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Sixth grade composition

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Love is around sixth grade composition

Time: 2017-04-11
Composition 1: One love and one side

" One love one to ten thousand years, who can see it, long and short before it is forever ..." Actually, there is a love one everywhere around us, but we didn't find it. One love, one light like the light in the dark, guides us to a new direction; one love, one like a spring in the desert, keeps us out of danger in one's life ; one love, like a panacea, soothes people Hurting the soul ; one love one is more like a spring breeze, blowing away the haze and haze in our hearts. God gives us a pair of black eyes, let us discover the love and one around us, as long as we pay more attention and feel more, in fact, one love and one are around!

Yeah, one love one is around. When I was a toddler, other parents helped the child to learn to walk. Only I always fell because no one was helping me, but I learned to walk faster than other children. My one loves one .

Yeah, one love one is around. I am now grown up and have more homework. I can no longer play with my classmates, but I feel their love and love from their sincere eyes.

Yeah, one love one is around. I often find that my “” teacher always has more requirements on my homework than others. I can feel the selflessness and dedication of the teacher from the bright red “√” and “”. I felt the teacher's strict love for me.

Yeah, one love one is around. My parents always educate me to do my own thing, do not always trust others, and exercise an independent mind. Now that I'm growing up, I feel guilty about my previous sexuality and understand the true meaning of life .

Yeah, one love one is around. Sometimes when I do something wrong, my classmates will tolerate me, and gradually, I also learn to tolerate. Yu Yu once said: the world's widest ocean is the ocean, the ocean is wider than the sky, and the sky is the human soul. I have a broader heart than the sky, I understand tolerance, and tolerance of others, and tolerance of myself. I won't worry about a little trivial matter any more, and won't worry about it again because of a bad performance.

Yeah, one love one is beside us. One love one makes us learn to be strong, one love one makes us understand tolerance, one love one makes us open-minded, one love one allows us to grow in adversity. As the lyrics sing: As long as everyone gives a little one love one , the world will become a beautiful world. The people who have one love one let us pass the beautiful one love one .

[Second article] : One love and one side

One love one everywhere. Once, I took the No. 8 bus. As soon as I got on the bus, the conductor gave me his seat. At that time, the weather was getting late and it was raining heavily. The aunt asked me enthusiastically where I was going. My aunt's kind words and gurgling sounds made me relax a lot and my worries disappeared. Since I didn't bring an umbrella, I got a lot of rain on my head, and my aunt pointed to a hair and a towel on the side of the armrest and said, "Look at the rain on your head, don't catch a cold, wipe it!" I have some Sorry,

Quickly said, "No need, thank you!" Auntie said, "It's okay, a hair and a towel are not dirty. This is my special preparation for passengers!" It turned out that Auntie thought I was dirty! Actually I don't think so! In order not to make my aunt angry, I wiped briefly with a hair and a towel. After a while, my aunt talked to me about these bad habits in the society: "Look at those junior high school students, when you are young, you learn to smoke and smoke, fight, and you will go bad. They run, I think you are also a junior high school student! But don't learn them ... "Aunt kept talking and said that the more blushed I was, the more he said," Aunt, I am in sixth grade. "

The aunt smiled embarrassedly. "That's a precaution too!" I nodded heartily. I was about to get out of the car, and my aunt picked up the umbrella next to her and said, "Little classmate, hold it, it's raining on the road, don't slip!" I expressed my thanks again and again, "I will bring it to you tomorrow!" I saw the aunt smiling Now, although the wind is very strong and cold, the umbrella and words of that one are full of the heat of love and one in my whole body. One love one is in this society, one love one is by your side. Maybe you haven't found it, but believe me!

[Third article] : One love and one side

There are two kinds of people in this place where we live. One is one who has one love and one who does not know how to cherish one love and one .

I once heard a story: a young aunt walked in the snow and was wearing thick clothes. At this time, she saw a little girl the same size as her: the girl crouched under a tree, holding her hands Leaning, shaking . The poor little girl saw her, and hurried over to ask her aunt: "Innocently cold, can you give me your coat?" She smiled and gave her coat to the little girl. Little The girl went away happily.

She walked around, saw an old man and a puppy, and she walked over. The old man said, "I haven't eaten for three days. Did you eat?" The little girl took out two breads and gave them to the old man.

She walked again and again, and saw many poor people, all of them skinny. The little girl's money was given to the poor. The poor people kept saying "Thank you." When a bald man saw his little aunt and a hat, he said to the little aunt and said, "Can you give me your hat?" The hat on his head was given to the bald man, and he left with the hat on.

She continued to walk and met many people who needed help. When she was left with only a pair of small pants, she was still walking, and suddenly her side was covered with gold, which was God's return to her. Because she has a kind heart.

There are also people like little girls in our lives. They reached out a hand full of money during the 5.12 earthquake. They also rescued the victims in the Morak attack ...

We should learn the qualities of an aunt, a mother and a helper. Let's start with the little things around us and make our lives full of love and oneness . Help one mother and one mother do simple housework; help father pour a cup of hot tea; help uncle send a book, all of which are warm, warm, and loved.

Each of us moves forward, and the motherland will take a big step forward. Let us extend our loving hands and bless our motherland!

[Fourth] : One love and one side

I look forward to it early and late, and finally look forward to Sunday.

In the morning, I finished washing. When I walked out of the door, there was a hint of coolness in the autumn wind, and the big trees next to it couldn't withstand the slap of the autumn wind, and golden leaves fell down one after another, but this still couldn't stop my determination to go to my grandmother's house.

I trot all the way to the station. As soon as I stopped, I saw a bus driving slowly. I stepped into the car in three steps and two steps. I looked around without a seat. Hey! I had to stand.

Today is Sunday. There are a lot of people. In addition, the car stops and stops. After a while, I feel dizzy. I cover my mouth as if there is a rush of gas. An aunt next to me looked pale and asked with concern; "Auntie, are you sick?" I nodded. After listening, the aunt stood up quickly and said, "Here you can sit." I sat down, and my heart just felt a little bit. Suddenly, the car bumped a little, and the breath just now suddenly came up again. Spit it out. My face suddenly burned, thinking to myself; such an unpleasant smell must destroy the air in the car, and it must destroy the good mood of everyone. What would they say? Will they scold me?

I smiled at them apologetically and said, "I'm so sorry." The ticket aunt came over with a mop and said, "It's okay, this is normal." Then he wiped off the stolen goods on the floor. The young man across me handed me a bottle of mineral water and said, "Rinse your mouth! It will be more comfortable." A middle-aged woman at the back took out a pack of tissues from her pocket and said gently: "Wipe Wipe your mouth! "The little girl next to her took out a few pieces of sour plums, and said," Big sister, it ’s not uncomfortable to eat this one by one mom and one mom. " Thank you, little sister. "

I looked at their smiles and couldn't help crying. Although the autumn breeze was learned outside the car, it was warm in the car, and it was warm in my heart.

[Fifth] : One love and one side

One love one is a ray of sun and a light in winter, which makes people who are hungry and cold feel an extra warmth and warmth; one love one is a clear spring in the desert, which rekindled the dry mouth The fire of hope; one love and one more is a pouring rain on the prolonged dry earth, and it is the warmth and comfort of the lonely and helpless people. One love and one ubiquitous, one love one not only warms others, but also warms oneself.

As a child, I always liked snuggling in the arms of a mother and a mother, feeling warm and safe. Growing up, I still like to lean on her shoulders from time to time. One mother and one mother always seem to be my warm and solid reliance. In a blink of an eye, I was in sixth grade, and the lamp would be on until 9 o'clock every night. Learning the hardships is like drinking uncooked coffee with a bitter taste.

One evening, I was back home with the whistling north wind, dragging my tired body together . Dad was busy in the kitchen all by himself-- one mother and one mother before getting off work, and I got into my house before I could watch too much. As soon as the light is turned on, gosh! I saw a pair of chubby fur and down shoes lying side by side on the bed. They were a pair of fluffy and velvet dogs with their ears pulled together, squatting in front of me like a fat body, with their dark bodies and bright eyes, their slick noses were like freshly picked cherries , Childish and naughty. Suddenly there were a couple of little guys in the room. It was really shocking and joyful. I couldn't help jumping out of the room and asking my father. Dad wiped his hands with a hair and a towel and said, "It's not because your feet are always cold when you study at night. Today is such a cold day, your mother ran out to buy you warmth at noon at noon. The slippers went, and you, one mother and one mother, "After listening to this, I stayed in my place, the scene of last night came to my mind-the night was already deep and the wind was cold outside the window. My dad was asleep once, and after a few hours of "fighting", I also exhausted my last strength. The half cup of coffee around me was already cold, but the lamp was hot. I couldn't handle those annoying math problems and decided to sleep. But when he was about to get up, he found his feet were numb, and sat on a bed with a quilt for a long time. The coldness had not been relieved in the slightest. When I got out of bed, I went to the sanitary and asked, one mother and one mother heard the sound and got up to see me. " One mother and one , my feet are so cool." One mother and one mother touched my feet, then quickly walked into the kitchen, poured a basin of hot water, brought it to me, crouched down, and held up My cold feet were sent into the hot water basin. A warm current surged from the soles of my feet. I didn't say anything, I stared for a long time at the forehead with increasing wrinkles ...

If the mother is the sky, I am a bird flying freely on the sky. If the mother is the sea, I am a wave and a flower in the sea. If the mother is the universe, I am a star in the universe. Mother Like the fire of winter, warming my heart warmly. How great is mother - love- one !

[Sixth] : One love and one side

I like to sing a song, "Dad, Mom, Mom, Mom, If you love me, hug me a lot, if you love me, I boast of me a lot, if you love me, a lot of dear Kiss me ... "What is one love one ?

One love one is that when the weather turns cold, one mother and one mother put on the coat for me, and one milk and one milk make delicious meals for me. Grandpa sent me to school and took me out of school; I encountered difficulties When frustrated and frustrated, my father encouraged and affirmed me; the teacher patiently taught us to learn something.

The flowers are blooming because Yiyang Yiguang gave them a love one , the willows sprout because the rain dew gave them a love one , peach plum results because the mother earth gave them a love one , and the crops mature because the farmer uncle gave them One love one . One love one in the bright one warm one the sun and one light, one love one in the gentle spring breeze.

I am very happy. I live in a big family with a lot of love. I have a grandma, a milk, a milk, a father, a mother, a mother, a love, a love, and a teacher and classmates in the school. Learn a lesson, live up to your family, live up to your hard-working teachers, devote one's love to one when you grow up, and make the world a better place

[Seventh] : One Love and One Side

In this world, everyone does not lack one love one , as long as there are pairs of eyes that will be found, in fact one love one is beside us. This one- love one comes from the parents' pain, one- love one , the teacher's strict one- love one , and the social one- love one ...

In my family, one love one is ubiquitous: some people wash the dirty clothes for me; some delicious breakfast for me; some school bags for me; some folding umbrellas in the rain for me ... This person is my mother and mother. When I was thirsty, I warmed my cows, when I was discouraged, when I cheered, when I was aggrieved, when I wiped my tears, when I was happy, someone shared with me ... This person is my father. Every day, I enjoy the love and love from my parents.

In school, the oneness of the teacher's love and unity now teaches us how to learn and learn, and guides us on the way to growth. Day after day, year after year, the three-foot podium is the teacher's teachings leading us in knowledge. The ocean continues to move forward, sometimes it will illuminate the rough road for us to learn and learn; sometimes it will let us open the window of our soul; sometimes it will let us have the pillar of one spirit and one god; sometimes it will give us endless Encouragement; sometimes the whole attention to our failures. And we redouble our efforts to repay the teacher's love and love.

In the big family of society, it is simply a one-on- one information conference. " One love, one heart donation in one day", "Chinese bone marrow bank", "Hope Project", "Western support" ... " One love one " information came to us like a tide. Like a song sings: As long as everyone gives a little one love one , the world will become a better tomorrow.

One love one is actually like the sun and the light, air and water around us, everywhere! Let's work together to fill the world with love and love!

[Eighth] : One love and one side

In this world, there is one love one everywhere, but lacking the eyes that can be found. In fact, one love one is beside us, some are parents ’pain, one love one , some are teachers’ love one , and one is social concern. One love one .

In my family, one mother, one mother, one mother, one mother, one mother, one mother, one mother, one mother, one mother, one mother, one mother, one mother, one mother, one mother, one mother, one mother, one mother, one mother, one mother and one mother. One will always come out to comfort me, support me, encourage me, it is my confidence again to move on. My dad's love is drowning and loving. It's pampering. Whenever I'm writing, he always says, "Don't write, just go play! It's okay." Dad always thinks that being one is important, and he's afraid of tiredness. To me, but I love to learn one by one because I think it is very interesting to learn one and learn a lot, so why not do it?

In the class, the teacher's love is broad, day after day, year after year, and the three-foot podium is the constant teaching of the teacher to keep us moving forward in the ocean of knowledge. The teaching of the teacher is a benefit for my life. She is the source of our life and the power of life. When we were still ignorant, it was you who used your motherly hands to teach us aoe, iuv, ... when we were still confused, it was you who turned into a direction indicator, and showed us the right direction, we will Repay the teacher with double effort.

In this big family of society, there is also a love one , Han Hong's one love and one heart action "a hundred people to help Mongolia", Chen Kun's public welfare project "Strength of Walking", and a "LOVELIFE" public welfare activity initiated by Chen Jianzhou. One love one , as long as everyone gives a little one love one , the world will become a better tomorrow!

One love one is like air, one sun and one light are everywhere. Let us work together to fill the world with one love one !

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