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Aesthetic paragraph

Time: 2015-09-17

Aesthetic paragraph

1. The stone steps are zigzag, the green moss is faint, and the grass is lush. My eyes are fixed on the fragrant grass next to that step. The wild flowers are still bright, but the shadows are empty. The stringy sound of that winding song is still floating in the air. I can smell the surge of emotion and the superimposed outflow. There are traces of sorrow in my heart, and I always feel that there is something missing.

2. If your heart is not yet stable, then please never say give up. If you still love him one by one , why say you do n’t love one by one ? One love one belongs to those who have been discouraged and disappointed, but they still look forward to it, one love one belongs to those who have been betrayed and deceived but still believe in goodness, one love one belongs to those who are still scarred, but still long for one love one . It takes only a minute to look at someone, it takes an hour to love someone, and it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

3. I went up the stairs with a touch of sorrow, and every time I saw Taolin, the peach blossoms burned, and I lost my eyes, and I saw the Yiren coming in astonishment, one red makeup, two clouds, and blue silk. There is a little affection in the eyebrows, dancing in the flowers, and the secret feelings are fully revealed. I know that infatuation, my eyes are full of happiness, I can't find the right words, I can only be silent.

4. When time passes, the love and affection fade, and the people who love each other also disperse. Some people will always be engraved in life, even if they forget his voice, forget his smile, forget his face, but every time I think of him, the feeling will never change. I used to think you were a kite, and I was holding the thread in my hand. No matter where you flew, I was ultimately your belonging. Now I finally understand that if you love you, you shouldn't restrain you.

5. Many people are in great pain when they break up, with depression, madness, and humiliation. But many years later, when you look back, you will find how ridiculous you were then. The fate of life is only once. You leave unreliable people, but chances are left for those who deserve love. How to find right without giving up wrong? So breaking up is destiny for you. Broken love is not pain, but luck.

6. The oath is actually not reliable. The most reliable thing is the firm belief in the heart. The most important thing for a person to love one person is not eachother and sweet talk, but the belief of the old-fashioned old-fashioned men who guard each other's hearts. Once the belief breaks down, the once swearing vows go with the wind, and the rest is just the broken pieces of heartache ... You know, some trivial matters in life can better reflect his feelings for you, that That's the one love one password.

7, heart, slightly trembling, faint pain. The uncontrollable beauty and depression are like life, like love and affection, all the way through the sun, the light, the wind, the rain and the frost, all are unpredictable praises of life.

8. If life is just the first time I see, there is only joyful joy, only affectionate gazes, only gentle smiles, only warm snuggles, no neglect, no complaints, no injuries, no tears, what good?

9. One love and one love is a combination of strength and fragility. When you are strong, one seed and one seed will take root and sprout in any barren soil, and they will bloom and bear in any cold and hot conditions. When vulnerable, even a little damage and a little betrayal will make you The flower of love and affection fades instantly. It is only safe for two hearts to live in it if understanding is the cornerstone, tolerance is the pillar, treasure is the wall, and satisfaction is the decoration.

10, I am intoxicated forward, feeling the endless spring feeling between the forest flowers, the warm spring wind brushed my cheek, I gently touched the tender green of my hand with my hand, and went away dream by dream.

11. One day when that person walks into your life, you will understand that true one love one is always worth waiting for. Don't envy others, because you don't know how much you will get in the next second. One love one is not the one who will make you sad, but the one who always makes you laugh behind you.

12. The indifference and concession of one nature and one nature creates half-life loneliness, carries a dream of tenacity, filters out those eyes that are curious or distressed, resists the hustle and bustle of the earth, and adheres to the coolness and cleanness Even though the eyebrows and pupils of the eyebrows were filled with lonely marks, they were still proudly alienated.

13. The true meaning of one love one is to make the one you love one fully be yourself, not to make him your ideal person. Otherwise, the one you love is the shadow of you that you find in him. The happiest people are not the perfect people, they just make the most of what they can hold in their hands. People who cry, people who have been hurt, people who have pursued, people who have tried, people who are full of gratitude are the ones who truly understand happiness.

14, silent end --- not to be unmoved, not to regret, but no longer have time to embrace each other. If one loves one person and cannot be together, one love one cannot meet at the right time. If one love one , but one love one is wrong, in addition to cherishing the tears in the bottom of my heart, go silently away, what options can there be?

15. The fate of an unreachable life is unclear, but some people say that the color of life is colored by myself. If I can, I will try my best to arrange our lives into a rainbow of seven colors, and wish you a happy life! Someone once said that when you are young, if you fall in love with one person, please treat them well and always treat them tenderly. There is no one else who can love one person, only you.

16, flower residue Ye Mao, who is sad to fall? Is the lonely figure pursuing the moon or the helplessness of a person in a lonely night?

17. Lifting your head, the white clouds in the night sky are also darkened by the dark night, and the stars are faded by the dark white clouds. The two lines of clear tears are the past, the past, or the memories of the past. The tears on her face have not been licked and eaten by the gentle loneliness of the night.

18. Maybe I was wrong, but I was so overwhelmed that I sometimes looked up at the night sky and kept my head up, trying to change the angle to seek another kind of happiness. But often it is what I want, because I am fond of this once beautiful memory between us, and the tears falling in the night sky begin to pull my chaotic thoughts again.

19. I can't help but fantasize often: If you and I can meet again from the beginning, will the ending become better, different? What if fate is the door that can pass through? Then, is it possible that from now on, only the two of us will stand by the happiness outside of the red dust, never to provoke dust, to ask the world affairs, and to sigh the desolation?

20. Sometimes, I also think, if you did not leave then, what kind of scene is it now? Sometimes, they also laugh at themselves. A person's heart is like a black hole and cannot see the bottom. I put my memory with you, but it was still not full. Sometimes, as we walked the streets, the scene of that day would also appear, but more is clear.

21. I don't know how many ten years a person can give to another person in their lifetime. One love one can be a momentary thing or a lifetime thing. Everyone can love different people at different times.

22. Before a love and a love have not begun, you can't imagine how you would love a person like that. Before a love and a love do not end, you will never imagine that a love and a love will disappear. Before the love and affection are forgotten, you never even think about it, such an unforgettable love and one will leave a faint trace.

23. The feeling of being cared for-it's wonderful. If someone cares about you, if you care about others, you are the happiest person. Caring for someone is the thought of every minute, every day and night. Caring for a person is all you have when you are free. It is your rest when you are busy. There is a word of a person in your heart, and a person of a person in a dream. Caring for a person, that is the feeling that can not let go, cut constant feelings.

24. Unspeakable. The tangles piled up for too long finally made the level of the heart like a mirror turbulent, and the story of wind and clouds is not the ending I want to see, nor the grand grand I can bear. I just want to have a warmth of peace of mind and a tranquil peace. Just think, this life is not sad, not alone.

25. On the current stone bridge, the moss is creeping and the autumn wind crushes the aftershock. You are like a plume of smoke, scattered with the wind, and faded out of my sight. The only trace of cricket I had reached out, a piece of white paper, and a lament. So, I hid behind my smile and smiled wryly in the old song, and attached my full heart to the old words of the new words.

26. The faint light is like a love in one's heart, fragile and terrible. I don't want to face, I don't want to go, but I still think of you. Missing becomes worthless, and the heart becomes broken.

27. I've waited for you and used my youth. I loved you once and used my most sincere heart. You told me to ask me to wait, you told me that you loved me, but in the end, everything was gone, and there was no original feeling and heart. And I waited too long and hurt too much, but I realized that all hurts will not change you, so I left everything helpless, and finally chose to be born again. In fact, I love you, just not Know how to love you.

28. Go forward, don't stand and watch! You can find your direction. Those moods, those past events, are no longer so important, as long as they have really existed in life, why bother? Make yourself so bitter and so tired? Everything has its origins. Many things in the meditation have already been destined. No need to be surprised, no need to be sad or emotional ...

29. The past is in tune, and the memories become tunes. Perhaps the encounter in this life is destined to provoke the feelings of a lifetime. The meeting between you and me (www.sbkk8.com) is just two tiny dusts that have gone on a date in Red Dust. After a short meeting, they will fly away again and again.

30. The heart resembles a double screen, and the heart has thousands of knots. The slender and sensitive person inadvertently confuses his heart and loses his squareness, and is accustomed to embarrassing himself, leaving it cold and painful.

31. The days pass quietly between the fingers, counting every footprint you walked with, and the softness and warmness that overflows in your heart. The fireworks in the city are still blooming at a lonely height, but I can never feel its beauty again.

32. One thing, no matter how good it is, once there is no result, don't entangle it anymore, you will get tired and tired after a long time; even if you do n’t remember, if you ca n’t catch it, let it go in time. It hurts and breaks the heart. Sometimes, giving up is another kind of persistence. If you miss the gorgeousness of Xiahua, you will surely walk into the quiet leaves of autumn leaves. Anything, anyone, will be a thing of the past. Don't let it go, no matter how difficult, we must learn to pull back.

33. Only one love and one pain is painful, but it is more painful to love one person without the courage to let that person know your feelings.

34. The surging sky, the lingering sorrow, under whose piano music has become a thousand knots? The moon is falling and crying, whose wind and frost millennium sang again? A smile that provokes infatuation, was destined to walk in the dust for thousands of years. Tonight, I couldn't help but get drunk in the lingering moon in the past. Deep in the lotus flower, on the banks of the willows, the Yanyu Tower is still vast.

35. Marriage, if you can live in harmony and love each other, of course, it is the election. If not, a person is pure and not too bad. The worst choice in life is knowing that the partner is not the person he wants. Get along with difficulties to maintain pain, but also endure to become a steel, and with them old age.

36. Take a deep breath, remember what happened before, gain and lose, don't worry about what you didn't have before, cherish the present, and comprehend life. As long as you have a good attitude, everyone can find their own answer.

37. Looking up at this gray sky, a suppressed emotion, deceives me to find the original colors and background of life! Look down and ask yourself, can you still remember that stubborn and unruly self under the dazzling sky of a sun?

38. The gains and losses in a person's life are always balanced. If we lose in one place, we will definitely find it in another place, because God gave everyone two windows. When he When you close one of them, the other one is bound to open for you. What to do now is: stop nostalgic for the closed window and bravely look for and open the window that leads to beauty.

39. I'm in winter, because of your spring. I am in the winter because I am thinking of my own prosperity. Consolidate all the meditations into words, perseverance and a lazy negligence, disarm and a senseless resistance. From then on, on the road to each other's horizons, from then on, each soul wandered. It's just the faint pain, the suffocation of lingering thoughts, for whom, it is as cold as winter.

40. One love and one love is a hundred years of loneliness, until you meet the person who is committed to guarding you. At that moment, all the bitter loneliness has a return.

41. When a man encounters love and affection, he will become tolerant and tolerant of all weaknesses of women. When a woman encounters love and affection, she becomes careful and discovers all the shortcomings of a man.

42. In fact, when you are a person, you are really free and unrestrained. You can do whatever you want. It ’s just that I ’ve been alone for a long time, and I do n’t know what I want. It ’s not that no one is chasing. It's just that I'm not used to living a life of two people, maybe because I haven't met the person who can make me feel good. ——Maybe my stubbornness is destined to be single for a long time.

43. Those memories that remain in my mind are so powerful, and I can only wait for time to forget the past burial. When one day, everything returns to quiet as always.

44. Some love and affection live in photos; some love and affection live in your heart. But the love and affection that can make a person happiest is still to live by our side.

45. Perhaps many people haven't noticed this problem before! Happiness shouldn't be a fixed frame, but a continuous stream of increasing joy. The love and affection of this kind of dream that grows into a towering tree is not one-sided prayer for immortality, but that one should expect to grow strong.

46. If you ask me, how I feel about you: I care about you! If you have to add an adjective to this feeling, it is: I only care about you!

47. If, I am just a passenger in the vast crowd, can you not obsess me? If, I am just the embellishment of your flowery years, can you not let me intoxicate? If, I am only the beginning of your half-life, can you not let me go? If, I'm just a firework you don't need, can you not break me?

48. I wish it was a touch of spring green and fluttering in the wind; I wish it was a leaf blooming in the spring, like the gentle sun and the light, and like to smile in the spring; The stars are delicate wishes; I wish to be an elegant, placed in a quiet mind, to reflect on the perfect poetic life in beauty; I wish to be a touch of indifferent, smile in the wind, the lightness of time, leaving Faint memories.

49. Meeting, there will be no intentional. Acquaintances should not be fooled. Know each other, and more taboo mutual guidance. Otherwise, the chance of the original Zen splash began to toss endlessly. In the end, it was nothing but provoking each other. For whom passers-by, for whom the nightmare, walked away. Only the stubborn and retired was too late.

50. You have to believe that there is always someone in this world coming to you with the most beautiful love and affection. All you have to do is take care of yourself before he appears.

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