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Appreciation of Li Qunyu's Poems in Huangling Temple

Time: 2016-08-08
Li Qunyu is one of the characteristic poets of the late Tang Dynasty. The word Wenshan is from Luzhou, Hunan (now Luan County). "The Book of Talented Scholars of the Tang Dynasty" states that he "has been clear-eyed, unhappy, and devoted to chanting and self-adaptation. His poems are beautiful, and his style is rich and elegant. He is so good, and beautiful, like Han Xie's brother, don't have a kind of romantic." He also said that his relatives and friends urged him to go to Beijing to take the shijin test, and after he fell behind, he would not go. Pei Xiu, an Hunan ambassador, hired him as a gift to Zori County Central Affairs. He once persuaded him: "The virgin was browned by Huaiyu, and the clouds were rich. His name was high and his body was unknown. Shenbao Ning abandoned the wasteland for a long time, and he walked away." This was about Pei Xiu's resignation when he persuaded him to go to Beijing for a job. In the eighth year of high school (AD 854), Pei Xiu took power as prime minister. Li Qunyujin presented 300 poems and recommended him at the same time, so he had to be awarded the Hongshuguan School Shulang. However, he was still unhappy, and soon went home on leave and died two years later. "The Chronicle of Tang Poems" said: "The group of jade is so good, it ’s an urgent matter, it ’s like eating geese. And the school book Lang Donggui, Lu Zhao gifted poems: 'The wonderful blowing should be harmonious, and the workbook will be the goose.' There are three volumes of poems today, five words of which are quite fresh and quaint. Life story, probably so. A commentary from "Tang Caizi Biography" reads: "Fu Pupu's Ancient Sao Kingdom. Qu Pingshi was vilified, unsure, and distraught, and assigned to" Lisao ". Sao, sadness too. I do n’t know who I am, why are I pregnant? ”Committed to the belly of the fish, the soul ca n’t come. Fang Cao Weier, Xiao Ai towering, only once in a while. People do n’t know how to sacrifice, but they ca n’t wait until they say nothing. Look at the Promise of Poyang, Xu Xin of Duan Du. The monarch retreats with a captivity and a life. The scenery is full of sights, rather than the ancients. So its style is clear and clear , And many mountaineering waterfront, nostalgia for the return system. Such as 'distant passengers sitting in the long night, the rain sounds of a lonely temple autumn'. 'Please measure the East China Sea, see shallow deep sadness' etc. Love. There are thousands of miles in the heart, and you can't bother with the square inch, it is also very difficult. "In this paragraph, Li Qunyu is compared to Qu Ping in the first paragraph, Li Qunyu's character is described in the middle, and his poetry is evaluated in the later. I thought that Li Qunyu was different from Qu Ping. He was not sad because he had not seen it used in the court, nor was he called Cangtian and Xi Emperor like Qu Ping. He is simply indifferent, and I am afraid that he can only be compared to Tao Yuanming. However, in the comments, he said that he had "monitored the king's door", and Fang Qian's poem "The Former Residence of Li Qunyu" also said that he "successfully wrote the book to encounter the Lord, and made the wrong for the next generation." It seems that Li Qunyu once wrote to the court. Discussing politics without being recorded, but there is no record in the existing data. Although the biography of Li Qunyu is unknown, it is known that his character is Gao Jie. However, a recent selection of Tang poems says, "Li Qunyu's poems are not rich in content and do not take off the subject of the mountain people and the guests. In Li Qunyu's life, Pei Xiu only had a confidant. Peixiu mentioned him like this, he was still very calm. Doing school Shulang is still for Pei Xiu's favor, and then he retired early and did not want to rise. There is no poem asking for power at all in his collection of poems. Even in the poem "Granting Officials, Expressing Chronicles", there is no expression of gratitude. This comment, much like the criticism of the late Ming essay writers in the 1930s, is now copied to comment on Li Qunyu.

There is a Huangling Temple next to Dongting Lake in Xiangyin, Hunan, which is dedicated to the two daughters of Emperor Yao. According to ancient legends, the two daughters of Emperor Yao, one Emperor and one Empress, all married Emperor Shun. Shun went hunting in the south, and E Huang and Nvying also followed. To Xiangyin, the two women stayed. Emperor Shun traveled south alone to the current junction of Hunan and Guangxi. The so-called "Cangwu Wilderness" died of illness and was buried under Jiushan Mountain. Later generations built a shrine for him. So far, there is also Shun Temple under the Jiu Sui Mountain. E Huang and Nvying received the news of Emperor Shun's illness and death, crying day and night, and soon died after casting water. Their tears sprinkled on bamboo poles, and they became Xiangfei bamboo. Later generations built a shrine for them in Xiangyin, called the Huangling Temple.

Huangling Temple is where Li Qunyu often passes. He was very touched by the story of these two Yao girls, Concubine Shun. Each time they passed, they would be given a poem. There are now four poems in his collection of poems. It is said that when he returned to Hunan from school Shulang, he passed through Xiangyin and wrote a poem in Huangling Temple:

Huangling Temple

At the edge of Xiaopuzhou Beipu, the two women's bright makeup still looked stunned.

Ye Miao Xiang Jiangchun was silent, and the ancient monument had no words and grass.

The wind returns to the twilight and blows the fangs, the moon falls and the cuckoo cries.

It looks like a hunting tour with a lookout, nine doubts like Dai across Xiangchuan.

This poem is fluent, and the poetic meaning is clear. The second sentence is that the idols in the temple are shaped like life. The second couplet in the scene expresses the nostalgia of nostalgia. The closing sentence envisages that the second concubine seems to be looking sadly at Di Shun, who is visiting the south, but across the Jiushan Mountain of the Xiangjiang River, in the clouds and mists, she can't see clearly.

After Li Qunyu wrote the poem, he stayed at the Yamashita Hotel that night. Dreamed of two women, claiming to be Ehuang and Nuying. Thanks for being moved by Li Qunyu's good poems. And said that after two years, you will "swim in sweat", and then we can talk to you. Li Qunyu exchanged feelings with them, and they disappeared after a while. Two years later, Li Qunyu died of illness, which is about what the goddess called "swim in sweat".

About this dream, about Li Qunyu was very happy and often told to friends. "The Chronicle of Tang Poems" says "Duan Chengshi has his will." Duan Chengshi is the author of "Liyang Miscellaneous" and loves to record strange stories, but Li Qunyu's story has not been seen in this book. But Duan Chengshi has two poems "Crying Li Qunyu". Not only can we know that Li Qunyu once boasted about this dream, but also understand Li Qunyu's character:

Crying Li Qunyu

Once said about Huangling, this is a reminder of the day.

Old children are tired, who cried to Quantai.

Crying Li Qunyu

Thirty years in the poem in the wine, the Tang Dynasty is noisy.

He will not die in the Ming dynasty.

Coincidentally, at the same time, there is a Sichuan poet Li Yuan, who seeks the ancients by words, and is also a "boastful and vulgar, more poetic". At the time of Xuanzong, the prime minister Linghuyu wanted to appoint him as the Hangzhou thorns history. The emperor said: "If this man is poetry, there is" Aoyama does not tire of a glass of wine, but only a game of chess in the day, "he drinks and plays chess all day. Can he be a local official? It may not be so lazy. "The emperor said," Well, let him try it and see how his political achievements. "After Li Yuan took office, it was really clean, capable, and popular. Li Qunyu likes to goose, but Li Yuan likes duck. Whenever a noble guest passes through his government, he will not send any wealth, but only two mallards. He also likes to collect historical relics, paying special attention to Tianbao relics. He once visited a pair of Yang Guifei's socks in a monk's office in Guanzhong and collected them solemnly. He often took them out for friends to enjoy. When Li Qunyu wrote poems in the Huangling Temple, Li Yuan was appointed as the assassin of Jiangzhou. Li Qunyu traveled east from Hunan and passed Jiujiang to visit Li Yuan. The two talked and laughed at Yongri, and the friendship was very close. Li Qunyu also talked about the love encounter in the dream of Huangling Temple. Li Yuan also took out Yang Fei's socks to admire Qunyu and said, "Since I got this pair of soft and light, both wonderful and narrow things, every time The next time I saw it, it was as if I was under Ma Yanpo and met with the concubine. "So both of them laughed and each had a poem (see" The Book of Tang Talents ").

This is a pornographic story of two poets, both of which can be explained by Freud's method of sexual psychoanalysis. Although these two poets wrote poems very easily, their characters were dignified and solemn, unlike the exuberance of Du Mu and Wen Feiqing. So they all have a latent consciousness that is suppressed. Li Qunyu's dream is the exposure of his underlying consciousness; Li Yuan's socks are also the anchor of the underlying consciousness. It is a pity that the poems given by the two were not passed down.

Li Qunyu also has several poems from Huangling Temple, which were written about in the early days.

Huangling Temple

Sedge grass spring in front of Huangling Temple, Huang Ling daughter Qian Qian skirt new.

The light boat sang for a short while, and Shui Yuanshan died of sorrow.

Title Erfei Temple

The Huangling Temple was empty before the spring, and the rules shed blood and loosened the wind.

I do not know where Jingshuang returned, it is suspected that Xingyunqiu is in love.

Xiangfei Temple

Major General Fengyue complained about Pinghu, and saw that the mulberry was dried up.

Meet the apricot flower bed, draw the red and purple bucket iris.

Ancient Hunan Resentment (third song)

Nanyun cried heavily, and the two women died in sorrow.

Nine o'clock on the horizon, the bones are lost in the place.

Misty waves went up to the north and landed on the north at night.

A pair of souls in all ages, fluttering in the smoky rain.

Erfei Temple and Xiangfei Temple are both Huangling Temple. The first one is about the girls under the Huangling Temple in bamboo branches. They wore a new red skirt and sang in a rowing boat. It made people feel that the water was long and untraceable. He Yimen commented very well: "The conclusion is that there is no reason to follow it, and" Chu Ci "seeks women."

At the time of writing the first sentence of the second song, "Spring is empty" means that the spring is over. The second sentence used "Zigui crying blood" to express the grievances of the second concubine. The third and fourth sentences said: I don't know where the elves of the second concubine are now. I suspect they are walking in the autumn sky like the goddess Wushan. These two sentences have revealed the poet's psychological state, and it is a harbinger of dreams.

The third song does not dare to misinterpret. It seems that the title does not match the poem, and there may be errors.

The fourth is to describe the two women with the body, which is all about this myth. But in the closing sentence, there is already an illusion of "suspecting in the clouds".

Original article: "Hundred Words of Tang Poems". Author: Shizhecun
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