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Fragments depicting younger brother's appearance

Time: 2014-05-27

My brother is playing computer games and is very engaged and very happy. Look at him, click your mouse quickly with your fingers, and make a variety of attack sounds in your mouth. Suddenly, the screen was dark and nothing was there. It turned out to be a power outage.

The younger brother lowered his head, frowned, and sighed while pressing on the keyboard with his hands, as if a bird in a cage was not happy. After a while, he got up from his chair and looked around to see if there was really a power outage. There was no hope, so he had to sit down, holding his head in his hands, lying in front of the computer, and talking to himself: "I really hate it. There was a power outage and the computer did n’t have to play again. ”He ran to the bed, picked up the pillow and tossed it, like a mad puppy, with his eyes bouncing outward, gritting his teeth, holding his fists tightly, posing a pair of people Fighting posture. I persuaded: "Brother takes you fishing, OK?" Unsurprisingly, he didn't listen at all, and messed up the sheets. He took another pillow and threw it heavily on the floor with his feet. Step on it hard, crying in his mouth, "He's a mom and a blackout!" After talking, he sat crying on the pillow.

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