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Time: 2013-04-19

♥ When you were a leader, you went off the field, as a leader, you went off the stage, as a coach, you went to class, as a boss, you went to sea, as an expert, you went to the countryside, as an employee? Stop dreaming and get off work. I wish you a good dream after work.

♥ Napoleon said: The employees who don't want to work are not good employees; Lu Xun said: There is no work in the world, but there are more people who don't want to work, so there is work. I said: Let busyness end, I wish you happy and easy all the way.

♥ Stand up, shut down, carry a bag, smile, raise your legs, and walk in steps! Direction: Happy House. The password for work has been sent to you. Quickly release your frowning frost, and put your leisure in your heart. I wish you endless happiness.

♥ I just sent you this message to let you know: it ’s off-hours now, you are the master of your time; after work, smile more and spend more time with your friends and relatives; I miss you, your happiness is my hope, It's my happiness!

Life is always elsewhere, always beautiful after work, living with satisfaction and happiness, after work, life begins, happiness begins, I wish everything well, smooth and happy

♥ The decree is here! Fengtian Chengyun, the emperor said: After work, a special gift package, there is peace, happiness, happiness, ease ---- I would like to watch text messages after work happily, and for this!

♥ The one who goes to school is called class, the one who solves the case is called resignation, the one who works is called resignation, the one who works is called resignation, the one who sets up the stall is called retreat, and the one who goes to work is called off work. Different names, the same blessing: happy after work!

♥ Doing a business is like buying a lottery ticket. It is difficult to catch a blockbuster. It takes a long time to fight. You have to work against time and minutes. After work, you can relax, adjust your mood, and meet new challenges! I wish you a pleasant and relaxing time!

♥ Break your leg at work, and then lift your legs together after work, drink milk and tea, listen to songs, and be happy! Take a glance at the phone and find the happiness short message, and my heart is beautiful!

♥ I can't help to go to work, but I can make you dance after work. Happiness and happiness are countless. If you doubt my skill, we can bet, treat every day as a bet, and look at the text message to lose. Make fun of you, happy after work!

♥ Jingle bells, when it's time to get off work, I wish you at this moment, you must receive: put down the work at hand, happily hug; put aside the annoying day, happily surround; wish you a very punctual time, never work overtime !!

♥ Work is like playing double promotion. If you have a partner, you ca n’t just work hard. You must know how to work and rest. After work, put aside those trivial tasks, relax and keep abreast! Happy wishing!

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