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Time: 2012-04-29
Holding my hand and closing your eyes, you won't get lost.

Wish to be single-minded and keep their heads apart.

Let the details be slow and the peace be long.

I didn't ask anyone, I asked you

Rest assured, I know how to do it

I all believe in everything you say

Seeing you happy in my arms is the happiness I want

I'm cold, you give me back

Oh ~ but the little old man and little old lady who love each other face the sea in spring!

Where is my small stove ...

Some people can't tell where is good, but no one can replace it.

Ok i don't give up you are greater than i thought

Happiness is that when I was thinking of you, your phone came in

Some things may be past, but some words and some text messages are always irresistible to collect, because that is a kind of happiness in the collection, a happiness that I once owned and enjoyed.

I love you, everything goes with you, whether you believe in love or not.
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