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Street stalls

Time: 2017-03-10

Street stalls

1. This product just came out and went to CCTV.

2. To be honest, live broadcast.

3. While saying good or not, it is true to experience it for yourself. You can choose one to try it, experience it, and try it to your satisfaction.

4. The quality of the bull comb is outside the Qingshan Building outside the mountain. The quality of the beef tendon comb is top quality. If you understand the goods, take it home and return home. Your wife will praise you and say that you bought it. Comb multiple times, the best buy this time.

5. Love is deep and rainy, then look at the product's multi-function?

6. Seeing it a thousand times, you might as well take one to try it, and try to pack it to your satisfaction; Tai Yiyang comes out to look at the earth, the beef tendon comb is very gentle and soft, does not hurt the scalp, it is worse than a plastic comb use.

7. It is not bad for ten or eight years and can be passed on to the next generation. Although it is not a heirloom, everyone is indispensable.

8. To speak beautifully and exaggerately, let the facts speak.

9. It's not bad to fold or twist. If it's bad to fold, I will accompany you with 10 pieces and 8 pieces on the spot.

10. Save money, don't save earwax, save money to buy a house, save earwax to become deaf? This is the most professional and versatile ear spoon.

11, one father, one mother, one thumb, one long, all the same, you can also use force to fold and check.

12. Everyone, I have n’t finished the introduction yet. A most professional, multi-functional ear pick, a light-emitting ear pick that integrates one sex, one creativity, and I ’m sorry if I have finished my introduction in such a few words. ” The words "ear picks" so that I might as well go home and sell rotten sweet potatoes and stinky eggs?

13. Today, I will introduce a new product to you. It doesn't matter if you buy it or not. The key is to understand a good product. It is called Guanshu Shilang Universal Stuffing Device. It can twist various kinds of vegetable fillings, such as: Chinese cabbage; kohlrabi; sauerkraut; celery, radish, radish, spring onion and other kinds of vegetable fillings can be twisted. It is a must for your home life. Prepared product.

14, family affairs, national affairs, world affairs, digging ears is a big thing

15. The products leave the factory after passing the inspection. They are worthy of the people and one party and one .

16. It's not selling fake cigarettes or fake drinks or drinks, but kidding people's lives.

17. The adults are big, the children are small, and the children's ears are small. There are ear-picks for children. They can dig out for the grandfather and then dig for the child. The family is so happy that the husband helped the wife and the wife helped the husband. The young couple carried the big leg and hugged the small waist, and dug it gently to scratch it. Where can I find this sweetness?

18. Those who have crossed the north, crossed the north, swam across the mountains and played with water,

19. Instead of buying Rob and vegetables, every market has to sell.

20. It's effortless and effortless, how easy it is to work. I don't need oil or electricity, my stuffer is all-around. Save effort and effort and save RMB. As soon as it turns by hand, it comes with dumpling stuffing. Press it with your left hand and turn it with your right hand. The vegetable stuffing appears immediately. One minute and 60 seconds, the dumpling stuffing is immediately twisted; 60 seconds to one minute, how easy it is to twist the dumpling stuffing; fully automatic with remote control brain to direct the hand to move, one battery is not needed, alas, fast as wind, three The next two successes. How much you want and how much you hang, you can pull it down once you eat enough. Do n’t hang too much, you ca n’t eat one wave and one fee. {Chairman Yi Maoyi said, corruption and one wave and one fee are great crimes}. Be as fine as possible and twist the stuffing effortlessly.

21. From the south to the north, to the United States, to Hong Kong,

22. Outside the mountain outside the Qingshan Tower, you do n’t have to worry about combing your hair with the tendons and combing. You have to worry about it.

23. Take a look and walk around, don't miss it.

24. The previous ear-picks were copper, iron, and stainless steel spoons. They were extremely sharp when they were dug. They could easily hurt the eardrum and ear canal. They were dug into the depth. Ear canal inflammation, you say you should do it, not afraid of 10,000, just in case, this smooth spoon is well designed today, does not hurt the eardrum and ear canal, the key is to be able to see the ears clearly and clearly. Make you comfortable and still want to come.

25. If you say you haven't seen it, it means that your TV has no signal.

26. Buying goods depends on eyesight, playing mahjong depends on luck; trains rely on pulling force; selling combs depends on credibility, and you can buy them back if you use them well.

27. One father, one mother, and one melon on the vine are all the same.

28. One father, one mother, one neck and one neck long.

29. Buying goods depends on eyesight, playing mahjong depends on luck; trains rely on pulling force; selling combs depends on credibility, and you use them before you buy them.

30. A luminous ear spoon that integrates oneness and creativity? Reform and opening up, everything has changed

31. People have known on TV and newspapers,

32. Acrylic materials, friends in the advertising industry know that the nature and performance of light guides are particularly good, but the price is too expensive?

33. Those who have studied in the United States and visited the United States have kissed on the street.

34. Our products are in Shanxi; Beijing; Tianjin; Shen Yiyangyi; Changchun; Shaanxi; Hunan; Zhengzhou; Guizhou; etc. 10 well-known TV stations have successively advertised, and the TV shopping price is 98 yuan each. Today at our event On-site advertising discounts of 30 yuan each. Advertising today does not cost everyone a penny, only costs 30 yuan.

35. With our product, you do n’t need to use a kitchen knife to chop the vegetable stuffing. The kitchen knife is heavy, the kitchen knife is stupid. The two upstairs and the first upstairs are dead. Both the left and right neighbors can't sleep. The upstairs and downstairs are affected. Now the population is small and the cutting board is small. You say you are not upset.

36. Qualified products leave the factory and are worthy of the people and one party and one .

37. If you want to buy or bring, hurry up; don't miss a good opportunity. Opportunities are not available every day.

38. It doesn't use electricity to use oil, it doesn't need to worry about twisting the vegetable stuffing. He doesn't tired his arms and his waist, so when he gets up in the morning to do a morning exercise. It is not difficult for the elderly to use Taijiquan. Our twister is twisted well, and you can twist a pot in a while. It can twist Chinese cabbage; kohlrabi; sauerkraut; celery; scallion; radish and so on. Experiment.

39. It's not bad to fold or twist. If it's bad, accompany you on the spot.

40. New products have just arrived and are known throughout the country.

It depends on the quality, and the test on the spot proves it.

Depending on the quality, I would like to ask the Prime Minister [ One Wen One ** Treasure].

Yang Family soldiers, Yang Family generals, all can win the battle.

The sky is afraid of the dark clouds, and whoever buys parallel imports suffers.

Real gold is not afraid of fire. Good products are not afraid of face-to-face inspection.

Speak beautifully, exaggerate, let the facts speak.

China holds patent rights and sells them to the United States and the Soviet Union.

It sells well there, but also sells Britain and Iraq.

Clinton Bush Jr. used the value of buying.

Everyone can afford it, every family can afford it,

Honghu water, one wave after another , this quality is great,

Face to face, right now, experiment in front of friends.

Our slogan, the customer is God!

The mood of customers is our expression,

Customers ’ideas are our approach,

The temper of our customers is our blessing,

Customer requirements are our pursuit,

Customer encouragement is our motivation.

41. Three and two don't count as money.

Three or two is not much, you can't buy a house or a car. Can't go to Singapore, USA.

Spend little money, easy to buy, save time and effort and cost-effective.

Spend a small amount of money to do important things, without delay for the children to build a house to buy a house to marry a wife,

A pack of cigarettes and a bottle of wine are gone in half a day.

A pound of apples, a pound of pears, only a pile of skins left after eating.

A few dollars to buy home, his wife laughed at the child and boasted that even a factory manager can be an entrepreneur.

No need to pick, no need to find, all of them are just as good.

King of Kings, Gai Zhongge, it's not bad to take out that one.

A dad, a mother and a thumb are generally long.

One father, one mother, one melon on a tree.

You do n’t buy it, I do n’t advise, it ’s convenient for anyone to buy it.

The general had a horse and a general riding, and the soldier was not in a hurry.

If you want to buy and bring, hurry up; don't miss the good opportunity,

Opportunities don't exist every day, you should do it when you should.

A few dollars are small tickets, and they are spent as soon as they reach the street.

Buy one to send to your parents and make up for it

Buy a hand to give friends and relatives, add affection to each other,

I bought one for my mother-in-law and she said that her son-in-law was better than her son;

Sending friends and relatives, sending knowledge, no one can forget you;

It is the so-called gift of a thousand miles, and the gift is light and affectionate.

For every penny, every visitor is a repeat customer.

Spend less money to buy good goods, it is your fault not to buy them (www.sbkk8.com)

A few dollars are common, and eating a pack of chewing gum is better than losing mahjong.

N East Street, West Street to see if your home has.

Good goods arrive every year, I am afraid that I will not be able to buy them.

Buy when you are free, use when you are busy, and want to buy when you are busy.

It is used by every family, whether it is an adult, a family or a family.

It doesn't matter if you buy it or not, learn about new products.

Go forward and don't back up, we understand that the product is free!

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