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Sixth grade composition

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Sixth grade composition for the first time cooking

Time: 2017-04-11
Composition 1: Cooking for the first time

I came home from noon today and went to the door of the house to find the door locked. I took the key to open the door, and noodles were on the table. I think it's so late, one mother and one mother haven't come home yet, so try cooking for yourself. So I went into the kitchen and started a new initiative.

I took two eggs and three tomatoes, first shattered the egg shells, put some salt in the bowl and stirred it gently, then washed and cut the tomatoes and put them on a plate. When everything is ready, I put the pan on the gas stove and start frying the tomatoes and eggs.

When the oil is hot, I put in the spare condiment, and then put the eggs in, turn it a few times, and when the eggs are slightly yellow, I put the tomatoes in.

The dishes are cooked and then the noodles are cooked. When the water in the rice cooker murmured, I quickly put the noodles in the pot. When the noodles floated on the water, I poured the prepared dishes and added some soy sauce and vinegar.

After a while, the kung fu rice was ready. I tasted very salty. At this moment, one mother and one mother came. Looking at the cooked food, he was very surprised. After a compliment, she smiled and said, " There is a saying that good failure is the mother of success. Believe that no matter what you do, you can do well with your heart. "

[Part 2] : Cooking for the first time

There are many first times that I have experienced. With the passage of time, they have long been blurred in my mind, like a grain of sand in the sea, and never come back. Only that first time, I still remember it so far.

It was a March 8th Women's Day, and the school was closed for half a day. Father and mother did not take any vacation. I finished home after dinner and finished my homework at 2:30. So I started to figure out what gifts one mother, one mother and one gift will be given for the 38th and 8th festivals this year. Before, I used to make a small greeting card with a blessing on it and say "Happy Holidays", oh! Too tacky. "Otherwise ... I will cook a meal for a mother and a mother this year, I think she must be happy. I have two hours and 30 minutes because this is a surprise. So I have to hurry up. I am a novice, So pick two simple dishes. "Ha! My recipe for tonight is baked, fried potato with sauted carrots and radishes and fragrant white rice! "I know it's monotonous, but I'm a rookie!" I don't know other dishes. In fact, it is not the dish that is important, it is my filial piety. As long as a daughter has a mother and a mother in her heart, even if there is only one sound: Happy Holidays, a mother and a mother will blossom. Do you say no? Steaming rice is the simplest. Wash the rice clean, but don't wash it too many times, the vitamin A on the surface will be lost. After digging the rice, put it in the pot, and add a little more water than the rice. It's ok. Next is cooking, which requires a bit of technical content. I chopped the onions, ginger and garlic, and cut my nose and tears. I peeled the potatoes and the carrots and shredded them in water. The potatoes were quite obedient, but the husks and radishes were different. They were so hard that I cut them for a long time. Tired of backache. When I cut a carrot and a radish, I was thinking, " One mother and one mother cooked for me so hard, but I still relied on picky eaters. I have to get rid of this bad and bad disease. Just when I thought about this, Lou There was a sudden sound of footsteps, oh, my god! Is it a mother and a mother coming back? No! Then all this I planned would not be a mess. I heard her shouting: "Peng Peng, a mother, a mother and a mother came back! "My name is not Peng Peng, oh, it's someone who lives downstairs! I have to hurry. Put the oil on, put the onions, ginger and garlic potatoes, a spoonful of salt, half a spoonful of flavor and essence, and add water for a while. Out of the wok. The same seasoning is also used for fry a radish and a carrot. When cooking, as long as there is a crackling sound in the pan, I quickly fled outside the kitchen. Why? The oil point is not long. The meal is a trivial matter, the disfigurement is event!

Father and mother came back. They looked at the steaming meals, and at me sweating. Understand immediately. We had a happy dinner that night.

[Part III] : Cooking for the first time

There are many first times in life , for example. . The first mopping, the first biking ... but not as fun as my first cooking.

I usually stay alone at home during the summer vacation. I remember once when my father, mother, and mother came home late, I sat on the sofa and watched TV, and I always heard the sound of "goo" in my stomach. Suddenly, a thought flashed through my mind. One mother and one mother came home from work every night and had to do a lot of housework, which was really exhausting. It's better to take this opportunity to cook a meal and show your true kung fu. At the same time, you can give this hungry belly a little strength.

The first dish I made was tomato and egg soup. I came to the kitchen and took out three eggs and two tomatoes from the refrigerator. I washed the tomatoes in the sink and cut them into slices. Pour into the nest, and then break the egg, "Hey, boy, you are terrible" The egg seems to understand what I said. I didn't break it even five times. In the end, I broke it with scissors. I happily pour the egg whites and yolks into the bowl, quickly stir with chopsticks, pour into the nest, then use the bowl to pour two bowls of water into the nest, cover the nest cover, and after 5 minutes, lift the nest cover As soon as it opened, a scent poured into my nose and straight into my belly, it was really fragrant.

As I was preparing for the second course, a crisp and sweet door bell came to my ears. I rushed to open the door. It was the father and mother who came back, and they came back from the outside for fast food. Without soup, otherwise my tomato and egg soup would be eliminated.

Although I had an "accident" on the way, my first course was full of success.

[Fourth] : Cooking for the first time

Years in a hurry, and suddenly looking back, I have been able to make many dishes. Recalling that the first time cooking was so bad, I was laughing at myself.

That day, my father and mother went out, and no one cooked for me. I couldn't help but be a little chef.

After I opened the fire and poured the oil in, I took out the bowl, picked up an egg, and beat on the side of the bowl. With a bang, the eggs came out, but the egg dregs flowed into the bowl together.

The oil had boiled and was billowing in thick smoke. I was anxious. Regardless of the three or seventy-one, I gave the eggs with egg scum into the pan together.

The crackling sound was like setting off firecrackers. I turned the fire down to a minimum before the voice slowly whispered. I reached into my sleeve, turned the egg over with a shovel, and hurriedly shook the salt into the pan. However, the salt was not obedient at once, and I ran some more into the pot, which really made me angry.

"Yeah, what can you do! How can you wait to eat? This is not salty!" At this moment, I was like an ant on a hot pot, at a loss. I hurriedly poured the egg out, and looking at this unrecognizable egg, I couldn't help laughing.

I repeated my work, put the oil in the pan, and beat the eggs into the bowl. This time I am more skilled than the last time, I did not let those egg dregs jump into the bowl.

I am skilled at cooking rice and vegetables. I do n’t know, I thought I often eat it myself, and it ’s my first time. I do n’t know how to learn how to cook it very fast.

"He Yao, where are you? Come and eat." It was the voice of a mother and a mother. I ran out like I heard the voice of a savior. When a mother and a mother saw me dressed like this, they couldn't help asking. "He Yao, how do you dress like this?"

"I'm cooking." I said with a smile. "As soon as a mother and a mother came to the kitchen and saw that the kitchen was made like this, it seemed like they were going to beat me. Yes, but the mother and the mother did not hit me, but let me clean up the kitchen and be patient Teach me how to make egg fried rice. My disappointed heart was saved by mother and mother.

At this point, I have already cooked a lot of dishes. Thinking back, that girl who would not even make egg fried rice, how could it be me? Since that one, I understand: Be positive in everything you do, and take courage even in the face of frustration. Try again. There are too many firsts in life, and you must do your best for each first time. s hard work.

[ Part V] : Cooking for the first time

One morning in the summer, my dad went to play tennis and was not at home. I read for about 15 minutes in the morning and felt my stomach groaning constantly. I thought, when my father, mother and mother came back, I still do n’t know when I was a sixth grade student. When can I learn to cook a variety of meals and dishes by myself? If you have n’t learned it for the first time, you can never learn it. Why not try it today?

I decided to learn to cook a simpler meal first-cooking instant noodles. First, I filled a half pot of water with a small pot and put it on a gas stove. Secondly, I tried to turn on the master switch of the gas stove according to the normal action of an adult, and twisted it to the left by hand; then I ignited, pressed it down with my hand, and twisted it to the left with a little force. The first time I did n’t hit it, I quickly returned the switch to its original position, because I remember my dad told me that although the fire was n’t on, the gas was on, very, very dangerous, and prone to gas poisoning. After trying twice, the third time was finally on fire. Again, I cut a tomato with a knife and chopped a few coriander. At this time, the water was boiling. I took out an egg and gently simmered it by the side of the fire. I slowly opened it with my hand and quickly put it in the pot. After about two minutes, when the eggs were about to ripen, I put the tomatoes 3. Put the instant noodles in the pot, and pour three bags of spices into the pot. After about another minute, use a small cloth towel to lower the pot and put the parsley into the pot. A spiced instant noodle is made. I am so happy to eat instant noodles made by myself.

In the future, I will learn to cook a variety of delicious dishes.

[Section 6] : Cooking for the first time

I have experienced many times for the first time, I walked on the podium for the first time, I was criticized by the teacher for the first time, and I was late for school for the first time ... but it is the first time that I remember cooking!

I remember that day, when I returned home, I found that the house was empty, and my stomach had sang the "empty city plan", and there was nothing delicious in the house, only a few vegetables placed underground. So I decided to make something myself to fill my stomach first!

what to do? After much deliberation I decided to make scrambled eggs with tomatoes. I am excited about my "genius" idea. I learned how to look like a mother and a mother. First, I carefully selected four large and round eggs and a tomato from the refrigerator. Find a bowl and scoop the eggs on the bowl, but the eggs are still holding their belly and they are not broken at all, as if proud to say to me, "Hum, sample, want to move me? No way!" So I forced the eggs again He slammed the bowl, and unexpectedly splashed me with too much egg juice, hey! It's usually as simple as watching a mom and a mom, but it's so hard to turn yourself! After cleaning, I tried to scoop an egg again with a little strength, ah, it worked! I beat the eggs into the bowl one by one. Then cut the tomatoes, stir the eggs and sprinkle with onions and salt. Open the fire and pour in the oil. After the pan "zi la la" sounds, pour the egg liquid away from a long distance, terrified, for fear that the oil will get into your hands. so far so good! it's okay no problem! My palms are sweaty. I take a sigh of relief! After a while, small milk bubbles and white bubbles appeared around the eggs. I turned the eggs over, then poured the tomatoes, and fry for a while. A dish was baked like this, I was eating it, and eating this dish that was made after much hard work. My mind is full of one mother, one mother and one cooking, how difficult it is to have one mother and one mother!

I want to continue cooking because one, two, three ...? !! !!

[Seventh] : Cooking for the first time

I have experienced many firsts, such as: my first bike ride, my first win, my first duty on duty, and so on, but what impressed me most was my first meal.

I remember that it was a day of the third grade winter vacation. One mother and one mother had a high fever and lay on a bed and one bed. It was time for dinner. My stomach was singing again. I asked a mother, a mother how to eat one night, a mother and a mother said that they would let me cook today, I patted my breast and said to a mother and a mother, "I usually learn a lot when I watch you cook, I It works.

I ran downstairs, opened the refrigerator, and saw beef balls, Chinese cabbage, spring onions, garlic and other food in it, so I took them all out and put them on the stove, thinking about what to cook. Then I thought about it, just cook a pot of beef ball soup, stir-fry sweet and sour cabbage, and then cook a pot of gruel!

I scooped half a cup of rice from the rice bucket, poured it into the rice cooker, soaked half a pot of water, and pressed the "start" button, and the porridge began to cook. Then I put the beef balls on a cutting board and took out a kitchen knife. I originally wanted to use the cut, but I couldn't cut it anymore, probably because of thawing. I took a pot of water and put the beef balls in to thaw. I took out the cabbage, it was split in half, half in the refrigerator, and half cut into strips. After a while, I thought the beef balls had thawed, so I took them out and prepared to cut them. But the knife still couldn't cut. I was anxious, I couldn't wait any longer. I chopped them down hard, and then chopped like meat. In the end, they were all "victorious". I filled most of the pot with water, first boiled it, put the diced beef, cut the shallot into pieces, smashed the garlic, and put it in, set to high heat and cover the pot. Then I poured oil into a wok, put Chinese cabbage, fried a few times, poured vinegar and sugar, and fry a few more times, the sweet and sour cabbage was ready, and the rice and soup were cooked. I brought them to the dining table, and told the mother and mother to come downstairs to eat. The mother and the mother tasted it and said, "The first time, it's not bad! The dishes are a little bit light and the soup is too light Not bad, better than I do! "I was both happy and frustrated. I tasted it, and it was a bit pale." Oh, yes, I forgot to put salt! "I exclaimed. A mother and a mother laughed immediately, and this dinner was spent in this laughter. After dinner, the mother and the mother were much better.

I want a mother and a mother to go to work and make meals to take care of me. I should learn a lot and do more chores within my ability to reduce the burden of a mother and a mother, lest he be sick and be sensible. son.

[Eighth] : Cooking for the first time

In the process of growing up, how many firsts are there, and how much happiness and happiness is contained in it. In my memory, I have had countless firsts, but the most memorable one is to do it for the first time. rice

It was a Sunday. Mom and dad went to work overtime. Only I was at home. After finishing my homework, I would like to surprise the hard-working fathers, mothers, mothers, and cook a delicious meal for them. So I took pocket money to go to the market to buy vegetables. The market was really lively. The groaning and bargaining echoed in the market. I bought some tomatoes, eggs and cucumbers. I went home happily and started to cook.

I studied like a mother and a mother, fastened my apron, and immediately started to live. Today I am going to make scrambled eggs with tomatoes and cold cucumbers for my parents. First I washed the tomatoes, cucumbers and green onions, beat the eggs into a bowl, chopped them with chopsticks, cut the tomatoes into pieces, put the oil into the pot, turn on the fire, and when the oil smoked, poured the eggs into the pot Medium, then pour the tomatoes into the pan. After frying the tomatoes and eggs with a spoon for another two minutes, place the dishes on a plate. This dish is ready. Next, make cold cucumbers. I picked up the knife to cut the cucumber into slices, but I do n’t know why the knife did n’t obey my command. I cut the knife east and cut the west knife, but it ’s easy to cut, but the shape of the cut is various, not beautiful at all, then Pour the vinegar into the plate, but it's too much, and this time I'm done. I brought the dishes to the dinner table and waited for my parents to come back.

When my father and mother came back, I was very happy to see the dishes I made. I sat down and ate them with great interest. I thought: I must make them delicious. Too much cucumber vinegar and forget to put salt.

I also learned a lesson from this: do everything with care, not just two good things

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