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A fragment depicting the character's expression

Time: 2014-05-07

1. At this time, a tall young man hurried to Gangkou. He wears a peaked cap on his head, a pair of blue glasses hanging from the front of his tongue, his face flushed, sweating, wearing socks and thick shoes, and canvas gloves on his hands.

2. On the left of the old mother and mother, there is a beautiful dignified aunt, leaning on the chair. She had beautiful blonde hair and a large braid dragged all the way to her back. A black dress complemented her white and soft face. She lowered her head and looked at something, her eyes showing grief and concern. The bandage in his hand was rolled, but he forgot to throw it into the basket.

3. As soon as I entered the garden gate, a boy stuck to me. He was about eleven or two years old, wearing a red vest and blue shorts, and his waistband was pulled aside; he was covered in dirt, like a little landlord. A small, flat head with a furry hair and a furry face, lined with a fair little round face, reminded me of dandelion. He saw the fire like a moth, wandered behind and behind me, and stretched his neck to look at my spotlight.

4. Seeing that he is not in his twenties, his face is pale, and his skin is swollen as if he does not sleep well. He always frowned and didn't talk much. The smile line was almost extinct on his face. He wore a faded blue cloth gown, as if he always wore it. The thin chin shell, bright shoulders, looked very lifeless.

5. The listener's daughter's narrative, the mother's mouth laughed like knocking on a wooden fish.

6. Although he was only in his early forties, he already had two frosts. His skinny and waxy face was covered with wrinkles, and his exposed hands were covered with rough cocoon skin.

7. Looking at this scene, the angry crowd was like a flood flooding the river trough, suddenly burst into the embankment, growling, and poured into the hall unstoppably.

8. Near the east window, there was a young PLA soldier. Sweat soaked in the pale-washed military uniform, wrapped tightly around his strong and shapely body. His bright red face in white shone like oil paint. Two dark, slender eyebrows, each with one hair and one raised strongly, will not bend until they reach the top. A pair of dark and large eyes like ripe grapes, glanced at the sweaty and snoring car smartly and alertly. His right hand naturally reached under the placket, and his sweaty palm gently held a small hand around his waist and shot .

9. After seeing the question, the teacher frowned, habitually moving the thumb of his left hand back and forth under his lips, thinking.

10. My sister is ten years old and is in third grade. On her blushing cheeks, a pair of big water eyes were clever and smart. Under the black hair, two crooked eyebrows fluffed like a crescent. There was a missing incisor in her row of white teeth. When she smiled, she became a jaw, very cute.

11. A group of Dai girls came along, carrying a small spinning wheel on their shoulders, holding a small lantern in their hands, and a tightly dragging tube skirt swayed in the wind. Their stature is so slender, their steps are so light and light, their manners are generous, as if a group of beautiful fairies descended from the sky.

12. If the blackboard is the vast sea, then the teacher is the sailor at sea. At the moment the bell rang, you used the faculty and staff whip to paddle and paddle the ship's textbook moored in the port. On the desk, the puzzles are piled up like a reef, and your gesture is vivid like a flying bird, waving a graceful arc on the podium-the ship passes through ... the sky cannot bring a cloud like your bright heart , A faction.

13, there is an old woman by the crossroads, slightly humpback, fat body, struggling to walk on an empty road with an umbrella. The strong wind rushed towards her, and she bowed forward vigorously, grasped the umbrella, took a further step back, and walked forward timidly.

14. He has a thick eyebrow and a thick eyebrow, and his pair of big eyes are always grim. Probably because of long-term mental work, the deep wrinkles on his forehead are commensurate with his age of less than forty.

15. In the light of her eyes, she saw that she had been peeping at me. At this moment, I suddenly turned my face and glanced. She immediately lowered her head and picked up the pen on the table, and quickly started writing on her own book, but it didn't seem to write anything but At one go in doodle.

16. The teeth bite into a "gege", and an irresistible anger flashed in his eyes, like an angry lion.

17. The spicy miso caused me to roll my eyes, hate the teeth and numb the teeth, and itching my phalanx, I wanted to beat him.

18, a small hair and a small head, the head is only the size of my big doll; round face, red, like a big apple. She slept very sweet, her eyes closed tightly, like two lines; her two eyebrows, one fur, and two crescent crescents; her small mouth often moved, as if eating milk. She was surrounded by a small quilt, and tied with a rope, she did not move.

19. Xiaoju is fourteen years old this year, but her body is not tall, her arms are still so small, her cheekbones are still protruding, and her ten fingers are like a bunch of dead bamboo branches. ; Because she was very thin, it seemed that her body was fluttering.

20. My uncle is in his twenties, a dock worker, with a square face, a red complexion, and a tall, sturdy man. He can be seen as a strong guy at a glance.

21. He is about thirty-six and sixty years old, and the hair of the horns is slightly bald, and his eyebrows are thick, dark and neat, and his eyes are sparkling and bright. When he saw people, he was very careful; when he smiled, he showed neat white teeth; his fingers were thick, with black mud in his nails, and he wore an old green cotton jacket with a blue apron around his waist.

22. Grandpa has a bronze-colored face, a pair of brass-like eyes, and a sharp goat's beard floating on his pointed chin. He was tall, with broad shoulders, regardless of his age, but when he spoke, his voice was as vigorous and powerful as Hong Zhong; Come on.

23. A purple-haired man half-knelt on the ground. It was a beautiful man with a long eyebrow and a body like a jade tree. The white shirt on the upper body was slightly wet, and the thin sweat permeated through the shirt, making the original perfect body even more exquisite. Long purple hair covered behind the snow-white neck can be described by Jiao Yiyan. It is rare for a man to grow up like this.

24. When she approached, I had a chance to look at her carefully: I saw her short ears, big eyes, and a smile on the corner of her mouth. Wearing a red dress, don't pinpoint the "Suzhou Ten High School". She said to me gently, "Little sister, take my car!" Then she pushed the bike over.

25. The second brother sells seafood. He comes and goes in the wind and rain all year round. He is not tall, and he is not very good-looking, and sometimes it does n’t look good, but he sells goods quickly, and the vendors around him admire him. 26. My brother's eyes are highly myopic, and his glasses are inseparable everywhere, just like "open eyes". Just take off his glasses and in front of me he acts like a sheep. One afternoon, my brother was washing his hair. He ordered me to get him soap for water. I thought proudly: Hum! I'll run for you before I treat you. After a while, my elder brother stretched his neck and beat soap foam all over his face. As soon as the time came, I quietly took my brother's pot. My brother washed his hair as soon as he finished rubbing it, holding a handful of water and holding it empty. He was busy looking for it, but as soon as he opened his eyes, Soapy killed him. He touched the road like a blind man. He touched the east and touched the west. He easily felt a hair and a towel and wiped his eyes, but his eyes were still blurred, so he went to his glasses.

27. When she heard this, she chuckled and laughed, as if stones were thrown into the pool of water, her face rippled with joy.

28. When I saw people on the ice rink, I was sliding around, my heart was shaking, and I quickly put on my skates and went to the field. The first few steps felt a bit boring, and after a few turns, they returned to normal. I glide forward again, turn left and right, stop abruptly, and glide backwards ... A child about the same age as me, like when I entered the ice rink for the first time, he shivered, a follower; shake, a fart Squat.

29. A seventeen or eighteen-year-old aunt sits on a stone beside her. The dark red cheeks were covered with dust. She didn't sip as hard as some hawkers, but only answered a few words when someone came to ask. She always looked down and looked a little shy when she spoke.

30. In the carriage, a tall aunt and her mother looked out the window. She is strong and fit. Slightly curly black hair wrapped around his head, tied in two, hanging lightly. The crimson sweatshirt collar reveals the dark blue jacket quietly. It can be felt that the body of this aunty is full of youthful vitality and vigorous vigor.

31. Dad has a thick eyebrow and a pair of eyebrows, and his pair of big and bright eyes always flashes stern eyes. Probably because of long-term mental work, the deep wrinkles on his forehead are commensurate with his age of less than forty.

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