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Sixth grade composition

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Sixth grade hand in hand composition

Time: 2017-04-11
Essay 1: Hand in hand with me

What day is September 22? By the way, it's a car-free day. On this day, I personally experienced the taste of a bus and a bus.

As soon as I got on the bus, I felt a bit new. One bus and one bus can reduce harmful gas emissions; the second can save fuel.

Although it was a little crowded on the bus, I felt the taste of saving fuel and reducing harmful gas. Looking out of the window, the private car is almost gone, and the crowded lanes of the past have become empty. People have used battery cars and bicycles.

Usually, when a mother and a mother send me to school, I always get used to closing the windows tightly. I always feel that the outside air is too dirty. In addition to the exhaust gas, the exhaust gas has a great effect on the body. damage. At this time, I always fantasize: It would be nice if there were no private cars in the world, so that it would not suck a lot of exhaust gas every day, the urban roads were clear, and the environment was beautiful.

In the crowded compartment, I saw the hearts of citizens lit by fire. There must be a few of them, like me, who have a private car, but switch to a public car. I am proud of having such a citizen.

Today's experience has really benefited me!

[Second article] : I ’m used to hand in hand

Today, I feel deeply. Indeed, the power of habituation is huge. Once a person develops a habituation, he will unconsciously run on this track. If it is a good habit, it will benefit you for life. If it is a bad habit, it will harm you forever!

The thief started with a petty thief, although it seemed nothing at the time, but over time, he developed a bad habit of stealing things, and he changed from a petty thief to a bad one. Uncompromising thieves endanger society. Obviously, how important it is to get used to it!

Let me talk about it. I am also a good student in the class. However, every test is because of sloppy, and I lose points on the questions that would have been originally. Later, I resolved to get rid of this one- and- a-half disease. I insisted on repeating the examination every time. Who knows that there are more examinations. Every time I finished the answer, I read it carefully from beginning to end. In this way, I rarely lose points because of sloppy, and my grades have improved than before. The best thing is that I have developed a good study and practice.

Friends, it ’s important for us to get used to it. Let ’s get rid of the bad one and get used to it!

[Part III] : Friends holding hands

The most precious relationship in the world is undoubtedly the relationship, but besides the relationship, that is friendship. "There is nothing better or more pleasant than friendship in the world;

Without friendship, the world seems to have lost Taiyiyangyi. "

The warmth she brought to my friends; she made me understand what friendship is; she shared the joy of success with me, the sadness of failure; and she laughed with me and cried together ... she is as high as me I still look so naive; my classmates' good partners; She can be my best friend, not only because of it, but more importantly, she treats her friends with sincerity, purity, and without any impurities, which deeply moved me.

Darwin once said, "When it comes to fame, honor, happiness, wealth, if they are compared with friendship, they are all dust." It ’s a beacon in the sea, an oasis in the desert. ”Yeah, only with friends can we feel another warmth and warmth in the world, so that we can more fully understand this society. I want to thank her, she is like a beacon, guiding me in the dark and guiding me in the confusion; I want to learn from her, learn from her sincere, pure, and the slightest to her friends No impurities ...

[Fourth] : Filial piety, we hold hands

Mother often said that kindness was paramount. Honoring your parents and being grateful to your teacher is also a virtue!

When I was young, I often went back to my hometown with my mother. Once, it was in the winter, and my mother saw a pale old man walking on the thin ice. The shaking legs were very thin and thin, and it seemed that they could not withstand any wind and rain. I want to go over and give her a piece of clothes wrapped around me. I call this "Jean".

" One milk one milk one milk, don't go, look at this body, how it looks like no clothes!" I turned my head to see, a handsome teenager ran towards the old lady.

"Son, slow down, this road is slippery, and another mile!" The old man trembled in the wind. I saw the teenager take off his overcoat and put it on the old man. "I was brought to you by a mother and said that you wear too little clothes when you go out." The old man hugged the young man, "Grandson is really filial!"

I followed my mother and looked back from time to time. My mother said to me, "This child is very filial." I stared with big eyes, took off my coat, and put it on my mother's shoulder. The mother said with a smile, " A mother is not cold, her son is good."

Now I have grown up. After so many years, I have changed, I am sensible, and filial, I have become a man.

It's not difficult to get back your confidence and do filial piety. When I got home, my parents were very tired. I had a hard day's work! Hold your parents' shoulders with your hands and comfort them. They will be very relieved. You don't need to do too well, as long as you have a sincere heart and do something good for them, don't blame life , blame them, and be filial!

I am very happy to have been born by my mother. In this lucky family, I have a track of happy growth, surrounded by a strong affection. It is me who is destined, and me who should be filial. This is inviolable. Be filial, let it be!

In the past year, I have hesitated for 365 days. Except for this, I have left nothing, which makes me ashamed ...

Xi Yiyang, my parents held my hand and slowly disappeared into the memory photos.

Hand in hand to create more one love one .

[Fifth] : Hand in hand, good friend

Today, I went to Yijiang with five good friends to play. We were flying kites there, but my kite could n’t be put up. When I said "I won't let it go", they said, "It's all right, we Help you put it. "At this moment, I felt the warmth of my friend and the great friendship.

After flying a kite, we went climbing. There are several roads in that mountain, and we chose the simplest one. It looks simple, but it ’s actually difficult to climb, but on the way up the mountain, we hand in hand. Whether it is a boy or a girl going up first, we have to look back at the classmates behind us. Helping hand.

But when we went down the mountain, we encountered trouble. It was really "easy to go uphill, difficult to go down"! Just halfway up the mountain, the front boy was in danger. Several of us in the back hurried to help, we pulled you, I pulled you, and we were completely in a helping atmosphere. After I went down the mountain, I accidentally saw that the boy's hand was injured. I quickly said, "What's wrong with your hand?" He said, "Oh, it's okay, just pass it." We said nothing. .

A few of us said, "It's fun, are you going? Raise your hand if you agree to go again!" At this point, all hands are raised, and we will go, although we still went from the simple road, but when we came down I changed course. But the road was more difficult. A girl said, "Who's going down first!" I quickly said, "I'm going down!" I just went down quickly, but there was a slippery place. As soon as my feet slipped, I slipped. Then, they said, "Are you okay? Be careful!" "I see." But this mountain is always with us. Suddenly there was a girl who couldn't get down, and a guy said, "Give me your hand, I'll help you!" With their concerted efforts, they both came down.

We went up and down and encountered many difficulties, but we all defeated it with a heart of helping others.

Today, I understand: In fact, friends are the magic drug you use to solve difficulties. You ca n’t do without it. Let us go hand in hand to get out of trouble and face everything bravely. Remember: hand in hand, good friends!

[Section 6] : Hand in hand, grow together

Today, I am already a 12-year-old Young Pioneer, and I have spent 12 carefree years with my mother and mother in the motherland. She and I have grown up in the sun and the sun together!

In April 1996, a beautiful day, I came to this not-so-good world in a clear cry. In the year of my birth, Yijiang and Zemin stated in a speech: In 1996, we will formulate and start implementing the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" and the outline of the long-term goals for 2010. The next fifteen years will be an important period in the journey of socialist modernization in our country. We have a long way to go and a bright future. I am growing stronger and stronger, and the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" is also continuously implemented.

I am 12 years old and am an excellent elementary school student. I spend every day in happiness. Certificates of honor, compliments from teachers, praises from classmates ... Of course, my self-confidence. Today, I have my own small achievements under the care of my mother and mother, and I open my certificates every time. A tide of warmth and warmth rushed into my mind: one mother one mother one motherland, THANK YOU! You made me have the joy of today. You created compulsory education, and let me put on wings to soak up fresh knowledge in the ocean of learning, open the door to success under the teacher's education, and step into the temple of knowledge.

I am changing, so is my mother. Look ...

The original potty dirt roads are now flat and wide concrete roads; the small houses and houses that were originally hit by the wind and rain are n’t there now, are n’t they all high-rise buildings? The old and useless things are now high-tech products; the food that could only fill the stomach is now beautiful and delicious; the clothes that could only be wrapped in the body are now various. A variety of beautiful clothes with colorful colors ... Everything has changed in the past, and now China is a country with advanced technology, civilization and environmental protection. Mommy, mommy, I'm so proud of you. One mother, one mother, everything you are now is the greatest pride of our Chinese children!

The motherland has grown up for 58 years, and I have grown up in the arms of the motherland for 12 years. I am constantly growing, constantly changing myself, and surpassing myself. One mother and one mother in the motherland are also changing with each passing day, and everything in Vientiane is renewed, moving towards their goals, and creating a more beautiful and harmonious home for us. I and my mother hand in hand, grow together, change together, work hard together!

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