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Beautiful sentence

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Good sentence Daquan

Time: 2015-09-17

Good sentence Daquan

1. This is a forest belt composed of ten rows of diamond poplars. Standing among them is like walking through the mighty guard of honor, overhead, the wind blowing the lush foliage of poplars, hunting and sounding like countless flags.

2, long green leaves like swords, entangled with each other, airtight.

3. The tall and mighty Korean pine is as tall as a giant pillar, standing proudly among the trees, just like the greatest man in the forest.

4, a tree of white flowers, like snow, like jade, like clouds, like a wave of a flying bird.

5. Life is like a mountain. What is important is not its height, but its spirit. Life is like a rain. What matters is not its size, but its timeliness.

6. Tai Yiyang is being entangled by thin clouds, emitting a faint dazzling white light.

7. Youlan is the daughter of Mount Hueiji; she has her figure in the mountains and cliffs. She never picks the environment, the position, the treatment, the nutrients, and she never fights for beauty. On the chest of Kuaiji, the orchid will be luxuriant and will quietly and diligently decorate the appearance of Mount Huiji. Orchid is the symbol of Huojiji Mountain, and it is tenacious and persistent. Orchid blooms in spring, summer, and autumn with a delicate fragrance.

8. Clusters and patches of wild roses are covered with grass and hills. Five-colored flowers are like baby's lips, like loose eyes, like feathers and hairs of bliss birds, like unmelted snow, like the morning The flying pink clouds ... are extremely colorful.

9, row by row repair bamboo, beautiful as hundreds of mother-in-law and colorful dancers.

10. The sun and the light of He He, sprinkled through the dense leaves, became a little golden spot.

11, lush foliage rippling with emerald-like tender green.

12, flowers, from ancient to modern times, how many poets sing for them, singing loudly and praising. Its fragrant and beautiful color and fragrance are intoxicating and drunk; its vigorous and full-bodied posture is exciting and exhilarating.

13. The leaves of Ye Er flashed like a girl's face.

14. Life is like flowers and colorful; life is like songs and beautiful; life is like wine, fragrant and fragrant; life is like poetry, profound and colorful.

15. Taiyi Yangyi just rose to the top of the mountain and was covered by the bright red sunset. Yiyang Yiguang shone from the cloud cracks, spewing golden waterfalls like countless dragons.

16. I found a cluster of celosia under the towering stele. It grew out of a finger-wide mud gap in the middle of the grave road. It's also like who purposely planted worship here. Its thick stem and swell had filled the whole mud gap, and almost cracked the concrete on both sides.

17. Maturity is a bright and glare-free light, a sound that is round and moist but not greasy, a calmness that does not need to look at others, and an atmosphere that finally stopped appealing to the surroundings. A smile that ignores the noise, a kind of indifference that has washed away, a thickness that does not need to be loud, and a height that is not steep.

18. A few grasses drilled out of the gap under the foot of boulder are swinging joyfully in the spring breeze. Ah, as long as you are a seed, you must enjoy the youthful drunkenness.

19. The sun and the light that pierced the clouds are like golden threads, criss-cross, stitching the light gray and blue gray clouds into a beautiful pattern.

20, a sun and a light filtered by layers of leaves, leaked onto him into a faint round and gently swaying halo.

21. Spring is like satin, lilies are like brocade, azaleas are like xia, daffodils are like clouds.

22. Maple trees like fire, sometimes east or west, like red flags hunting in the wind.

23. Life is a wise elder, and life is an learned teacher. It often springs into rain and rain, and moisturizes silently to guide us and give us inspiration for life. Xinjiang Poplar, Beijing Poplar, and Masson Pine formed a magnificent military band.

24. The purple lily reflected in the lake looked down.

25. Only the roots, ploughing nervously in the ground where people cannot see, for the colorful flowers. The sacred project of warming the earth ... The big building in spring is paved and supported by roots.

26. The road of life is long and colorful. It is like sailing on the sea in the horizon. Sometimes it is calm and smooth, and the journey is smooth; sometimes it is a turbulent wave and the journey is difficult. But as long as the lighthouse in our hearts does not go out, we can continue to sail along our own routes. The road of life is long and colorful: I learn to laugh in a sun and a light, and learn to be strong in a cloud and a cloud; I hold fast to hope in the wind, I hold fast to the ideal in the heavy rain; I went out of my life.

27. All the green lotuses express their feelings of the past.

28. There are green grass on the shore, and the emerald green waves look like a cropped corner of a blue sky, which floats among golden sandy mountains and looks like bright eyes.

29. The soul of the tree is more fond of this land because of the inspiration from the earth creatures. It absorbs the energy of the sun, the moon, the earth, and the earth, and uses perseverance energy and perseverance to try to restore new life, and then set off ten miles of green noise. Waves.

30. Life is a large encyclopedia, which is all-encompassing; life is a lyre, playing multiple beautiful melodies: life is a Pegasus clock, and winding the clockwork will give people a concentrated life.

31. Life is a blooming flower, it blooms beautifully, stretches, and is rich and colorful; life is a small and beautiful poem, fresh and smooth, and long meaning; life is a beautiful piece of music, a harmonious melody, and melodious; life is flowing The rivers are constantly flowing and rolling forward.

32. A sun and a light shine through the thin clouds, reflecting the white earth, reflecting a silvery light, which dazzled the eyes.

33. Jin Chancan's sun and light poured down, and he poured in thousands of hectares of blue waves, making the monotonous and calm sea surface a bit colorful.

34. At this time, at eight or nine o'clock in the morning, the bright sun and the sun painted a circle of golden and silver halo on the leaves.

35. Life is beautiful and short-lived. Some lives are lonely, others are colorful, and different people have different life pursuits; life is a one-way line without a return journey, and everyone moves forward with all his time.

36. If the cactaceae are singular to attract you, then azaleas welcome you with warmth.

37. The mountain flowers that come from the eye are like colorful jade. (www.sbkk8.com)

38. When the red and bright Taiyiyangyiguang was on the hilltop, the fog opened like a curtain, and the city gradually appeared in the golden Yiyangyiguang.

39. You see, the red cancan is like the rising sun, and the white is burning like a cloud of smoke. It is said that this flower was called Jindalai by North Korea, and it really has a good reputation.

40. The beauty of life is always shown in her progress; like the beauty of a big tree, it is shown in its vigorous vitality rising up into the clouds; the beauty like an eagle is shown in its struggle The wind hits the rain like the soul of the sky; the beauty, like a river, is shown in its turbulent rushing river.

41. Weeping willows, green bamboo and green waves and white waves form a side by side.

42. Life is like a book. It should have more details, less tedious words. Life is like a song. It should have more melody and less sad notes. Life should be more beautiful than a picture. Colors, less dim shades.

43, wildflowers everywhere show off their love and affection season.

44. The heavy snow has bent the bamboo poles, and the bamboo tips have branches and leaves, and they are smoothly slid under the hillside, like a group of wild men with shawls.

45. Life means smiling in the face of reality, looking at the future beyond obstacles; life means cutting out leafy branches on the road of life with the scissors of the heart; life means facing the confusion or darkness when the soul burns deep A big but bright and smiling light show.

46. Life is like a bouquet of flowers, you can see its beauty when you watch it carefully; life is like a cup of tea, and you have to taste it carefully to appreciate the true taste. We should taste the philosophy of life from failure, success, and life.

47. A hair and a bamboo are also tall, like a long leg in the sky.

48. One or two drops of rain dew remained on the tender leaves, and the tears were as crystal clear.

49. The distant mountains in the distance, in the light of a sun, are covered with golden coats, which are particularly beautiful.

50. Taiyiyang in winter is as pale and weak as the moon.

51. Tai Yiyang worked his way through the year and worked hard all year round. He was exhausted in winter and could hardly give up heat.

52. A row of willows is planted next to a tall and beautiful poplar tree. The willow branches on both sides of the road swayed softly and nodded to each other in mid-air. Over time, it is like a love in love, close together and support each other. An arched green promenade for pedestrians.

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