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Time: 2016-12-16

[Q] What are the elegant names for "roll sheets"?

Friends: anonymous users

Guan Bao's turn.

[Q] What is Ambiguous ?

Friends: Yuan Xiaoshuai

Ambiguous = love is not coming

[Q] What do you think of your girlfriend 's blue face?

Friends: anonymous users

Lan Yan Lan Yan, with a little yellow to green.

[Q] My girlfriend is pregnant after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend. What should I do?

Friend: Anonymous

Who pollutes, who governs. Who develops, who protects.

[Q] How to pick a boyfriend ?

Friend: Anonymous

"Husband, I'm sleepy"

"Well, you go to bed first"

"Then kiss me!"

"Okay, kiss and sleep."

"Husband hugs!"

"Okay, hug, and go to sleep."

"Husband, you shoot me!"

"Okay, husband shot you to sleep."

"Husband, tell me a story!"

"... grass you fucking. Come, come, come, don't sleep, get up, come, let the fart come together! Let me tell you the story of the old man's cart!

[Q] What is the mentality of “being a good hand and playing with grandsons”?

Friends: Yunyun Liu

Because that's how grandsons fight. "Sun Tzu said: Soldiers, treacherous, so they can not show it." "Sun Tzu's Art of War"

[Q] What is the most confession you have received?

Friends: Cheng Dongdong

It's okay to be my girlfriend, it's okay, or I'll think about it.

[Q] In the martial arts world, what should I pay attention to when opening an inn?

Friends: Uncle Wang

The big post on the wall: type out.

[Q] "I ’m going to get snowy late, so I can drink without a cup."

Friends: drumming

The driver was drinking and his loved ones were in tears.

[Q] Why do Chinese people like to make costume films so much?

Friends: magasa

The biggest question facing science fiction movies is, do we still need one- party- one leadership in the future?

[Q] What is the difference between a girlfriend and a female friend?

Friends: James Swineson

The Chinese have a habit of naming names: in fact, what they are missing must be added in the name.

[Q] A beautiful woman is eating candy gourd. How can I ask her to believe that I didn't come here for a chat but want to know where I bought candy gourd?

Friends: Tu Qianqian

"Hello beautiful girl, you are so beautiful. I saw you all the way and wanted to say hello to you ... Well, I want to ask, where did you buy the sweets? "

[Q] What to do if indecent pictures suddenly popped up when I showed the PPT to the client?

Friends: Liu Kun

There was a moment of silence, and then he asked, "Are you still sleepy?-No sleep, let's continue ..."

[Q] When eating with a girl who is not familiar with her (there is a desire to pursue her), the woman proposes the AA system. Should I accept it?

Friends: negative two

I ask this time, please change it next time.

[Q] 2000RMB Which country can I go to for a poor trip abroad?

Friend: Anonymous

Qin Guo. Lu Guo. Qi Guo. Shu country. Korea. Zheng Guo. Wei Guo. Chu State. Zhao Guo. Yan Guo. Wu Guo. and many more.

[Q] How to implicitly express "I have been bought out"?

Know: Icarus ghost

Let me be fair ...

[Q] My girlfriend allowed me to go on a track, and also introduced her to my friend. How can she understand her behavior if she really loves me?

Friends: ScottDong

Don't be fooled! !! !! Mac tells you, I can also install windows, but you really installed it, and will use high fever to revenge you!

[Q] What to do if there is no love on Valentine's Day?

Friends: Ruah

Is it true that there are no dead people in the family before killing one or two before Qingming Festival? Nothing but nothing.

[Q] Why do some people say "woman is always right"?

Friends: Raymond Wang

This sentence reflects the unreasonableness of many men and the unreasonableness of many women.

[Q] Why have more and more criminal cases against young girls occurred frequently since July 2014 after the disappearance of the soon-on -air broadcast?

Friends: Big Blue Little Blue

I was born in 1978, and China reformed and opened to celebrate my birth. In 2008, I got married and China also hosted the Olympics to celebrate this event. From: 365 Knowledge Network

[Q] From what details did you find your girlfriend out of a track?

Friends: Ma Chao at Sea

When she went home that day, she shook the quilt and told me to perform a big change.

[Q] Why do girls have "a body of fragrance", but men do not?

Friends: green grass

Cosmetics are pickled → _ →

[Q] What is a warm man?

Friends: anonymous users

Cloud spare tire.

[Q] Many of your peers are married and have children. How will it affect you?

Friends: anonymous users

It doesn't affect me much, it affects my mother a lot.

[Q] Men value women's figure, face or mind more?

Friends: anonymous users

Face and figure determine whether I want to understand her mind. Thought determines whether I will veto her face and figure with one vote.

[Q] What does it mean, "Who, hold me in my hands, and constrict me for half a lifetime"?

Friends: Ben Lara

I'm sick, who has medicine!

[Q] What do women think looks good, but men do not agree?

Friends: Frank

Other men.

[Q] What do you know about the most adorable / creative / philosophical self (in one sentence)?

Friends: Tian Qi

Three simple yet extremely intense passions dominate my life. That is the desire for persuasion, the pursuit of pretense, and the pity for foolishness.

[Q] How to express anger elegantly?

Friends: ALPee

Push the glasses with your middle finger.

[Q] How can I spit out a movie?

Friends: Li Yajing

There are 17 rows of cinema seats, 32 seats in each row, a total of 48 lights on the ceiling, and a black dot in the lower left corner of the screen always appears, the frequency is about 1 minute 20 seconds.

[Q] How do you fight back against moral abductions like "Are there no elderly people in your family? Do you have no children?"

Friends: Ding Jiannan

My grandmother and my mother are educated. They do n’t stand on the bus. My brother and sister teach me well. They are not bears, they do n’t make trouble, my father does n’t smoke a lot.

[Q] Which laws have impressed you and are instructive?

Friends: Tian Qi

God and horse all look at the law of the face.

[Q] It's been 100 days since I broke up, what should I do before I come out?

Friends: Han Chongzan

Replacing files is always more thorough than deleting files.

[Q] Why is it so difficult to find a boyfriend?

Friends: camen

There is no capital for love at first sight, and the conditions for long-term love.

[Q] How is IT Daniel made?

Friends: justja - vac

I remember when I first joined the company, the code I wrote was messy, full of errors, and bugs. Not only the project manager scolded me, other colleagues also complained about me. Later, after listening to a friend's introduction, I enrolled in a training course. After a month of hard work, I finally worked hard for the caring people-they couldn't scold me.

[Q] How to respond to "Human eyes have 576 million pixels, but they cannot understand the human heart after all"?

Friends: Kenneth

You have 10 billion brain cells, but you think about no nutrition.

[Q] Is the first love used to practice hands?

Friends: wsivoky

fart. Singles are used to practice hands.


Q: What's the use of a girlfriend?

Friends: Anya

Let your restless heart, chicken and chicken and the money you do n’t know have a warmth.

[Q] How do boys answer the question "Why are you so good to me"?

Friends: Vvan

I respect you as a man.

[Q] What is the strangest slogan in history?

Friends: Wang Dasheng

Garbage sorting starts from me.

[Q] What does it mean when a sister folds a tissue when she returns a book?

Friends: Zzzwizard

Explain that you are interesting to others.

[Q] How to improve the IQ of my girlfriend?

Friends: Zhao Yue

When she doesn't like you, the IQ naturally rises.

[Q] Why do many girls think that boys who cook are attractive?

Friends: Zou Mingyu

There is a charm of an egg! !! Do you think they would find it attractive to have a black fat shirtless sweaty fried noodle? They just thought the handsome guy was wearing a spotless chef's suit and making dessert steaks with a smile was attractive.

[Q] Why do I always want to have sex with my girlfriend when I am with my girlfriend? Or is it a psychological change?

Friends: Luxenius

Child, your impulse is the source of human endlessness, and your GF's hold is the cornerstone of human civilization.


Q: Why do someone chase you and you don't?

Friends: Ying Bao

Then ask yourself, if you give them their boyfriend, you either?

[Q] When a girl asks for six yuan to go home, what should I do?

Friends: Zhu Dudu Dudu

"People who go out with chalk are usually not lucky."

[Q] Is there any difference between Southerners and Northerners playing DotA?

Friends: Wang Chao

In the winter, the southern level fell collectively.

[Q] What are the famous "brainwashing sentences" in history?

Friends: Anti-Pants Position

For all Chinese, there is a four-character spell that can never be bypassed. As long as someone says these four words to you, you can buy tickets to the most daddy attractions, climb the most difficult mountains, and eat the most unpleasant restaurant meals. coming.

[Q] My girlfriend texts "I miss you", how should I reply to the text?

Friends: Carpenter Bryan

Damn it. You text back when she texts? Call back!

[Q] What are some famous sayings about football?

Friends: sharnodo

There is not much time left for the Chinese team.

[Q] Where does the tenderness of a woman manifest?

Friends: Guo Nina

After a quarrel, go out and buy a dish by the way.

[Q] Girl eats duck head, duck head is salty girl

Friends: Cats Responsible for Winter

Jiyou smears engine oil.

[Q] What are the reasons why some boys like girls with low breasts?

Friends: vczh

You can bring it up yourself.

[Q] The most famous Xiu Enai event in history?

Friends: Onizuki

Beacon play princes.

[Q] How does the girlfriend talk when she says XX is handsome?

Friend: Anonymous

So what, girlfriend is not as pretty as mine.

[Q] Why do some people feel more handsome / beautiful after showering their heads?

Friends: millll

Because my head is flooded.

[Q] What powerful people or things have you encountered during your journey?

Friends: blindly

My mother, she won't let me go anywhere.

[Q] Will fitness stop for a while ?

Friends: yong cao

It depends on your relationship with the coach ...

[Q] Why should the "demolition" of the demolition be circled?

Friend: Anonymous

I'm from the demolition team, but I'm not very particular about it. In a good mood, I can also draw a heart shape.

[Q] How important is sex to men?

Friends: Yu Sanchang

I wo n’t say anything beautiful—don’t come here. For 30 years, Hedong, 30 years, Hexi, everyone ca n’t eat enough, when you reach the age of a wolf like a tiger, sitting on the ground sucking soil, let ’s talk about men ’s sting child.

[Q] What has crashed you?

Friends: Guodong

Reasoning with girlfriend.

[Q] If the hen is thinking, what will it think?

Friends: Thunder

My hen!

[Q] What is the psychology of opening a room when a girlfriend is traveling with other boys when she is dating?

Friends: The Ideal Mushroom

You think the biggest feature of green tea tincture is tincture. You are wrong, but it is actually green.

[Q] How can I roll out the sheets gracefully?

Friends: zodiac207

There is an almost 300 million project that needs your help.

[Q] My sister gave me a book and wrote a paragraph of Russian on the title page. What does it mean?

Friends: Lin Jingnan

The only thing you need to give when you know the other person doesn't understand is to confess.

[Q] What is the experience of having a smart girlfriend?

Friends: Zhuge is not bright

I called my girlfriend with my friend's cell phone, and she knew it was dear as soon as I connected it.

[Q] What compliments make you awkward?

Friend: Sworn to follow Su Zijing

Heck, this young man is not a man.

[Q] Why can't the library wear slippers?

Friends: ace zh

Just in case of flipping a book, licking a finger and reading a book and picking your feet, it will hit you.

[Q] In ancient mythology, why the plant such as willow and locust can become sperm, but fruits and vegetables can't be sperm?

Friends: Pu Xingwei

I vowed to practice in the morning, and stewed at noon ...

[Q] Why do fish in the deep sea look so special?

Friends: Xu Life

Dark in the deep sea, no one can see who, everyone will grow long ...

[Q] What is it like to fall in love with a lawyer?

Friend: Anonymous

Don't divorce , you can't even divide a pair of underwear.

[Q] Let me thank you and give me empty joy, how to translate into English?

Friends: Wang Zeya

fuck you.

[Q] Is dating a waste of time?

Friends: mu peng

When I fell in love, I laughed and fell asleep, woke up with a smile, and walked alone with a smile on my face, chatting with others, and chatting with my girlfriend, a group of bachelors looked silently. I'm so excited, it's too thoughtful to come now.

What is time? Give her all her life, waste it :)

[Q] What about Jomei ’s disagreement about the choice of movies when she watched Dianyiying?

Friends: Emileo From: 365 Knowledge Network

There are actually differences, it seems that you really want to watch the movie ...

[Q] What should I do when my girlfriend doesn't let you talk to her or let you touch her during a quarrel?

Friend: Anonymous

Take a cup to the ground and see if you can calm her down. If it calms down and finishes it, if it doesn't calm down, kneel down on the glass slag and finish it.

[Q] How can Qiyu Xuanang's men go to the grocery market to avoid being overpriced?

Friends: Ge Chongri

Useless, this is Qi Yuxuan's tax.

[Q] What should the child ask when he asks "Why can I do something wrong when an adult can hit me, and an adult can't hit me when I am wrong?"

Friend: Anonymous

Because you can't fight, when you can beat it, the adults will start to reason with you.

[Q] Why can't I contact my ex-boyfriend?

Friends: teenieweenie

The four most useless things in the emotional world: remorse after breaking up, care after not loving, high self-esteem, and kindness with low emotional intelligence.

[Q] Why do girls always cover their mouths when they are confessed and proposed?

Friends: mu peng

In this way, no one can see whether they are talking about OMG or WTF.

Note: WTF is what the fuck, which means: what the fuck.

[Q] Should compulsory classical Chinese learning be cancelled?

Friends: Feng Yuyao

You think mathematics is of limited practicality. Who would normally solve a system of equations without purchasing food?

You feel that English is of limited practicality. Whoever speaks to foreigners usually has subtitle groups when watching American TV shows. It ’s impossible to buy food and not learn.

In physics, you feel that the practicality is limited. Usually, whoever is fine, the few small sliders are placed around. You ca n’t use food and do n’t learn.

You think that chemistry has limited practicality, who usually tinkers with copper sulfate and does not have to go to school to buy vegetables;

In classical Chinese, you feel that it is of limited practicality. Whose idle eggs usually look at ancient writings, but they do n’t have access to food and do n’t learn.

What do you tell me about compulsory education? Learn to buy food?

[Q] Why does China rarely launch a war of foreign aggression?

Friends: Shen Ye Bear

From a small piece of the original Yellow River Basin to a big cock now, is it a free call?

[Q] What is the experience of having a daughter?

Friends: Mei Yuanbei From: 365 Knowledge Network

"Baby, I am willing to give you everything in this world"

"I want to eat ice cream ~"


[Q] The girl came out of Lin Weiyin's sentence: it's love, it's warm, it's hope, you are the April day on earth. How about the next sentence?

Friends: Cheesecake

It's him, it's him, it's him, the young hero Xiao Nazhe.

[Q] What should I do if my roommate sees one flight and one flight?

Friends: Li Qian

I can pretend I can't see it, or I can miss it secretly.

[Q] Why do women still like men while scolding men for not being good things and being lascivious?

Friends: take a sniff

The people who really want to buy are the masters who pick and choose, and they always boast that it is childcare.

[Q] Which thing made you shocked by your ignorance?

Friend: Anonymous

When I was young, I had to write a pen name. I always wrote "Chinese drawing pencils".

[Q] Google Glass startup command: OK, Glass, why is the Chinese translation the most suitable?

Friends: HolyPerry

Okay, Brother Jing.

[Q] Confession to a girl I like is rejected, or I still like her, what should I do?

Friends: Shao Ge

Maybe you're mistaken for a confession. The confession should be the horn of the final victory, not the charge of the attack.

[Ask] When the boy asks you what do you like about me?

Friends: Saprophyte

It ’s a lot cheaper to start directly, “I like you ... this, this, this, and this, and this ...

[Q] Why is the character in the northern region more direct and sturdy?

Friends: Liu Yang

It's freezing cold, how can I have time with you.

[Q] If love doesn't hold hands, kiss, or go to bed, it's not love. Does the performance of loving someone really require these physical contacts?

Friends: Sulian

Of course, otherwise why do you think " love " and "fertilization" look so similar.

[Q] Isn't Shi Maoge the most powerful dragon in all the movies?

Friend: Anonymous

This is it.

[Q] My boyfriend doesn't contact me on holiday for a month or two.

Friends: Yu Budweiser

Everyone answered too darkly, what cheating has never loved you and so on, think about everything in a good way.

I guess your boyfriend should be dead.

[Q] What is the best boy you have ever seen?

Friends: I'm annoying recently

He is 170-185cm tall and weighs 56-75kg. He has a well-proportioned figure, a gentle personality, a sunny smile, a standard Mandarin, a fresh hairstyle, occasional drinking, not smoking and smoking. Can cook, have mood, create small romance, have patience, filial piety, love, responsibility, motivated, gentle manners, do not speak swear words, modest, cautious, stable, generous. No appointment,

Not good at talking with girls, but loyal to love and responsible.

Such boys are basically spare tires.

[Q] What about Lin Zhiying's singing skills?

Friends: Hugo LEE

I wrote a large paragraph, such as Yuan Yirun, Bel Canto, Nature and other beautiful words, and then found that you were not talking about Lin Zhixuan, so I deleted it silently.

[Q] What is the worst thing you have ever done?

Friends: bia gao

When I was young, I always slept with my mother.

[Q] What is the experience of breaking up?

Friends: Han Zhixing

The teacher can only deny your grades, and the boss can only deny your work.

But she denied you all.

Your industrious, brave, tall and handsome, your Bogutong's funny and humorous today does not make sense to her; your careful display of well-prepared gifts, and long-spoken joke in the back , are useless; you treat yourself Good attentiveness and retouching, and wrapped in gorgeous hands, she looked down and shrugged, as if it was not what I wanted.

Defeating someone is sometimes that simple.

[Q] What are the words and deeds that reflect low emotional intelligence?

Friends: st seeking light

"Why do you always kick me?"

[Q] Which word can mean fast and precise?

Friend: Anonymous


[Q] What should I do if my girlfriend is mentally disabled?

Friends: Ding Yi

According to relevant laws and regulations, knowing that women are mentally ill or demented (severe), and those who have sex with them should be punished with rape.

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