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Literary short sentences within the cross

Time: 2018-03-15

★ There is no reason to envy people

★ Hongchen has you, soothing life.

★ The world has been mulberry fields, but the heart is still in the sea.

★ When crying, it must be decorated with soft songs.

A few times in life , there are tears.

★ It doesn't matter where you went, what's important is whether you will come back.

Use my three-life fireworks for your life and get lost.

★ One flower, one heaven, one grass, one world, one tree, bodhi, one soil, one party, one pure land, one laugh, one dust, one mind, and one quiet heart.

★ Every thought is a thought, and laughter is like a song.

★ When love is abandoned, hate becomes superfluous.

★ Sometimes, it may be a good thing to see dimly.

★ If you just meet, you ca n’t stay.

★ often curled up, dare not face pain and misery.

I always think that how strong I am is actually no more hearts than others.

★ You want freedom, I give you freedom; you want to survive, I die for you.

Bury a city and turn off all lights.

Adolescents who have a short-term sensitivity, always love to do things that are not consistent with age. [Ha ve a short sensitive puberty we, always love to do with age is not consistent.]

★ We grow up as time flies, and we miss more and more ignorance of ourselves.

Deepness does not mean close to the facts.

★ I am willing to give up everything I have to realize that little glassy dream.

★ I love saying nothing, I love only my heart will feel.

★ You said that the past is past, how can it be reproduced in the bustling.

★ We can turn around, but don't have to look back.

★ Fall in love with a city, probably because there is a person you love.

★ The so-called maturity can not be achieved by any effort, and now I do not want it.

★ One person is willing to wait, another person is willing to appear.

★ When the love is about to end, it wo n’t end. You do n’t want to put a stop to it.

★ Lonely suddenly swarms to leave only a few words, and you disappear somewhere without saying goodbye.

★ Friend, this is a treasure trove that you can't bear if you find it.

★ I really want to get stuck in a huge circle and then meet myself again at the starting point.

★ You do n’t say, I do n’t understand, this is the distance.

★ The most beautiful things are the most beautiful scenery, and the ones that hurt the most are always the most true feelings.

★ If you want the present to be different from the past, please study the past.

★ You are a landscape, there is no need to look up in the landscape of others.

The process and the ending are all there, and then go entanglement, and even feel greedy.

★ People who used to think they couldn't be replaced in life, now they have changed into rumors.

★ Those who ca n’t reach are called far away, those who ca n’t go back are called past, those who do n’t turn back are called farewell.

★ Every day that your smile has passed, the deep rut marks become a wound that will never heal in my heart.

★ In your name, my crown is my last name.

★ Memory is a rolling curtain covered with wind chimes, which cannot hide the traces of crickets in the aftertaste.

★ Memory is a bridge, but it is a prison for loneliness.

★ The more afraid to lose, the easier it is to lose.

★ The tourist is you and the scenery is me. It is inevitable to let you pass by.

Waiting for someone, or waiting for a story.

★ It turns out that things can't be beaten by time, and his anger and sorrow are the defeat of his men.

★ People passing by the scenery, do you have a good collection for you.

★ I would rather regret than miss it.

★ Time is the best medicine to slowly forget everything, so don't say there is nothing left.

★ Because you are alone, you do n’t have to worry about it.

★ The kite flies so high overlooking the beauty of the world, but still suffers from a rope and is in a circle.

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