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Venus says something to a woman, Venus says something to a man

Time: 2016-12-16

★ Noble woman looks at her shoes. Delicate woman looks at her nails. Sexy woman looking at her perfume. Temperamental woman looks at her watch. Worship woman looks at her bag. Sensual woman reading her article. The virtuous woman looks at her specialty. Romantic woman looking at her pajamas. The petty bourgeois woman looked at her makeup bag ... I saw that I didn't seem to be a woman! Hurry up and take out the identity card to see, Gender: Female. I feel more at ease. It ’s not easy. I have n’t accounted for it. It ’s alive!

★ A woman does not depend on you physically and mentally, so what do you want you to do? Don't ask too much of a woman. It is beautiful and cooks. That is a beautiful rice cooker. Cute and never old, it's cherry balls. Economically independent and centered on you, that's your mother. Beautiful, cute, and able to cook, never old, economically independent, and centered on you, your mother is cooking cherry balls for you with a beautiful rice cooker.

★ When my daughter grows up, I will tell her! If a man is distressed when you crowd the bus, complain that you do n’t eat on time, always remind you to drink less and hurt your body, and tell you to go home from work and pay attention to safety when raining, and send funny text messages to coax you when you are sick ... please ignore him! Then with the person who can drive you, accompany you when you are sick, take you to dinner, pick you up from work ... it ’s better to do something real! We are all past the age of hearing love .

★ It is too easy for a woman to live now. It is necessary to hold her husband and her in-laws, and to go home emotionally and sexy. Only in this way can we beat the Primary Three and deal with the 21st milk. Of course, the most effective way to prevent Xiaosan is to control his wallet, tighten his waistband, and often brainwash him.

★ Women's toughness and tension are the basis of changing the world. Every woman has two opportunities to change the world: one is to affect the man, boyfriend or husband around you; the other is to educate your children.

★ Women are always dissatisfied with themselves, never stop in front of the mirror, constantly examining where they are not beautiful enough. Look at the man again, comb his hair in a mirror, and the tie is not crooked, and you can go out with confidence. If you want to say narcissism, it is men who are really easy to self-satisfy and appreciate. The value orientation of society determines that the pressure of "obtaining people by appearance" always leans on women, so women are more likely to examine themselves and doubt themselves. It seems narcissistic, but in fact it is completely unconfident. The looks vary from person to person, and the five senses have their own characteristics. Putting them together is what you get. This balance is given to you by God. Natural beauty is always a minority. Of course, the day after tomorrow can be repaired, but the shape is not correct, the natural and real feeling can not be adjusted. Standing in front of the mirror, the vanity of success has become a cover for self-confidence. Really underestimate the beauty of women. Beauty is by no means a delicate feature map.

★ A woman's sexiness is an attitude. It is your look. It is the attitude that you are confident when no one looks at you in any corner. It is sexy. It can also be called sexy if it appears outside, because when others don't understand you, seeing the outside is the first glance. But the real sexy is when you see the fifth eye, the sixth eye, and even the twelfth eye, that's the real sexy.

★ A 30-year-old woman doesn't need heavy style to wear clothes. She must pay attention to the fabric. If a 30-year-old woman is not loved by a man, she must find a good fabric to care for herself.

★ "Sexy" is not relying on dew or swinging. The "sex" in "sexy" is by no means just the "sex" on the bed sheet, but a part of the "sex" of the person to support it. Either gender or sexual awareness, as well as personality and interests, will support "people" full. The "feel" brought by this "sex" is rich, and it is not narrow, not cumbersome, and not cheap.

★ Women, what should be given to you will be given to you, what has not been given to you, waiting. Waiting is a science.

★ Let ’s have a more reliable Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. It ’s good. What are you so excited about in Western festivals? What do you think are festivals now? What Father's Day, Mother's Day, Singles' Day, Christmas Eve, it ’s really a mess, it ’s time to honor your mother?

★ Reminder, it is best not to find a man who is at the peak of his career. He may be the kind of successful male you want, but you are not necessarily the woman he really needs. Every man's energy, ability and hormones have high tide and low tide. When he does not reach the high tide, he needs a woman to carry him to help him. When he reaches the high tide, he will be unbridled and careless; When he lands from a high tide, he will soberly know what kind of woman he needs. Smart women need to learn when and what kind of men they can reach. Stay away from a man when he forgets it, and he was unreal at that time.

★ Most people do not necessarily understand what is really "sexy". "Sexy" was labeled by the "tinted glasses" of this society: forward and backward, and the neckline went down. In the end, the "sexy" in the patriarchal society is just a "sex" interpretation to satisfy men's reverie of "sex". Exaggerating a woman's "sexy" appearance is a kind of beauty. Invisiblely it just coaxes you to spend it with your "sexy". It is funny that more and more women are desperately squeezing into that "S" and are willing to be consumed.

★ If you can't get the man's body for a while, get his eyes first. His hand may be on the waist of another woman, but he follows your eyes and writes appreciation. OK, then let him appreciate it even more.

★ Every relationship you experience is helping you to screen men, but also to screen your inner needs. "I like you" is a confession ; "I need you" is a determination. When you have nothing and you are determined to meet all the challenges, your last card and the strongest hole card is faith.

★ There are few people telling the truth in this society, but fortunately there are quite a lot of people who like to listen to the truth. Because: Listen to the truth!

★ Don't lose this kind thing of the essence of a woman, be sincere, you will be sincere to life. If you come to play, you ca n’t play the whole background, that is, people are not as good as the sky. Many women are stupid and clever. I can play this and get what I want for the time being. If I do n’t see it, it will be ruined on a big thing. It ’s better to keep it simple and sincere .

★ Since I was sent to the United States by the state to learn modern dance at the age of nineteen, I have established an attitude towards life : do not live passively.

★ Everything I do from the age of nineteen to the present, regardless of whether the mistake is correct or successful, I have paid for it. Venus is Venus.

There are two kinds of people in this world. One is the one who loves us, and the other is the one who hates us. We have to live a lively life for those who love us, not for the people who hate us.

★ Face your life in good faith. When fate encounters a need to make a choice, it is not the voice of others that is to be heard, but the most sincere voice deep inside.

★ Confidence in beauty does not come overnight by making up for shortcomings. The first thing is to understand. You must first understand where a woman's "beauty" comes from. So instead of appreciating yourself, it is better to accept, the word appreciation comes from the opposite party, and "acceptance" starts from yourself. To really understand your own "beauty", you should throw away the mirror and accept the look of God throwing you in this world from beginning to end.

★ Fill yourself to wait for the opportunity, on the surface it is forbearance, and there is no compromise in the bones. Because even when I am forbearing, I know in my heart why I am forbearing. It is for a bigger goal and I can go further.

★ Repeating simple things several times will become an expert, but doing the same things carefully will become a winner.

★ People do n’t offend me, I do n’t offend people. If they offend me, they will be polite, and if they repeat offense, they will cut off the roots.

★ If everyone comes to this world, there are always his reasons and reasons, then my mission is to convey these messages: kindness, truth, courage and wisdom.

★ Someone will look for mature men. Just maturity does not mean that his economic foundation is mature, but refers to responsibility. Mature men must be responsible. Be responsible for what you do to the woman, society, and yourself, whether right or wrong. When it was successful, it was announced brightly and loudly, and it was my fault to face it directly. I dare to bear the good and the bad. Even if you carry a lot of troubles and misunderstandings, as long as you carry it, time will tell you what you are holding. I admire the man who paid for his mistakes.

★ The best is not the future, but today.

★ I have always been a woman, but I have been undercover in the man's world for 28 years, and that's it.

★ 20 years old, fully enjoy the fair power given to everyone by God: Freedom! Don't think too much forward. At the age of 30, think about the responsibilities that you should bear in your life, choose it bravely, don't avoid, don't dodge.

★ I said before that I would not worship anyone, but if I want to worship anyone, it must be my future husband. The person who can marry me is the one who can truly appreciate me and understand my value. The person who can become my husband is really too tasteful, too insightful, and too knowledgeable!

★ Happiness is that you ca n’t get it out of the sun. Crying and shouting out of the sun ca n’t be true happiness!

★ I think that anyone's life can not be copied, only to learn from, or to sigh, the wonderful world. You are not yourself when you copy others.

★ People are expensive, no matter how expensive your clothes are.

★ In the past, the Korean drama Sambo car accident did not cure cancer. Now it is a long - legged Ouba who loves to take a bath.

★ Desire quickly swells, but the core of self is getting weaker and weaker. I have seen too many, many so-called famous women are "international logistics", there are several large boxes of containers dragged behind, there is nothing inside, it is "loaded". They were lifted high, but couldn't stand it. I just want to walk down and down, and insisting on the truth will become my umbrella.

Venus tells a woman

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