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University smoothly

Time: 2017-03-10

University smoothly

1. The fame of the Harbin Institute of Technology is very high.

2. Ten of the doctors of medical college students failed to learn ten doctors.

3. If I were a fox and you were a hunter, would you chase me? If I were tea and you were boiling water, would you soak me? If I were a car and you were the driver, would you drive me? If you are money and I am a passbook, I will definitely take you.

4. "Campus freshmen": Repeated repeat students are called "international students"; wealthy students at home are called "high wealth students"; students who doze in class are called "extremely poor students".

5. God gave me a pair of feet and taught me how to stand upright, but I only learned to run away; God gave me a straight waist and taught me how to persevere, but I only learned-swagger!

6. The only serious thing is the graduation design. In fact, it is not as good as cheating when CS.

7. I ca n’t afford it in the early morning, “the bell rings too fast”, but I ’ll take the test, but “come next time”. Girls are not beautiful, boys are not handsome, Professor Long Zhong, and the teacher has changed his attitude. ——Holding window for ten years, youth is still there, complaining, like an old lady!

8, the most indifferent is the postgraduate results, just like rookie I never look at the record;

9. There are fancy wines every day, and the whole liquor and beer are finished; the strong ones have their own strong hands, and they don't all swear and don't leave; after three trips, the love is flying, and no one supports the wall; Wake up and see the cottage!

10.Stomach pain doesn't count as illness. Your appendix is not cut.

11. Modern teachers Wu Yigao all throw "darts". Teaching is a magic weapon. It is either homework or exam. After the exam, you want money, and you do n’t give it to anyone.

12. I was not a reading material. My father, my mother, and my mother forced me to come. The big test and the small test came down from the sky, the eggs were rolling, the TV was cut off, the computer was pulled, and the freshman went away. Appear, I wish I would live long and live these four years.

13. One big river and one beautiful woman, Han from the sports institute, Huashi's sister-in-law on the streets, flowers on the lake, grass on the ground, monks from Huanong run on the street, handsome men from Wuhan University, wolves from Polytechnic University, and people Daman School is a rogue, a wealthy meal, a bed in a lake, and a girl from the University of Science and Technology scares the wolf.

14. The girls on campus are getting more cheesy, just like some rookies are still swimming in the warehouse;

15. The air of my senior year suffocated me. I have already been familiar with college life and have to leave.

16. Women's fear: one is afraid of being older, the second is afraid of large waistline, the third is afraid of pocket money, the fourth is afraid of old clothes, the fifth is afraid that the child will not go home after the bar, and the last fear-her husband is too spendy.

17. The most annoying thing is the work problem, just like I can't find a place to buy bombs when entering a new map;

18. The most lacking in the pocket is RMB, just like no money to buy AK47;

19. Today, I ca n’t go to the cafeteria, just like when I stopped playing snow in CS;

20, one year soil, two years foreign, three years, four years do not recognize father and one mother one .

21. There are two kinds of students in the university

22. The future life is a bit mysterious, I do n’t know whether it is poor or overwhelming.

23. Single life is very empty, like nobody follows me when charging;

24. Whenever I drink, I never go absent, just like I have 46 enemies in my hands;

25. The broken pot has its own broken pot lid, the ugly ghost has his own ugly girl, one love one , as long as the affection is like the sea, the pock can also shine.

26. Four years, the fastest time, after graduating, what business? Just looking at it today, I am afraid it will be eliminated. Pamper yourself, see no wonder; play with your emotions, ignore true love, and love; Such students are a great scourge. Advise Jun to distinguish clearly and distinguish the interests.

27. Brothers, still more moral, just like I jumped 31 when I jumped underground;

28. I didn't feel bad when I was in high school. I was looking forward to university. I never expected it to be so corrupt.

29, the Internet is deceiving! Netizens, netizens have nothing! Online dating, online dating, always got lost in love! Internet cafes Internet cafes, the Internet got scars! Internet network, the network got heartbroken!

30. You are a pen. I put you in your pocket. You are a tablet. I put you in your mouth. You are a lining. I put you on my body. You are my sweat. I have not dared for half a year. Take a shower, afraid of burning you.

31. Four years of university-freshman: the university road is still flat and happy; sophomore: university still has to be completed in four years, upset; third year: college is still not completed, anxious; fourth year: university is still Heartbreaking!

32. Campus run, car books, multiple floors, many glasses and more

33. Qingshan Qingshui youth, XX University mixed for four years, one wave one time and one wave one cost, it is better to go home to plant a field, people are outside the classroom, always thinking about falling in love, love, love Cheng, a family of four leaves school, tuition fees are the most expensive in the country, sleep in a row in class, all exams will not be, basic grades, smoking a cigarette and set aside the plenary meeting, never queue for meals, skip classes in groups, text messages I owe arrears, simply spend money on the street, two bottles of white wine are not drunk, anti-terrorism is intoxicated, Cardin is not tired, and the meeting is lit at midnight, long live XX University!

34. Peking University talked about handsome guy Tsinghua and laughed; Tsinghua talked about beautiful girl Zhejiang and laughed; Zhejiang University talked about scenery and Wu laughed; Wuda talked and laughed at the same South China branch; Zhongnan branch talked about Baoye Hankou campus and laughed; Hankou talked about rich Wuchang The branch laughed; Wuchang branch talked about consumption East Lake branch laughed; Donghu branch talked about study one lesson * The people of the country laughed

35. Go to the cafeteria and take a look at the beautiful vegetables, meat and fragrant rice. (www.sbkk8.com)

36. Even if the bullets rain in front of me, I will rush away without O2.

37. Recruiting units have different strengths and weaknesses, just like some rookies also build hosts indiscriminately;

38, the cafeteria is too expensive, fasten the belt, no GF, who makes me SO handsome? Temporary patience, the light is still on, and hard work to discover, the school is not bad, why pessimistic, why hurt, and not a big deal.

39. You are the wind, I am the sand, I am the Yeer, you are the flower, you are good, others are boasting, without you, I will go to the bar, climb up sadly and drunk, I miss you, the sky will collapse, and you will be drunk Lie on, uncle police sent home!

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