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Sixth grade composition

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My discovery sixth grade composition

Time: 2017-04-11
Composition 1: My findings

From the moment I stumbled to the ground, I was doomed to never-ending inquiry into the things around me. As I grew up, I discovered many things, and one of the little things I was most proud of.

One day, my mom and dad went out, and there was an egg and a glass of cow and milk on the table. I thought: This should be the breakfast that my father and mother gave me. So I ate it without hesitation. Because a person was at home and bored, he turned the eggs into a spinning top. After a while, I didn't find it interesting to watch "he" dancing alone, so I found him a dancing partner from the refrigerator. I have one egg in each hand and twisted two eggs together. Huh? It's weird. Why does one turn fast and the other turns slowly? I think it must be a little stronger in the right hand and a little stronger in the left hand, then I'll change it. Turn the right-handed egg with the left hand, and the left-handed egg with the right hand. This should be fine. I tried it, eh? Why is the right-handed egg still slower than the left-handed egg? I was lost in thought ... A "snap", like a big invisible hand, pulled me out of the imaginary ocean. I haven't responded yet, another egg seems to be reluctant to "her" dance partner, and also jumped off the cliff. Haha, I finally understood the mystery: "they" one is a cooked egg and the other is a raw egg. But what is the difference between cooked and raw eggs? I hurriedly took out my treasure from the bookcase-Encyclopedia. Began to swim in the sea of books ... Haha, I found it, because the yolk and egg white in the shell of raw eggs are liquid. When the external force causes it to rotate, it continues to maintain due to inertia There is a friction between the egg white and egg shell of the stationary yolk, so the whole raw egg can only rotate slowly. Cooked eggs are different. The yolk in the egg white has solidified, and the whole egg can rotate quickly and persist for a long time. So this is ah! After I watched, Somerset opened.

This accidental discovery made me understand a lot of truth: life is a textbook, and some can't be learned from textbooks. As long as we are willing to use our brains, we will find that life is really wonderful. Newton landed from an apple, thus discovering the law of universal gravitation; Wegener discovered the law of plate movement from a map, and thus proposed the Day One Land Drift Hypothesis. Numerous scientists have pondered the mysteries of nature from seemingly ordinary discoveries, in order to seek happiness for mankind. I believe that as long as I am good at discovering and thinking, I will work wonders one day ...

[Second article] : My findings

If you look closely at any objects around you, you will find how wonderful they are, and may benefit you for life. I have made a lot of discoveries since I was young, and one of them makes me remember it fresh.

I remember one day, the sky was covered with lead-colored clouds and clouds, and it was very sultry, and it was going to rain. I am a very curious child, and this time I had a new idea: what would animals do before the rain? So I went to the small courtyard to observe what was happening.

When I arrived at the courtyard, the first thing that caught my eye was an ant who was standing in a long line and crawling out of the small stone gap, crawling to hide in a high place. I leaned over and found that they were carrying heavier food and some nesting things than myself. I followed the long dragon-like team to find the source. It turned out to be a hole in the ant's nest.

Why do ants desperately move elsewhere before it rains? I came home with a question to go through the materials to find the answer . It turned out that Ant's petite body couldn't stand the test of wind and rain, so they came up with a coup for their safety-moving to a higher place.

So, I told my brother about this discovery, and put forward a few questions that puzzled me, but my brother only told me a folk saying, that is, "Ant moving the snake aisle, there will be heavy rain tomorrow" . So, I translated the data again, and finally understood the meaning of this sentence. It turned out that there was another person who could give people a weather forecast before it rained, and that was a beautiful dancing snake. Speaking of snakes, many people will

It is famous for its sharp teeth and its cold nature.

Snakes usually operate at night. When the night is quiet, the land becomes their paradise, but before the rain, due to the sweltering heat in the deep holes, many snakes will come out to ventilate and move.

This childhood investigation has benefited me a lot, and it has made me understand that animals are inextricably linked to goodbye to nature.

[Part III] : My findings

The mother dragged her tired body back home as usual. Seeing one mother and one mother exhausted, I helped one mother and one mother wash vegetables. A mother and a mother smiled , like the first rays of a sun and a light on the body in winter, warm. In the evening, a mother and a mother accompany me to pick up the lights and read at night without watching TV. When I was doing my homework, I suddenly wanted to help my mother and her mother comb their hair. One mother and one mother disagree because they have to go to school the next day. After five years of arduous and meticulous work on "Master Mother". I usually rushed to the bathroom and took a comb to help one mother and one hair comb.

Inadvertently, I noticed that a few white hairs were particularly dazzling in the dark and bright hair. I thought it was accidental and didn't care much. But combing it, I found a lot of silver hair. Suddenly, my heart was touched by a sour, astringent, inexplicable thing. My heart couldn't help it-my mother added white hair! why?

Unconsciously, tears moistened the corners of the eyes. Through the obscurity, the teachings of one mother and one mother reverberated in the ears. Word by word, sentence by sentence, is so clear, it's all for me; faintly, I saw that my mother was hurrying to work because of work, and in my busy schedule, I also had to take the time to learn with me Xi Yi ; in the vaguely, I saw a mother and a mother all busy for a day, and at the end of the night I explained tirelessly, until the meeting; vaguely saw that when I achieved good results, the mother and the mother smiled . So sweet, the silver hair ran away happily; vaguely ...

For me, one mother and one mother worked hard, what I want to give. For everything I do, she just dedicates, don't give back. Everything she does is for me, tired for my bright future. How many times do I want to say to a mother and a mother: don't be too tired, pay attention to the body, I love you, I will learn a lot!

In the breeze at night, I touched the hair of one mother and one mother. Although I had white hair, it felt soft and cool. Under the moonlight of water, the hair of each mother was bright. I wiped away my tears, pulled myself back from my memories, and combed my hair. It feels good, the agony has disappeared. I think I am the happiest person in the world.

I must learn a lot and make each mother happy and happy every day. Don't need too much commitment, I will repay you-my mother with practical actions.

This discovery has become my driving force!

[Fourth] : My findings

"Ting Bell, Ting Bell ..." The bell rang after school. The students rushed out of the classroom, and I sat in my seat and read a book. Suddenly, I felt like something was crawling. As soon as I saw it, it turned out to be a little ant. Somehow, my curiosity was caught by this ordinary little ant. I watched the little ant carefully: the body was divided into 3 sections, the chest had 3 pairs of feet, and the head had antennae. I let it crawl to the table. At this moment, it crawled towards a pencil near the table, slipped accidentally, and the little ant fell down. No, it will die. I hurriedly looked down the table, and the little ant landed safely on the ground. How is this going? Is it really dead? I rubbed my eyes and rubbed my eyes. When I was sure that I read correctly, I was even more puzzled. Why did the ants fall from such a high table and not die?

When I got home, I found another ant to experiment with and dropped it from a high place. The ant stumbled to the ground. I looked carefully and it was still intact. I thought about it and didn't think of a reason. With questions, I asked my knowledgeable dad, and he smiled and said, "Go and check the information yourself!" "Yeah!" I hurriedly opened "One Hundred Thousand Whys" and finally found the answer. The ant is light in weight. When it falls from a height, it will slowly fall with the wind in the air, so it will be safe when it reaches the ground.

Discovery has taught me a lot of things that I did n’t understand before, and it also made me understand: there are many things in life that are rare. We do n’t know all of them, but we need to observe them carefully, because people are not perfect. of. Isn't it?

[Fifth] : My findings

I remember it was a summer. I sat down with a mother and a mother under the tree. I was curious to look at the little ants that came in and out of the ant's nest. They kept busy, they were looking for food. They searched carefully, and some of them were fruitful as soon as they were out of the nest, while others ran far away without finding food. I looked at it and asked questions, why do these little ants take a good road every time? I asked a mother a mother, and her answer made me doubtful. She said that the direction might be distinguished based on the smell.

I continued to observe and found that in our eyes, all the tiny ants were all "hercules." I threw a small cookie and after a while I saw an ant crawling over. I am quite sure that the ant will be turned back and called for more ants to carry it-the result was far beyond my expectation. Instead of returning, the ant carried the cookie by itself and carried the cookie back to the ant. nest. I was stunned by the scene in front of me. What a heavy piece of food! It is equivalent to dozens of times of its own weight, and the ant can actually carry a weight that is dozens of times of its own weight! I was very surprised. Later, I checked the books and found out: Ants can lift or hold objects that are 52 times their weight. It's incredible to me.

I also found that ant and ant never contradict each other. They are very friendly and loving. Whenever they encounter a partner, they always touch each other's tentacles, as if they are greeting each other. I threw an apple and they bit it, breaking the apple into pieces and sending them home. I think this is a great benefit of ants to the natural environment because they can help us humans clean up some food waste and insects.

I like ants because they are all good, and because they do everything together, all of them are dedicated and selfless.

Through this observation, I think we should all be like ants, always thinking about the collective, and dedicating to the collective benefit!

[Section 6] : My findings

After a few drizzle, the aunt Chunchun came to the world with a light footstep.

On this day, I came to school with a schoolbag. As soon as I walked into the school gate, I smelled a scent of flowers. Was it wax plum? No, wax plum has been opened. Is it jasmine? No, there is no spring flower in the school. Is it Osmanthus? That's even more wrong. Osmanthus hasn't opened yet. What kind of fragrance is that? I followed the scent to find the source of the floral scent. It turned out that the white magnolia bloomed.

From a distance, large white magnolias, like snow-white cotton peaches on the branches, like white clouds in the sky, fell on the treetops, and like white gulls with wings spreading to rest, like countless white jade The cup sways in the wind ...

Taking a closer look, the blossoming magnolia is even more stance, and some of them are unfolded, revealing a flower; some are unfolding two or three flowers and one petal, as if shy, like a little aunt and a mother . Cover your face and smile; some still have flowers and bones, wearing yellow-green coats, and swell up like they are about to burst.

Alas, why do magnolia trees have flowers but no leaves? I asked with suspicion, came to the computer room and turned on the computer to find information. It turned out that the temperature needed for white magnolia to bloom and long leaves was different at one time . The flower buds, leaf buds and branch buds of magnolia grow separately. The flower buds are large and born on the top of the branches. You can see them on the branches in winter. At that time, the magnolia flower was dormant in winter, but in spring, the climate became slightly warmer, and the flowers opened. The leaf bud needs a higher temperature and temperature to grow the leaves, so the growth is slower than the flower buds. It often takes a few days before it reveals the leaf buds on the branches, and then the leaves slowly unfold. This habit of Magnolia is related to the environment of his hometown, and it has a lot to do with the formation of his ancestors. The data also said that in nature, there are still many plants that bloom first and then have long leaves, such as jasmine and plum blossom ...

"Ding Jingling ..." The class bell rang. I quickly shut down the computer and ran to the classroom. I ran and thought: there is so much knowledge in life, I want to be a caring person!

[Seventh] : My findings

There are a few chickens in my family. Recently my grandfather was letting the hens hatch the chicks. I was very curious and wanted to see how the chicks hatched.

The first is egg selection. The grandfather took a carton, dug a small hole in the carton, put a light bulb in it, plugged in the power supply, the light bulb lighted up in the carton, and the light inside shot out from the small hole; Put on the reading glasses, carefully place the eggs on the small holes in the carton, look left and right, and put the eggs that can hatch the chicken aside. I watched for a long time, but I still didn't understand the reason, so I asked my grandfather curiously: "How do you judge that these eggs can hatch chicks?" The grandfather smiled at me and said, "If you look at the eggs, if you can I was drenched in light and there were no small black spots. Such an egg would not allow chicks to hatch. ”I quickly took an egg and put it on the small hole in the carton for a long time. I found a small black spot and danced to my grandfather. Pulled over and said, "Do you see if this egg can hatch a chicken?" After looking at it, his grandfather praised him with a thumbs-up: "You are so smart, you can learn as soon as you learn."

The second step is to choose hens. Once the eggs have been selected, a hen must be selected. My grandfather told me: "You need to choose a hen that can lay eggs, but has not recently laid eggs to hatch chicks."

The third step is to hatch the chicks. The grandfather carefully put the selected 15 eggs in a soft carton filled with straw and cotton, and then caught the selected hens. The hen looked east and west, and after a while, found With the eggs in the carton, he immediately understood his task. A leap forward leaped up to the carton, spread his wings, and carefully cared for the eggs in his arms. The hen was earnestly fulfilling her duties in the carton. Only the eyes blinked, as if telling us: "I want to be a mother and a mother." Seven days later, the grandfather took the eggs. Come out and let them breathe. Fourteen days later, the eggs were placed in one temperature and one water (water and one temperature of about 37 C). The grandfather said, "If you float on the water, you have life. If you sink in the water, you cannot hatch chicks. After eighteen days, put the eggs in warm water again. If the eggs are swung left and right in the water, it will prove that the chicks have begun to hatch in the eggs. If the eggs are not moved in the water, they must not hatch robust ones. chick. Twenty-one days later, a miracle appeared, and the eggs moved one by one. Suddenly, a small hole appeared in the egg shell of an egg, and the head of a chicken protruded from the egg shell. I saw it struggling very hard. Jumping out, in a short while, a wet chicken was born. It looked at this colorful world with curiosity, stretched its wings, and looked forward to a bright future.

[Eighth] : my discovery

After dinner that night, I washed my hands in the bathroom. Washing and washing, I inadvertently glanced at the mop placed in the corner. Unexpectedly, this accidental glance surprised me by what I saw-there was a round ball at the intersection of the mop's stick and the cloth strip. I quickly dried my hands, squatted next to the mop and observed carefully, and flicked the ball with my hand. Ah, there is a thin stem under the ball. I looked closer and said, "Ah!" I can't help but scream. The so-called "small ball" is a small mushroom. There is even a small mushroom on the mop! It's a miracle, I can't believe my eyes. I rubbed my eyes hard with a hand, and looked carefully again. It was indeed a little mushroom, shorter than my little thumb. There are a few pale yellow spots on the white mushrooms. It may be because the thin stem cannot bear the pressure of the mushroom head and has been bent and covered. If you don't dial it by hand, it's hard to find this is a mushroom. It's like a furry ball lying on the mop, but it 's so much loved!

After confirming it, I wanted to find out that Xinda Yilu was the same, and ran out to promote it to the whole family: "Big news, big news, the mop on the house has mushrooms!" As soon as the words fell, my father, mother and mother used strange Eyes looked at me. I recounted to them everything I saw just now, and took them to the bathroom to see the "magic" mop with mushrooms. After my father and mother watched it, they didn't make a fuss like me, but just talked a few words. One mother and one mother said, "Oh, this is nothing, it has been grown several times, you don't know." Suddenly, my father asked me, "Yu Zhengxin, do you know why mushrooms grow on mops?" Uh , This time you can ask me to live. I was fussed for a long time just now and haven't thought about it yet! However, I calmed down immediately. Combining the knowledge accumulated in daily studies and practical observations, and practical observations, I thought about it and replied: "It may be because mushrooms are grown by a microorganism, and this microorganism will grow into a mushroom under appropriate conditions. Mop Well, it is often wet and wet, and placed in a dark and dark corner of the bathroom. The bottom of the stick will be a little rot, which meets the growth conditions of microorganisms, so bacteria will grow at the intersection of the stick and the strip. ——Mushrooms! This is the same reason that the bushes will grow mushrooms after raining. "After saying this, I took a long breath and looked at Dad with expectant eyes. Asked, "Is that right?" Dad nodded his approval and said, "Let's look up the book yourself!" I checked the relevant information, confirmed what I said, and gained a lot of knowledge.

I'm so happy, because I found out the secret of mushrooms on the mop and understood the truth. In fact, science is near you and me. As long as you observe carefully and think positively, you will definitely discover many interesting things, and taste the joy and joy of discovery!

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