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Giving up is also a beauty

Time: 2015-07-29

Every time I give up silently, give up a long-cherished friend who has no fate; give up something that has nothing to gain; give up some kind of spiritual expectation; give up some kind of thought. At this time, an emotion is born, but this emotion does not prevent us from starting again.

Listen to the music again in a new space; tell the story again! Because this is a natural farewell and abandonment, it is full of transcendence and one spirit, because of the beauty of emotion!

There was a feeling that I wanted to make it forever. After many years, it was discovered that it had gradually disappeared. It was later realized that what we held in our hands was not necessarily what we really owned, and what we had was not necessarily what we really engraved in our hearts! And then understand that life often requires a pair of quiet care and conscious abandonment!

There are too many good things in the world, good people. We have been striving for the good that we do not have. In order to get busy and busy, the real needs and thoughts will often be understood after many years of passing, and even the whole life will never be understood! And for the good that we already have, we have a sense of anxiety and worry because of the experiences we often gain and lose.

Xi Yiyang, a volatile sigh, the flowers of blooming troubles, life is unhappy! Because when we own, we may be losing, and when we give up, we may be regaining. In fact, we cannot be absolutely sure of everything. If you pay attention to chase and own, it will be difficult to get out of foreign objects and then out of yourself, the involuntary sorrow and emotion of life will be even heavier!

Therefore, life needs to be sublimated out of a single spirit. The person who understands knows how to give up, the person who knows how to sacrifice, and the person who is happy knows detachment! After a few years we know that everyone we like is living a good life , we will be more satisfied! "I came to this world not because of you, but because of you, I love this world even more. If I can be with you, I will walk away silently, but I will still not lose my love and gratitude for this world— — Thank God for letting me meet you and parting from you, and complete a poem created by God! "Life gives us endless sadness; it also gives us eternal answers. So, Enron gave up one and stuck to one detachment!

No matter how the red world's mundane life changes, no matter how personal choices are made, and no matter how important the things in our hands are, we are courageous to escape, although we are happy!

Giving up is not to back away, but to make another choice for a new goal. Life is always a constant pursuit while giving up constantly. We yearn for the depths of life as usual, we are gradually giving up as usual, and gradually firm!

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