn't care about my existence. In the end, I decided to give her a gift I made. After all, we are also three-year classmates, and I hope she can understand my heart from this gift ...

When I got home, I found the materials and devoted myself to making gifts. This gift embodies my heart and effort! "I hope she can understand ..." I thought lightly. At midnight, the gift was finished, and I looked at my needle-stained hands and smiled bitterly. "You can let me see your cheering ..." I mumbled to myself.

The next day, it was her birthday. I put the gift made overnight into a small bamboo basket, covered it with a layer of beaded yarn, and with my scarred hand, carefully lifted the basket to the Rush to her house ...

When I was outside her house, I put my hand behind the basket behind me and banged her door softly. It was her who came out to open the door. When she saw me coming, the expression on her face instantly changed from surprise to indifference, as if a stranger was knocking at the door, and that expression made me shudder. "I didn't send you an invitation letter, and you came here by yourself, passionate." After that, she was going to close the door, and I sighed: "Oh, it seems my gift is done for nothing." Just glanced at her. When she heard that I had a gift, she immediately put on a smiley face: "Oh, the visitors are all visitors. Do n’t go since you are here. Come in and play." After that, she "please" me with a smile. At her house, it was finally time for the gift disassembly. She opened the presents of her friends one by one. When I opened the present I gave her, she was choked. In the bamboo basket, there was a pair of hand-made one-by- one The small rabbits in the handles are pink and red, with bows on their heads. At that time, after seeing the gift I gave her, she burst into tears with a smile on her face, "I'm sorry, I used to treat you like this, and you gave me a gift, I, I'm sorry," she choked. "It doesn't matter, are we all friends." After that, she smiled: "Thank you for forgiving me, we will always be friends." Looking at her smiling face with tears, I couldn't help laughing.

A few months ago, I went to her house again. Behind a colorful curtain, I saw the bunny I gave her three years ago. I didn't expect she still kept them. I smiled again, it seems No matter how cold my heart is, there will be a day of melting!

[Eighth] : precious gift

I remember when I was eleven years old and on my birthday, I was waiting for someone to give me a gift. Suddenly, I heard a knock at the door. I thought who would come now, so I raised my voice and asked, "Who?" "It's me, Xiaohua!" I immediately ran to open the door. As I walked to the door of the room, I was thinking: I don't know what gift he would give me. I opened the door and saw that his hands were empty, and I was very upset. I just asked him to walk into the door and didn't care much about him.

Later, after eating the cake, he actually said to me, "Xiaohui, now I'll take you to a place where you will love it!" I followed him out.

I went out, walked for a while, and saw him take me to Xinhua Bookstore. I followed and went in. When he entered the bookstore, he asked me, "What kind of book do you like to read, Xiaohui?" I said, "I don't write well in writing. Now I want to read most in writing." He said, "OK, let's go Take a look at the literature. "

We found the bookshelf where the paperwork was placed. So they looked up there. We eat while reading a book. After reading for a while, Xiaohua showed me a book and asked me: "How do you like this writing instrument?" I flipped through the book and said, "Very good!" "OK, then buy this book ."He says.

We bought this book. Then Xiaohua said to me, "Now, shall we go to the park to play?" I said, "Okay!" "Then we will put this book in your home first, and then play."

We put the book down and went to the park to play. After entering the park, we first came to play on the grass and chatted and joked on the grass. Then we came to play on the swing. We had a great time in the park and almost forgot our time.

It's getting late, we just got to go home in the park. When I came to my house, Xiaohua just left after playing for a while. After he left, I found that the books he bought at Xinhua Bookstore were still left in my home and not taken away. I quickly called and told him that the book was left in my house. He quickly said, "Xiao Min, today is your birthday. I want to give you a gift, a book for you. However, I don't know what books you need, so let you go to the bookstore to buy it yourself." It dawned on me. I think it's really unreasonable to see him cold without a gift.

Although this is just a book, it is very precious to me and I still keep it.

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