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Set up a stall

Time: 2017-03-10

Set up a stall

1. This comb is good. It is a treasure in buying home. It can be used continuously for 10 years and not bad for 20 years. It can't be used in this life, and it will be used in the next life.

2. Buying goods depends on eyesight, playing mahjong depends on luck; trains rely on pulling force; selling combs depends on credibility, and you can buy them back if you use them well. ;

3, Honghu water wave by wave, wave by wave, what do you want? There are more than 20 styles in total, you have long hair, short hair; thick hair, thin hair; straight hair, curly hair, as long as you are not a bald, you can pick a suitable one.

4, because you buy me and sell are two willingness.

5, gold cup and silver cup are not as good as customers' reputation.

6, a father and a mother, a neck and a long.

7. It's not selling fake salt or selling fake medicine, just kidding people's lives.

8, say ten thousand words ten thousand, just four words: easy to use and durable!

9. Look, speak with facts.

10. Only qualified products leave the factory and are worthy of the people and one party and one .

11. While saying good or not, it is true to experience it for yourself. You can choose one to try it, experience it, and try it to your satisfaction.

12. Let ’s say it ’s wonderful, everyone knows it at a glance

13. Instead of buying Rob and vegetables, every market has to sell.

14. The waves of the Honghu Lake are wave by wave, wave by wave, wave by wave. No, keep twisting, if you do n’t need to accompany when you fold, you have to pick one for free.

15. You see the disadvantages of my comb

16. From ancient times to modern times, from the Republic of China to the present, you have n’t seen combs broken.

17, look at our packaging, look at our appearance, fashionable and popular.

18. To speak beautifully and exaggerately, it is better to let the facts speak.

19. The quality of the bull comb is first-class in the outer building of Qingshan Tower outside the mountain. The quality of the beef tendon comb is top quality. If you understand the goods, take it home and go home. Your wife will praise you and say that you bought it. Comb multiple times, the best buy this time.

20. There are tickets for cars and tickets for ships. Our combs have laser anti-counterfeiting trademarks on them. They are registered and trademarks, and they are sold throughout the country.

21. One father, one mother, one thumb, and one thumb are all the same. You can also use your strength to fold and check.

22, real gold is not afraid of fire, good products are not afraid of face-to-face inspection.

23. Don't lie to the people, don't lie to one party and one , only qualified products leave the factory. As soon as our products leave the factory, those plastic combs will be laid off immediately.

24. The products pass the inspection before leaving the factory. They are worthy of the people and one party and one .

25. It is not bad to fold or twist. If it is bad to fold, I will accompany you with 10 8 yuan on the spot.

26. To be honest, live broadcast.

27. Those who fold in front of the scene, do not believe the fold in the comb, oh, oh, hu, fold it hard, twist it, buy it if you want to buy it, do n’t save me face when you come, what kind of face do you give me Experiments on the site will be destructive, let you see for yourself, you will understand everything.

28. I said it ’s not good, everyone ’s vision is leadership

29. It is not bad for ten or eight years, and it can be passed on to the next generation. Although it is not a heirloom, everyone is indispensable.

30. Seeing it a thousand times, it ’s better to take one to try it and try to pack it; you ’re satisfied; Tai Yiyang comes out to look at the earth, and the beef tendon comb is very gentle and soft. It does not hurt the scalp, which is worse than plastic combs. use.

31. Instead of selling fake cigarettes and fake drinks, fake cigarettes and fake drinks can be bought everywhere.

32, you go to the supermarket store to buy a comb, he will not give you a discount or check it, we have good quality here, we can give you a try on the spot, good quality you can see on the spot.

33. It's not selling fake cigarettes or fake drinks or drinks, but kidding people's lives

34. Changyi River, one river, one river, one wave, one Taotao, all households need;

35. It's all the same. Is it possible for a cow and a cow to divide the male and female? (www.sbkk8.com)

36. One father, one mother and one melon on a vine are all the same.

37. Outside the Qingshan Building outside the mountain, you do n’t have to worry about combing your hair with a tendon and combing your hair. What do you have to worry about?

38. Zhao Benshan said: Don't look at advertisements, look at the efficacy. It's worth the two dollars, you need to see the effect.

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