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Describe a bad mood sentence

Time: 2011-05-07

  1. Living in a gray world. Although monotonous, I will not be disappointed. I will not be sad .

2. The black sky exudes a weird breath. There is a sense of depression in the air. The feeling is suffocating.

3. Light! If you really exist. Please illuminate the corner of my heart. Dispel the stubborn sorrow ..

After a free day, doing nothing is like committing theft.

"Too narcissistic, talking too crazy, now you have become unpredictable, that once naive boy has become sad, I really hope you can change back to you" This is who is watching me After the diary "Sorrow" left me a message, think about the previous life was very happy, very happy, you can live a carefree life every day, but as you grow up, many sorrows come with Actually, I really want to be like the song SHE sang "I don't want to grow up"

Careless and lungless, this is the life that the bargain wants! He said that a melancholy person has two manifestations: one is crying, the other is laughing, and he chooses the latter ... I told him that I choose to be silent, neither crying nor laughing, because what I want is Black world, because there are only two points of red cigarette butts in the black world ...

1. Looking at the back of you leaving, I told myself to be strong and not cry because I loved you and I knew you. -> Related Articles: Sentence sentences describing moods- Sentences about bad moods

2. We were all so separated in the wind of the years, looking back, but we couldn't see the trace of being together, although we had been together so hard.

3. I know that forgetting is an easy thing. As long as you do n’t watch, do n’t want, do n’t remember, you forget, just like the day after the fireworks.

4. There is nothing unforgettable. I will always forget you at a later time. Forget about your appearance first, then forget your voice, and forget what you said. Now you ca n’t do it, and you can do it later.

5. We will never treat each other as irreplaceable as before; we will never love each other as hard as before, until we cry.

6. Now that it is finally time to separate, he leaves before me, but I feel a little relieved. Sooner or later, one of us will experience it alone, and let me take care of it.

7. I have always been stubborn and thought that I could smile calmly in the face of anything, but at the moment when you turned around and decided to leave, my tears burst into tears, unstoppable. This is, the happiness in the past laughed at the pain in my heart. It turned out that the most painful pain in the world was leaving.

8. The most lingering love affair is when the love lover who has broken up with you calls and asks, "How are you?" You slackly respond, "I'm fine." In fact, you still Love him, you're not good at all.

9. One day when you think of me, time has settled all my mistakes, and you have learned to stop asking why. Until one day, in the face of love and affection, will you be stunned, will you miss the original heat? Go through their own twists and turns until one day, choose someone to talk to each other.
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