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Helpless sentence, lamenting helplessness in life, feelingless helplessness

Time: 2016-12-16

Some people are destined to be passengers in life; some things often make us helpless. In fact, rather than crying sadly , it is better to face calmly; then do not wait for those who do not wait, do not hurt the heart that should not be hurt. Loneliness doesn't have to be unhappy; getting it doesn't necessarily last; losing, doesn't necessarily have it anymore. When in love, let him be free; when not in love, let him be free. Maybe look a little lighter, there will be less injuries!

Life is like this, can't help you.

Maybe you worked hard, but it may not be fruitful.

Happiness and my two little guesses, but have always been fate.

Turn left, turn right, go straight to life, just like a circular runway, the end point is the starting point.

Love and be loved, fight for the bright, fight for the dark, I had to be calm.

You can live in a world without me, but I live in a sky with only you.

In order to forget, we remember instead.

After all, I am not a Renminbi.

I am always alive with my emotions.

Too much helplessness, we cannot explain.

Seems to be within reach, but there will never be a day of intersection.

Carousel is the cruelest game, chasing each other but with eternal distance

Helplessly the flowers fell, and it seemed that the acquaintances had returned.

Love is a sign, and it is also a one-way street. I always want a lot, but I don't get too much.

Life is helpless, youth is a book that you ca n’t close when you open it, life is a road that you ca n’t turn back on, and love is a bet that you ca n’t get back when you throw it out. Youth may be helpless, life may be sad , love may hurt, but as long as you have a positive attitude and take out your complaints to bask in the sun every day, your mood will not be deficient in calcium. Friends, remember: if you lose, you will lose to the pursuit, if you want to marry, you will marry happiness.

Some people say that life is helpless, but people can win the sky, and we can change. Indeed, perhaps only by fulfilling your life can you make up for some regrets and deficiencies, and make yourself happier and more trouble-free.

Life is helpless, love to speechlessness is the end, no matter how beautiful the story, there will be a day to end, leaving a trace after passing; hurt, but it is a helplessness. Life is just a passing process. Men are like onions. To see a man's heart, you need to peel it layer by layer! But in the process of peeling you will keep crying, until the end of the peeling you know that the onion is careless.

Existence, let love exist in my heart, no matter what kind of injury I have encountered, believe that true love is in the near future, do not submit to helpless arrangements in life, and erase the hazy dust from my heart, I believe that I will have my love !!

There is always too much helplessness and regret in life, because this is life. The setting sun fades, the years fade, the face is gone, and the flowers bloom. Always lamenting life, life is helpless. The pace of time is hurried, so why not? When the vicissitudes will put a period on the road of life, and then look back, they find that they have lost too much. What is left is regret. How helpless, the years have beckoned to you, and nothing can be saved. I feel happy and happy in my sleep. Waking up is invisible pressure and responsibility, so that I can't breathe myself. In reality, only the words are helpless. How much pain and helplessness around. Helplessly the flowers fell, the geometry of the flowers, helplessly followed.

You in the heart and she around me are all my love; the same feeling can only be buried in my heart. Although life is helpless, I hope the holiday greetings can be compensated, and I wish you have him around.

You and her around me are my favorite, but the same feeling can only be buried in my heart. Life is helpless, I hope my holiday greetings can be compensated-I wish you had him!

Life is helpless, the night is deep, sleeplessness, the fluorescent light shines in front of the window, thinking about it, helpless! What is the meaning of life? Is it for others? Why is your life dominated by others?

Life is helpless, there is a kind of person who is not outstanding, and the language is not amazing; without a burly body, the courage of a husband; like a grain of sand buried in the public. He didn't shout, hesitate, and he was not sentimental for no one to understand. There is a kind of person, who is contemptuous of fame and fortune, and forgets why; in the vast earth, he will be safe when he meets; He doesn't go wild, he doesn't let go, and he doesn't feel sad for helpless life. There is a kind of person who has few friends and no confidants; or invites the moon to drink together, Gu Ying drives the cold; like a lonely person like Gu Hong. He is unhappy, not sad , nor sullen for centuries of loneliness. There is a kind of man who loves faithfully and sticks to his faith; he does not leave or abandon him, and depends on one another for life and death; He doesn't expect anything, he doesn't expect, and he doesn't feel lonely for the solitary shadow.

Life must be realistic. Marriage , responsibility, career, society, and life must be faced by everyone. Despite many helplessness, I still have to work hard to make long-term trekking and exploration. Helplessness contained a lot of bitterness and tears. It also breeds joy and harvest. The helpless shadow of a positive life will be diluted by a spirit to fill it. When negative, helplessness is the epitome of loneliness and pain. Whether it is the former or the latter, chance is always a beacon of helplessness, because there is too much helplessness in life, so chance is always the holy place that people yearn for, it is a grassy land on the desert dunes !! !! !!

Life was helpless, and my heart was deeply shocked. On the one hand, I lamented the poet's excellent talents, and also lamented the author's profound experience of life. If life is just like the first sight, only seven words, how much sadness is life, and how helpless life is. If life is just like first sight, why is Qiufeng sad and sad? If all the past events turned into a red smile, leaving only the affection and stunningness at the first sight, and forgetting the betrayal, sadness, helplessness, and grief that may have occurred, what a wonderful state of life.

Can people really not listen to gossip, ebb and flow, can smile and see success or failure, can life be magnificent? Maybe you are smiling in front of you, but later? Who can understand the tears in your heart? After success or failure, I always look back, breaking the teapot will still look back, just the length of stay. Although it will break more teapots ... why is this? Because we are mortals, we have our own feelings, our souls, our gains and losses, our fragility and our strength. We lament the helplessness of life, the helplessness of life, the enrichment of life, maybe this is the meaning of life, the value of life.

My sad life is helpless. There is too much helplessness in life. I sigh and lament life's helplessness, fantasy, and expectation. I think this is the different way people say to live.

The activist said that life is like a song, with bass and high-profile, and the melody and frustration is a beautiful melody of life; the negative said that life is like a play, with high tide and low tide. Negative people say that the wind and rain is a bird's net for the long sky. With it, they can break their wings at any time; active people say that the wind and rain are the wings of an eagle soaring at high altitudes. Without it, they can't fly beautiful arcs.

Helpless in life, tonight, alone in the rain window, with a gloomy glance through vague memories, smoked by smoke. I once wanted to forget all the hurts and pains, and no longer let the words have an emotional color. Helpless life is not full of ups and downs, and everything cannot be done as I wish. In this case, face it bravely, even if the injury is deeper, the pain is more painful, and the body is shaking with dust, it is still strong and light on the road. Drop the unburned smoke, lift the pen that has been on hold for a long time, pile up the emotional text, feel the life of sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy taste in life, and enjoy the scenery of the desert and snow mountain disdain season, let life's During the trip, the tunes of various instruments were lined up. When Matouqin came to a halt, the snowflakes floating in the sky and the breath solidified. This ending would be the most beautiful request in my life.

Life is helpless, lingering sadness, but with a helplessness. Life is sloppy and time is in a hurry. What we are left with is only a few bits and pieces of memories, which give us a deep mark on our lives.

A person's life will always face some helpless people and things that are difficult to choose, and sometimes they have to say something against their will, do something against their will, and meet some people they do n’t want to see. This may be what people often call "life helplessness"!

Helpless in life, stop the busy footsteps, looking back at this section of road, there are still people coming and going, cars go and stop! Why do people who are busy, and me now? A better tomorrow? So what is wonderful? May be happy, live freely, and healthy companionship is beautiful! But this reality always makes you and I feel helpless. Life is not as good as it is. Grasping the one or two you have may be happiness!

I said, life is helpless, years are intoxicating, you say, no grudges and no regrets, no good times.

Helpless life, helpless life. Would there be such a person and life in a person's life if there is nothing impossible, no embarrassment, and no unwillingness to meet? I think even gods have their own difficulties, let alone those who eat fireworks on earth?

Many things have been indifferent with time. There is a lot of helplessness in life. Many things are like a handful of air.

Life is helpless, my time story, in the bumpy road of life, what are the struggles and helplessness that most people have never experienced? What is the strength in the trough of life that supports me to work hard and bravely for my life? I believe my life will be glorious because of them! I am willing to share with people! I never really wrote a journal about me in the space. I was thinking how to start and how to talk about it.

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