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Beautiful sentence

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Beautiful words

Time: 2015-09-17

Beautiful words

1. People are not born defeated. But each of us is doomed to fail. Let us not complain that we are not as talented as others, because most of us are the same. We are ordinary, but we have emotions, we have thoughts, we can distinguish right from wrong, and we have the ability to learn. There is no doubt that there are geniuses in this world, but that's too rare. Moreover, even if a genius lacks the acquired effort, it will still not succeed.

2. Out of the house, I went to nature. Looking at the red flowers and green grass, I am grateful for the endless beauty of nature, for the selfless giving of God, and for the generosity of the earth. Every day in life, I am full of gratitude, I have learned tolerance, I have learned to accept, I have learned to give, I have learned to be moved, and I have learned to return. Treat every day with a smile, treat the world with a smile, treat life, treat friends, treat difficulties. So, every day, I have a good mood, I live a happy life every day.

3. We often look forward to the future and forget the present. As a simple person, laugh when you are happy, and laugh again when you are unhappy.

4. One love and one fight will win, which is a kind of self-confidence. When we live, we need self-confidence, not conceit and inferiority. Because we are no better than anyone, nor worse than anyone. The difference between people is essentially effort. I believe that there is nothing that cannot be done in the world, only people who do not work hard for their ideals. Self-confidence will make us dare to fight. We are young, we love and fight, so we will win.

5. There are certain things in life that have to be done. It is ruinous to have to do it reluctantly; it is brave to do it well.

6. At night, the sky in the night is full of stars. I opened the diary and used a clumsy pen to describe the feelings of life of the day. The moonlight exhibition revealed a gentle smile, and the warmth of the night was surrounded by it. Tranquility.

7, one love one fight to win, this is an opinion. When making decisions, we really should be good at listening to the opinions of others. But we cannot be completely without our own opinions. You know, when a person really has his own unique perspective, that's when he is mature. When we make a decision, we must listen to the goodwill of others and have our own opinions. That's the best answer. Even if we think differently from others, then we must choose an answer that is as satisfying as possible. At that time, you will see the smile of others and your heart will be warm. You will realize that if others are happy, you will be happier.

8. Even if you are living, you should be your undercover.

9, life can not always go well, but continue to walk towards the sun and the light, the shadow will hide behind. Glare, but it shows the right direction.

10. I always thank God for giving with a pious heart. I thank God, thank the earth, thank for the existence of life, thank the sun and light, and the colorful life.

11. When you want to give up, think about it. Since you can come here, you are definitely stronger than you think.

12, successful people must pay a lot, there is absolutely no vain success in the world! Success is actually giving. Dear friends, don't envy the success of others, we should see others and work hard behind them. Although there are some "false successes" in society. Success through unfair channels. Don't follow suit. We need to know that time is the brightest mirror, and one day. Time will tell the truth. (www.sbkk8.com) Only down-to-earth success is real success.

13. Friends get together, the wine is sweet and the song is beautiful, and the affection is deep. I am grateful to God and gave me so many good friends. I enjoy the warmth of my friends, the mellow life, like the friendship of Ge.

14, a love and a fight will win, this is a mood. Yeah, if we have a happy mood. So doing anything will do more with less. We can see how a good mood affects our success. A person who really has a city hall will not paint his face. They will be crushed in the bottom of my heart. It's joy, it's sad, we can't see it at all. This is the strong. Most of us are not strong. But we should strive to be strong. Don't let the mood ruin our bright future.

15. One love and one fight can win, this is a kind of fearless. We are not afraid of pain, we are not afraid of the difficulties ahead. Even with heavy storms ahead, thunder and lightning are increasing. We must also be fearless and walk on with a smile. Because we will see a beautiful world, only the fearless can see it.

16. In the early morning, when the cheerful bird awakened me from sleep, I opened the window and looked at the blue sky, green grass, crystal dewdrops, and a refreshing morning. I thank God for giving me a beautiful one day.

17. Winning with one love and one fight is not just a statement, but an attitude. An optimistic attitude. A right attitude. Please believe that with any attitude, there will be any results. What kind of attitude there is is what kind of life and future. Correct attitude, without exaggeration. It's a big success. Our own attitude determines our lives.

18. People live once and fight once. You will not regret it. Your future will not wait for you stupid somewhere. Your future requires you to spell it out with both hands. Spell out your own world, spell out your own glory. "Three minutes are doomed, seven points depend on hard work." Give yourself a chance and leave yourself no regrets. Let's fight together. Although we are tired, we are happy. Youth without regrets!

19. One love and one fight will win, which is a joy. How can life be so unhappy, such a short life. Why don't we bear a wave of money and a dear friend, if you are really sad, please find a place where nobody is and cry fast. You will find that the world through tears is so true. no big deal. Dry your tears and get up. Everything starts again. The painful memories of the past are drowned in tears. What you have to do is take a good look at the future. Don't regret it again. Life doesn't have so many opportunities to wait for us. We need to know that pain is just happiness that fades in color, and we have never lost it.

20, one love and one fight will win, this is a motivation. What life wants is positive energy. We have to fight, even if we fail, then we dare to say, "We did our best, no regrets." Dear friends, you may feel the white eyes and ridicule of others. But that is not the reason for our frustration. We should give them a smile and thank them. Because it is them that gave us a strong heart. Just pass by with a smile, it should be the baptism of heavy rain in life. I believe that one sun and one light are always in the wind and rain, and one love and one fight will win.

21. The sail, not hanging on the mast, is a useless piece of cloth; the mast, without hanging the sail, is an ordinary pillar; ideal, without action is an empty mist; action, without ideal, is walking There is no end to the road.

22, one love one fight to win, this is a kind of tenacity. Our lives are like springs. Always bounce back and forth. If we have been tenacious, then one day we will break. Life tells us that we must be resilient and we must be able to flex and stretch. Otherwise it's just us who are hurt. Springs are not weak, they just choose another way of life. Some things are not that difficult when we look at it from another angle.

23. At the same time that life gave me frustration, it also gave me strength, and I also had another experience. For those who love one life and one life, it never hesitates. It depends on whether you have an inclusive heart to accept the gift of life. Sweet and bitter is not the pursuit of life, but it must be the whole of life. Try to appreciate with a grateful heart, you will find a different life. Don't lose hope for spring because of the cold winter. We thank God for the reincarnation of the four seasons. With a grateful heart, you have no complaints, no jealousy, no anger, and you have a calm heart!

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