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Time: 2017-03-10


1. The suffering of a first-rate man: carrying a wife to tell lies, seeing a mistress who is joking, seeing a little sister who is talking about ghosts, and friends talking nonsense.

2. Everyone in the world knows that it's good to pull the skin without effort and effort. For three and five years, all the problems were gone.

3. Everyone in the world knows that "Falling" is good. As long as you can make a lot of money, your moral conscience is gone.

4, Dongfeng blowing, war drums, who is afraid of who drinks now, you have a cup, I have a cup, who is afraid of who drinks now.

5. A recipe for treating one love and one emotion: one bag of sweet talk, two wraps of one lingering one, unrelenting affection, a little forgiveness, try to burn for a long time, then become a bowl of love, love, soul, soul soup, with very appropriate medicine Yin, drink will cure!

6. Finance is the father, the bank is the mother, the industrial and tax wolves, the electric tiger, the water king, the public prosecution justice like a rogue, the white angel is black-hearted, and the people's teacher is a locust, which is better than the government and government. .

7. If you are still insisting on work, you are a warrior; if you dare to walk around the world, you are a warrior; if you do not return the text message you send, you are a martyr; if you insist on asking me to eat—then you That's a gentleman.

8. The life of a man is state, his income is his wife's, his property is his children, his achievements are his leadership, his body is his love, and only his faults and mistakes are his own.

9. If Liang Zi is a crime, then I have become a criminal. If type is a mistake, then I have made mistakes again and again. What a miserable life!

10. Dry work, look at it, and give comments to the work. It's not enough to make comments, and hide in the dark to engage in frame.

11. One person is so old, two people are full of tenderness, three people think about it, four people have the same dream in the same bed.

12. Freshman girl: Xiao He only showed sharp and pointed corners; sophomore: There were 3,000 beauties in the harem, three thousand one pets, one love one in one. Junior: Flowers bloom and fold straight and must be folded. Senior year: It is not long ago that Qiu will be defeated by lotus.

13. You are very fond of one love, and pity nobody loves one ; you are annoying, flattering love one hundred and love one ; you are very "smart", the first place in the toilet; you are very temperament, irritating nature .

14. Study hard, tired, and pay a tuition fee; I was not a student, because my parents forced me to come, the final exam was divided, and the eggs were rolling in; the teacher asked me why? I said for the next generation!

15. The police car on the way out will be delivered on time. Three meals a day will be delivered on time. The single suite service is good. You have several sets of professional clothing. You will be equipped with a mobile sentry at night and you will be given a pair of silver handcuffs!

16, the poor family is ugly, one meter forty-nine, elementary school culture, rural household registration, three broken houses, one acre of Botian, cold pot hot stove, my wife does not, all year round, medicine does not leave the mouth, this is the Internet, Want my girlfriend!

17. Driver suffering: endless smiley faces, endless good words, endless cigarettes, and unclear fines.

18. Things used by celebrities are called cultural relics, and things used by mortal people are called waste. Celebrities who drink heavily say that booze is called Jiuxian, and mortals who drink more are called greedy cups and called drinkers.

19. The way to be greedy for officials—find a door, stamp, open a note, occupy a house, hold a skirt, roll a dice, hold a cup, hold a plate, hold a grandson, be an old man, lose a seat, enter the game!

20. Husband, don't play tricks on me, don't be jealous of me, you have to give way to quarrels, you have to hold on!

21, good wife standards: love is one , one love one , strict is the hope of success, not spending money is saving, spending money is tasteful!

22. In Beijing, talk about winning or losing with Kan; in Shanghai, win or lose with petty capital; in Guangzhou, win or lose with food; in Dalian, win or lose with football; in Shenzhen, win or lose with speed.

23. I am a little naughty and occasionally make you angry, but you must not be angry, give me vomiting for no reason, I will get rid of my stinking temper, and make you happy and joyful.

24. The wishes of Henanns: the capital is changed to Luo Yiyang, the provincial party committee replaces the central government, the United Nations is located in Xuchang, Shanghai is a township in Zhumadian, the national wine is drinking Dukang, the national banquet is hot and spicy, the Chinese are lying, the central language of the country, the anthem Henan Yan.

25. There are seven kinds of eggs in the world: chickens are called eggs, and bombs that explode are called assholes. They are idiots who laugh at messages. They are idiots who are angry. They are idiots who scold me. .

26. My wife is a one- man operation system, once it is very troublesome to install and uninstall; the second milk is the Internet, the scenery is unlimited and spends money constantly; Xiaomi is a wallpaper, as long as you are interested, you can change it every day; Xiaoyi is a pirated software, which takes time Remember to kill the virus first!

27. People are old and have no money. The two milks are big belly, the three milks are bad gambling, the four milks are dead mothers, the five milks are good, and the six milks are going to Po. Seventy-one milk one hooked up again, eighty-one milk one displeased me, and nine- one milk one aunt and one mother arrived.

28. Portrait of the doctor: He woke up earlier than the chicken, slept later than the younger sister, had greater responsibility than the chairman, had less income than the migrant worker, lived more tired than a dog, and had a worse reputation than Han Yiyi.

29. It is a hunting dog when there is no girlfriend, a haba dog when it finds a target, a wolf dog when it is found, and a dead dog when it is lost.

30. The reasons for the poor work of cadres: First, there is no background, like a widow is sleeping and there is no one on top; second, policy changes, like a prostitute and a woman are sleeping on top of one another ; , Xiang and his wife slept with their own old people.

31. The sea is full of one mother and one water, the spider is full of one mother and one leg, the pepper is really a mother and a hot mouth, and you are so regretful if you know you.

32. The mobile phone is busy in the morning of the week, and the people who send text messages are lined up. With your command, you enter the garbage dump. I beg you to leave my text message in deep boudoir!

33. A little pig is amazing. Every day at 8 o'clock in the morning, do n’t eat or take medicine, just use a small mouth to swallow. You said that the pig was stupid, and still smirking beside him.

34. There are four weird things in today's society: cats don't catch mice, women don't love, breastfeed, breastfeed, people become captives of computers, and pets replace one's parents.

35. Our aim is to be beautiful for a while and not be ashamed of yourself; to have fun one day and not to be sad; to enjoy one year and one year, and not to save a penny

36, kiss you a little bite, bite you a big bite, pinch you a big bite, the young two will become the new three.

37. One love one chooses one gentle and soft as sweet as honey, the colleague chooses to work hard and has no temper, and the friend chooses pig's head, dog, and runny nose.

38. Speaking too much, tired walking, tired legs, thinking more tired, crying for you, worrying about your involvement every day, worrying about your discomfort, worrying about your boredom, worrying about your arrears, worrying about you being stupid Don't understand my sin for you!

39. Get together on the network, love one on the network. Sweet words are tangled! I'm so confused! By the way, friends, don't find out first!

40. Because a man is careless, a woman is intimate; because a man is sincere, a woman is tempted; because a man is sincere, a woman is at ease; because a man takes care , a woman is sad!

41. Don't be crazy with me, my elder brother Qin Shihuang; don't pretend to be with me, I have one party and one central party in the backstage; I don't believe you and you are not convinced.

42, crush, crush, I love you as much as a mouse loves a rice. Eat you, swallow you, put you in my heart. Bite you, chew you, we two will always be together!

43. I'm not a reading material. My father and my mother forced me to come. The exam questions are as deep as the sea, and the eggs are rolling in.

44. Today's phenomenon: open magazines with more beauties, turn on TV ads, pick up newspapers, talk more, and read articles with more signatures.

45. Men with good hair fall backwards; men with bad hair lie forward. Women mix good clothes and wear less; women mix poor clothes like an old lady.

46. You work harder than a donkey, eat worse than a pig, get up earlier than a chicken, get off work later than a younger sister, pretend to be better than your grandson, and earn less than a migrant worker. Good!

47. You are watching the scenery upstairs, and the people watching the scenery are watching you on the bridge. The moon is decorating your window, and you are decorating the dreams of others.

48, handsome you handsome, hair like a ball of kelp, wearing a sack, tie a shoelace on the waist, all right, love one or the other ! Do you think you are the most handsome in the world? In fact, it is the second generation of nerves!

49. The top four can eat white bars: grass-roots police stations, township tax offices, bank credit shares, and stage farts.

50. Men's Road: Home can not be ignored, love can not be left alone, who has a few steps in the long road of life, I vomit when I drink too much, I have also been on the tree riding a bike, seeing the beauty of a woman can not move!

51. Thirty Gongming Library, Eight Thousand Miles Self-study Room, Mo is leisurely, white-headed, sorrowful, fourth-grade shame, still unsnow; English hate, when will it go? Drive a long car, step through the examination room, wait to start, and clean up the old mountains and rivers.

52. A happy and fulfilling life: 70% full, three-point drunk, full harvest; live a good life, pay a moderate labor, enjoy a low lust

53. Wandering man articles: one poor, two white and three talented, limbs with disability, wrong facial features, six gods without masters and seven tricks, eight characters are unlucky, and nine lives are dead.

54. Most of the people at Mahjong are working, a few are eating and drinking, most are practicing qigong, a few are busy fortune telling, and many people are fighting the "Fangcheng".

55. When the husband is out, his wife treats him one by one : drink less spirits, don't go to the cards; roadside wildflowers, don't go picking; cherish affection, care for a wife, and love; such a husband is called a love one !

56. Copying books, making sentences, writing articles, and children's affairs. Love sea rafting to find the acquaintances of adults and children. Men do perm for hairdressing women.

57 、 I hope you are happy and your belly is happy. Blindfolded, nasal dripping, looking at the mirror, facing Haha, drinking water, and having fun, thinking of me is fun, not happy but also happy, see you happy? It's definitely fun at this time!

58. I treat you like pearls and treasure, and you treat me like salted fish and aquatic plants. I am infatuated with you, and you say I am infatuated. I love you like the sea, and you hurt me.

59. From day to night, the two eyes are dull, the three meals are not eaten, the limbs are weak, the grains are indistinguishable, the six relatives are not recognized, the seven tricks are unreasonable, the majesty is impassive, and the sedentary is very useless.

60. Funnyness must be thorough, destruction must be powerful, trouble is a patent, pretending to be good is a stunt, and the whole person looks at the talent and the fate. In short, I am not restless!

61. At first sight! Goodbye infatuation! Worry all day long! For your heart! Painful! Think of it! Hard to your heart! I do not understand So cruel! Make me sad!

62. Are you happy today? If you are unhappy then scratch it when you itch. note! Scratch down below the elbow and upward above the elbow, and you will be happy immediately!

63. The company's boss is really prestigious, with Xiaomi Global Connect; the department manager has a lot of style, including a twenty- one milk and a Shenzhou trip; the department director is not stupid, soak a love one- person recharge card; ordinary employees have empty pockets, and pull their wives locally through.

64, beauty a woman beauty a woman I love you, write a love song for you, the title is miss you, the content is all about you, if you want to ask me how you, swear to catch up with you.

65. Bend your waist, bend your legs, break your spine, break your bones, hit your head, blow your farts, and reach you into the microphone, let you walk against the wall, spit and bloodshot

66. Commended those who pointed to deer as horses, promoted those who had to slap and shoot horses, those who had been bitter as cattle and horses, and had single-handed horses.

67. Xiaobai is white and white, with both ears standing together. Hear the phone beep, put down the radish and vegetables, and return a message quickly.

68, everything is cheap, only high power; never ugly man, as long as there is money. You're tall and handsome, and it really makes people love, love, one , and sooner or later, they are packed into sacks and thrown into the sea.

6-9. Fair competition is no longer fair. The fake ball is black and irrational. Referee team, happy cooperation. You can make money and pay off debts. How can you enjoy such a game? The fans are outraged and the public opinion is surging. Repeat this cycle and suffer again!

70. Four sorrows: a long drought meets the nectar—a few drops, and I knew it in my hometown—the debtor, the night of the cave house—next door, when I was nominated by the gold list—without me.

71. A piglet is amazing. Every day from 8 o'clock in the morning, you don't need bowls and chopsticks to eat. You only use a small mouth to swallow.

72. Being sick is a big thing. Someone is sick and not a matter. It does n’t have to be a thing. It does n’t have to be a thing. A woman does a man. A man does a woman.

73. I can enjoy the moment when I hold your hand with my life, and I also feel very happy. If you are in love, you will grow old, and if you are in love, you will die early! !! If you don't want to be old, if you don't want to die early, it is best to chat with me. Cuties Cuties I love you as much as a mouse loves a rice. Eat you, swallow you, put you in my heart. Bite you, chew you, we two will always be together! The rain is ticking, the clouds are flowing, the songs are free, the love is attentive, the love is crazy, the sky is eternal, you are unforgettable. You are watching the scenery upstairs, and the people watching the scenery are Looking at you on the bridge, Mingyue decorated your window, and you decorated someone else's dream? / div>

74. Don't blow-easy to ash, don't slap-easy to tidy up, don't pretend-easy to hurt, don't be pretty-easy to be bubbled.

75. One and a half years old Erguotou, two-year-old lovers are veterans, three-year-old eats, drinks, gambles and draws one , and four-year-old pits are fooled and stolen, knowing that this person is you, but also insist on seeing the bottom. admire! admire!

76. If love is easy, days will change, and if people love, they die early! !! If you don't want to be old, if you don't want to die early, it's best to chat with me.

77. Four ideals: flatten the Himalayas, walk in the circle of Taiyiyang, paste tiles on the Great Wall, and vow to transform his wife into a fairy.

78, love quotations: the society is ruthless, the market is quotient, the work is emotional, the loved ones have a warm love and passion, the life has a passion, the pick-up has a mood, the bright girl has the style.

79. If the two feelings are long, how about pork and pork meat? In heaven, I would like to be a wing bird, and in the ground, I would like to be a tail-tailed pig;

80. Tonight I came out of your window again. Why didn't your head show up on the curtains? I have been secretly in love with you for so many years, and tomorrow I will talk for nothing!

81, February 14th, the flu, the stars opened their hazy eyes, dark clouds rushed around, I hoped for the beauties, in fact, the love has already overflowed, I sent a text message to explore you, add a wave to the dullness, can you meet now? late?

82. At dawn, I carried Zhou Huajian, turned over Nicholas Tse, came to Zhou Xingchi, picked a flower of Liu Dehua, picked up a cypress branch, made a friend of Zhang Xueyou, and ate Zheng Zhongji.

83. Seduce my sister, confuse my sister, my elder brother, my swindling brother, and go boldly online; coax grandpa, tease a milk, a milk, kiss a mother, a mother, lie to my father, and swear that he is a good person. Horizontal batch: Iron mouth steel teeth as networm

84. The rain is ticking, the clouds are flowing, the songs are free, the love is attentive, the love is crazy, the sky is eternal, and you are unforgettable

85. Don't look thin, I'm full of muscles; don't look at me black, my face is full of shine; I can break my head, my hairstyle must not be messy; blood can flow, leather shoes must not be oiled.

86. Think about the benefits of everything. If you fall into a pond, maybe a fish will be in your pocket!

87. Before affluence: raise pigs; after affluence: raise dogs; before affluence: grow rice; after affluence: plant grass; before affluence: want to marry a wife; after affluence: want to dump his wife; Secretary and wife

88. Highest instructions: Wash your hands before and after meals; wash your hands when you return home; wash your hands after riding in the car;

89. Dinosaurs, if done well, are called light dances; daze, if done well, are called cool; cheating money, if done well, they are called. com

90. The beautiful and handsome young boy is seduced by waves, swords, rivers and lakes. If I use my heart to oppose, I will love you for ten thousand years.

91, hello, hello, you eat straw, one hair one more, one meat less, one love one bath with rice soup, and said that the skin care effect is particularly good, you are really a rare living treasure.

92. Someone is looking for you to borrow money for three days and two, and you are tired of listening;

93. I can enjoy the moment when I hold your hand with my life time. I also feel very happy.

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