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Time: 2016-12-16

[Beautiful women do n’t do 9 things after meals] 1. Do not eat fruit immediately; 2. Do not drink tea immediately; 3. Do not smoke immediately; 4. Do not drink more water immediately; 5. Do not drink soda immediately; 6. Do not pool immediately Sugar; 7. don't do strenuous exercise immediately; 8. don't read a book immediately; 9. don't take a bath immediately; adhere to these 9 things, 10 years later you are more beautiful than now, afraid to forget? Forward

# 养生 顺口溜 # Often eat a little garlic, disinfection and health; eat a little more vinegar, do not need to go to the drug store; eat a little more ginger, Yishou Baoankang; eat a wound, eat a thousand tons of incense; clean and light, not clean A bowl of soup before meals, no prescription is needed; a fruit a day, old Hansai guy; a cigarette after meal, liver and stomach problems; more exercise, less sickness in old age; exercise a sweat, Don't worry about minor illnesses; get a glass of water in the morning and never regret it when you get old. #tips#

[Xiaoyao song]
When the East China Sea goes down to the west at sunrise, there will also be sadness and joy.
When things go wrong, people are comfortable, and their hearts are comfortable.
Every day I receive money for a living, I like more and less.
Three meals a day with less meat and more vegetarian food are thick and sweet, and fine and sweet.
New and old clothes are not picked, but they are also protected from cold, and Lai is also protected from cold.
I often talk to my confidant, and I also talk about it in ancient times and today.
The old and young are comforting each other, and the poor are at peace, and the rich are at peace.
Work harder and harder in the morning and evening, busy and optimistic.
The heart is wide and the body is healthy, and it is not a god, it is better than a god.

[Twelve kinds of food for the most men]: tomatoes, soybeans, pumpkin seeds, carrots, seafood, garlic, high vitamin C foods, whole wheat bread, water, deep-sea fish.

[Ten best health foods for women]: Spinach brain protection, sweet potato eye protection, kelp hair protection, tomato lung protection, banana leg protection, deep-sea fish protection, black bean protection, kidney protection, cabbage protection, egg protection, saffron skin .

[Medicine King Sun Simiao Health 13 Methods] 1. Hair often comb. 2. Head often. 3. Tooth often gnaws. 4. Shu Yujin. 5. Ears often drum. 6. Wash your face often. 7. Shake your head often. 8. Waist often swing. 9. The abdomen is often rubbed one by one . 10. Take the valley road (ie raise the anus when inhaling). 11. The knee is often twisted. 12. Walk often. 13. Always rub one foot at a time .

[Health and food supplement 16 strokes] raw pear moisturizes the lungs and reduces phlegm, and apples have high anti-diarrheal nutrition. Cucumbers are effective in weight loss and inhibit cancer kiwi. tomatoes improve facial tones, Lotus root works wonders for hangovers. Oranges are good for qi and phlegm, chives for kidney and kidney warming. Radish digestion and flatulence, celery can cure high blood pressure. Cabbage has a diuretic and detoxification, and cauliflower often eats less cancer. Winter melon swelling can diuretic, mung bean detoxification effect is high. Agaric is anti-cancer and blood stasis, and mushrooms inhibit cancer cells.

[Eight Key Time Points for Winter Health] 1. The best time to bask in the sun is from 1, 8 to 10 am and 4 to 7 pm 2. Use skin care products before going to bed at night. 3, 3 minutes after a meal is the best time to rinse your mouth. 4. The best time to drink tea is 1 hour after a meal. 5. Drink milk before bed to protect bones. 6. It is best to eat fruit 1 hour before meals. 7. It is best to take a walk from 45 minutes to 60 minutes after a meal. 8. Siesta starts from 13:00 and it is better to go to bed from 22:00 to 23:00.

Do n’t eat enough, do n’t eat too much, do n’t talk too much, do n’t get upset with people, stay up late, get up early, soak your feet in hot water, and take a bath every day!

Sorrow is entangled in the body, sickness and short life. In the event of anger, there will not be many years; be cautious in handling things and do not damage yourself. Every day, you will live longer.

1. Eat too greasy, drink a cup of celery juice; 2. Drink yogurt after eating hot pot, which can effectively protect the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract; 3. Indigestion, drink barley tea or orange peel water after meals; 4. Eating fruit after eating instant noodles can effectively compensate for the lack of vitamins and minerals; 5. Drinking ginger brown sugar water after eating crabs can dispel cold and warm the stomach, promote digestion, and relieve stomach discomfort; 6. Eat a persimmon after meals, which can moisturize the lungs Shengjin, nourishing yin and dryness.

[Secrets of staying up late in the night] 1. Don't eat instant noodles, it is best to try to fill your hunger with fruits, bread, porridge and vegetables; 2. Before starting to stay up all night, take a vitamin B to enhance one's immunity; 3. refreshing drinks, It is best to use green tea as the main ingredient. 4. Remember to remove your makeup before you stay up all night, or wash your face first. 5. After you stay up all night, remember to take a nap at noon the next day.

"New Health Tips": a cup of yogurt, a bowl of pulp, and four cups of green tea for health. Drinking a glass of wine every day is good for heart and blood. It is unusual to drink mushroom bone soup to enhance immunity. Cancer King. I also often eat tomatoes, scrambled eggs for soup to drive out madness. Corn as gold, high content of lecithin. Buckwheat oats and millet, reduce fat and blood pressure and reduce sugar. Add pumpkin and bitter melon, sweet potato yam Also stubborn. Long-term consumption of carrots, quasi-healthy beauty face shine. Often take spirulina, many diseases die out. Chicken and fish and shrimp, the smaller the animal, the more nutritious. With green vegetables and fruits, do not forget aerobic exercise . When you laugh, you are in a good mood, and you are guaranteed to live a hundred years old. I wish you and your family happiness and health! I wish you happiness forever!

Liqiu has arrived at Qiuqiu, and health has long been known. It is said that lotus root is a treasure, iron, manganese, potassium and magnesium are indispensable; lily has a good cough suppressant effect and duck meat has a high tonic effect; pumpkin can also prevent autumn dryness, and has the best effect of porridge and steaming.

It ’s summer, autumn is strong, bless the mood to control remotely; the sky turns cool, add more clothes, I hope you are happy and not tempered; exercise more, strengthen your body, smile is always sweet ; go to Qiuzao, drink plenty of water, happily entangle your legs !!

The autumn is hot and the white dew is cold. Days are not short and nights are not long. How busy your career should be, and you should strive for health. The diet is more acidic and less spicy, and nourishes the lungs and strengthens the stomach. Success shining to you, I wish you auspicious every day.

Southerners: "You northerners are too dirty to take a shower every few days."
Northerners: "Your southern talent is dirty, you have to take a bath every day"

The woman got up in the morning and thought, which dress should I wear today? The man got up in the morning and thought, how many days can I wear my clothes?

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