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Stall goods smoothly

Time: 2017-03-10

Stall goods smoothly

1. Buying the buying 捎 捎, in the future there will be distribution in the big shopping malls, not selling you 10 or 8 yuan.

2. A pack of cigarettes and a bottle of wine will not be available for a long time.

3. Spend a small amount of money to do important things, without delay for the children to build a house to buy a house to marry a daughter-in-law.

4. It's not buying a refrigerator or a freezer, and having a family meeting with his wife for half a year;

5, a few dollars to buy home, his wife laughed at the child and praised, not even the factory director can also be an entrepreneur.

6, you buy a dollar of plastic combs, use it, use it, either broken here or broken, one year you

7, 10 or 8 years is not bad, but also passed on to the next generation,

8. Although not a family heirloom, every family is indispensable.

9. When the family buys a house item, if you do n’t, you buy a bunch of sugar gourd, eat it for a while, and throw it on the ground.

10. The Tao is not worth the 2 yuan.

11, our manufacturers have a good generation , can not buy a few dollars less,

12. Those who have studied in the United States and visited the United States, kissed on the street.

13, 1 yuan is not a problem, can not hurt the waist can not delay, can not buy a house can not buy land.

14. If you say you haven't seen it, it means that your TV has no signal.

15. Don't lie to the people, don't lie to the party or the party, only qualified products leave the factory.

16. I drew more pieces, didn't I?

17. What you buy, 捎 捎, department stores do not sell,

18. Those who have crossed the north, crossed the north, swam across the mountains and played with water,

19. One yuan and two yuan stores didn't have to sell, because he wants to earn you sixty- one cents and earn you one. Today the manufacturer sent me here to advertise and promote sales. When you are here, you are in a hurry. If you are in a hurry, you are not afraid to buy one. Remember, Luo is not here to lie to you for 2 yuan. No? We all rely on quality for publicity. Today only costs 2 yuan for everyone!

20. People have known on TV and newspapers.

21. I didn't make a penny for everyone, only to do propaganda for manufacturers.

22. The general has a horse and a general riding. The soldiers are not in a hurry.

23. A few dollars are worth it. Congratulations to the boss for getting rich.

24. You buy it for ten years. Isn't it worth a few dollars?

25. You ca n’t be a home or a master, you can only be a nanny for others.

26, 1 yuan is not much, you ca n’t buy a house, you ca n’t buy a car, you can only buy one for your son.

27. It is the so-called gift of a thousand miles, and the gift is light.

28. A pound of apples and a pound of pears, leaving only a pile of skins after eating.

29. Buy in your spare time, use it when you are busy, and want to buy it when you are busy.

30, 1 yuan is not much, can not buy a house can not buy a car, can not travel to Singapore.

31. From the south to the north, to the United States, to Hong Kong,

32. A few dollars is not expensive, smoking and drinking is the high consumption.

33. A few dollars are common. It is better to lose a pack of chewing gum than playing mahjong.

34. Spend less money to buy good goods, not to buy is your fault!

35. Smoke a pack of cigarettes less and drink a few sips of wine, all at home.

36. Opportunities don't exist every day.

37. If you do n’t buy it, I do n’t advise. It ’s convenient for anyone to buy it.

38. Do not deceive and cheat all the time. Practice based on quality.

39. It's not that expensive and you have to pay a tip for going to the toilet.

40. Smoke toy cars.

41. A penny of a penny is a repeat customer.

42. Everyone uses it, regardless of whether they are adults or small families.

43. Sending friends and relatives, sending Zhizhi already, whoever will give you will never forget you;

44. Buy a handful to send friends and relatives to increase mutual affection;

45. If you want to buy or bring, hurry up; don't miss a good opportunity. Opportunities are not available every day.

46. The selling price in the mall is a few dollars. We only sell a few dollars.

47. You are willing to spend a few dollars, and you bring home convenience.

48. Shoot.

49. Do not bargain or bargain. Our factory has one generation , and it is 2 yuan less.

50, 1 yuan is not much, can not reach Taiwan and Singapore.

51, 1 yuan is very common, eat a pack of chewing gum, it is better than losing a sparrow.

52. This product just came out and went to CCTV.

53. I said good or bad, everyone's vision is leadership.

54. Buy a gift for your parents and make up for it with your parenting;

55. At the beginning of man's nature is good, we deceive the business.

56. One dad, one mother, one thumb is generally long.

57. This headband is good, not cadres are leaders,

58. Treat like a friend, like a steamed bun.

59, buy, the mall sells for 5 yuan, we only sell 2 yuan, this price will not be high, today is the manufacturer

60, three or two are not much, you can't buy a house or a car. Can't go to Singapore, USA.

61. King of Kings, Gai Zhongge, it's not bad to take out that one.

62. Go forward and don't back up, we understand that the product is free!

63. Two dollars is not expensive, so there is no need to hold a family meeting.

64. Do not dare to spend a few dollars, when can you be an entrepreneur;

65. No need to pick, no need to find, all of them are equally good.

66. Buy a mother-in-law and give it to her mother-in-law. She said that her son-in-law is better than her son

67. A father, a mother and a melon on the tree.

68, the price will not be high, today is the factory direct sales,

6-9. If you want to buy or bring, hurry up; don't miss a good opportunity,

70. You pay for a movie ticket with a drink.

71. In direct sales, we did not make a penny for everyone, only to do propaganda for manufacturers. You buy it for ten years, it ’s hard

72. Take a walk and take a look, pass by, don't miss it.

73. Spend a small amount of money, easy to buy, save time and effort and cost-effective.

74. Three and two don't count as money.

75. Turn East Street, walk West Street, and see if your home is there.

76. A few dollars a dip and a rain, anyone can afford it, it will not affect your smoking a cigarette and drinking beer, nor will it affect

77. Good goods arrive every year, so I'm afraid I can't buy them.

78. Instead of buying airplanes or artillery, you must apply to the central leadership for a report.

79. Let ’s say it ’s wonderful, everyone knows it at a glance.

80. When this friend sees you, you have made a lot of money and spent a lot of money. It must not be a strict wife at home.

81. Clearance sale, good things are sold cheaply, don't miss them when you pass by, and come and see if you don't buy them. There are many varieties and novel styles. One or two pieces are always suitable for you.

82. It doesn't matter if you buy or not, learn about new products.

83. You do n’t have to choose, you do n’t have to choose.

84. Do not bargain or bargain. (www.sbkk8.com)

85, I don't care if you buy someone else, you buy my insurance.

86. I choose for you. I choose for you. I choose the quality for you with insurance.

87. A few dollars are small tickets, and they are spent as soon as they reach the street.

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