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Dear, i will be your wife in my next life

Time: 2015-07-29

When they graduated from college, the girls said to the boys: I'm going to Beijing. Zhongguancun in Beijing is known as China's Silicon Valley. There are many opportunities there and it will be easy to develop in the future. The boy said: Then I will go back to my hometown in Sichuan. There is a country of Tianfu. There are more beautiful girls. After you develop, you do n’t need me. I will find it easily. The girl ’s little fist tapped on the boy ’s thick chest, her mouth opened, and you said you knew you wanted a beautiful girl, hum, even if I do n’t want you in the future, you can only think of me. For me, you are not allowed to find other girls. The boy held the girl's hand and impressed her with a kiss on her forehead. He said, "Stupid girl, our parents are in Sichuan. You have gone to Beijing. I am a good son-in-law. Of course I have to go back and take care of my father-in-law." . Tears flashed in the stars of the girls, and they were thrown into the arms of the boys, never to rise again.

The two people are separated from each other but the relationship is still there. Of course, the thick acacia can only be transmitted by radio waves, text messages, and phone calls. The two people make their best contribution to the turnover of the country's communications business. One day, the girl read a story online, and it was also a story of a couple. Every time she called, the boy would wait for the girl to hang up first. After the girl experienced the vicissitudes of the world, she discovered that The man who loves himself the most in the world is the boy who waits for himself every time he calls.

The girl remembered the story that made her sigh and shed tears. After making a phone call that night, she said to the boy: "Hang up the phone first." The boy froze and said, "Stupid girl, what order do you call?" The girl is coquettish and said, no, no, you have to hang up first, and ignore me later, and you can't find your wife. The boy stopped for a few seconds, chuckled, and said he knew the silly girl. In order that I would n’t hit the bachelor, I would hang up first, and I knew that the phone bill was a one-time charge. The girl heard the first busy line from the boy after she hung up the phone. She smiled and said to the boy in her heart: dear one loves one , I love one you more than you love one . One love one .

Since then, the two have called. Whenever they say goodbye, she holds her cell phone and listens quietly until the boy hangs up first. And the boy always called her a silly girl with a smile, and hung up the phone. Over time, the girl gradually felt a slight grievance: Do you know you, hum, every time I wait for you to hang up first, I love you so silently, but you don't know at all. She wanted the boy to read that article and let him know how much he loves him. One day he can wait for himself to hang up the phone first. He can feel what it means to be loved. How good. The girl held back. Her happiness was both sweet and astringent. She thought: It is also a happiness to be able to deeply love a man in a unique way in this life.

Like all Beibei, the girls 'lives are not comfortable, but they can live in the Guanzi Tower. Compared with those who live in the basement, the girls' living conditions are quite good. At the beginning, the ambition had only been worn away with a small tail, but the good girl did not complain to the boy, she was more used to saying to the boy that I love you. The security of the community where Tongzilou is located is not very good, and there is even a pervert who specializes in stealing women 's sex, clothing and clothing. I used to be accompanied by a girl who rented the same room, but the girl didn't feel much, but the girl went home because of something at home and left the girl to live in a two-bedroom, one-living room, one kitchen and one bathroom. She was very Naturally feel lonely and afraid.

That night, the girl was awakened by a gurgling voice in her sleep, and listened carefully to the sound coming from the door. She grasped the quilt tightly, shaking her body in a group, the atmosphere dared not come out, and helpless tears poured from her eyes silently. Suddenly, her hand touched the mobile phone under the pillow, as if grabbing the straw for help, and immediately sent a text message to the boy: Dear one , I am afraid. In fact, boyfriend is far away in Sichuan, even if a message can play a role? What's more, in the middle of the night, the boy may shut down and go to bed early. The girl forgot to call the police first, and at this most feared moment, she only remembered the boy.

To the girl's surprise, a few seconds after the message was sent, the boy's phone came in. She turned it on gently, and heard the voice of concern from the boy: Silly girl, did you miss me? The girl kept her voice down as much as possible and told the boy that now she lives alone in the house, there might be thieves outside the door, and she was so scared. The boy comforted the girl not to be afraid. He thought about it and said to the girl: put your mobile phone outside the speaker and turn on the loudest sound, you go slowly to the door, do n’t be afraid, dear one , believe me Don't be afraid. The girl is smart and ice-cold. As soon as the boy said, she thought of the boy's intention: the boy shouted aloud to let people outside know that there are men in the house, people who steal things or have other ideas, and the acquaintances will leave. The girl trembled to the door and turned on the loudspeaker of the mobile phone. After the sound turned to the maximum, she gently said to the microphone: OK, I'm at the door, and the small loudspeaker is turned on. At this time, the girls confirmed that there was someone outside, and not one, and they could hear a slight conversation.

When the girl's body was shaking and she couldn't stand, she suddenly yelled in the mobile phone: ***, who is making my door outside? Several of the brothers in the room got up and some guests came. The boy's voice was so loud and rough that he scared the girl in the silent night. However, the people outside the door may be scared to jump higher. The girl only heard the sound of footsteps fluttering from near to far, and she seemed to be scared away. The girl let out a sigh of relief, her legs softened, and spread to the ground. The boy waited for a while and asked gently: Is anyone outside going away baby? The girl finally cried and said to the mobile phone, dear one , I miss you.

The girl was shocked, and the boy kept comforting the girl. That night , two people held the phone and said to Tianming, the girl said to hang up, how long did it cost to spend such a long distance. The boy laughed and said that she was really a silly girl. The girl said that she was stupid. Silly will look after you. Hang up, my dear one. Go to work carefully today and fall asleep by the boss K. After hanging up, the girl was in a sweet mood, and she enjoyed the sense of security that the boy gave her, but the disadvantage is that the boy seems to have formed the habit of hanging up the phone first, and this time is no exception. The girl ’s heart Think: Although he is very good, but in the end he is not as deep as a boy and a girl as he loves me. He never let me hang up first.

It ’s getting hot. Many girls have no pockets on their singles, so she often forgets to bring her mobile phone. For example, she forgets her mobile phone on her desk when she eats after work. When I return, I will receive the missed call and message from the boy, and only then will she feel fair: Hum, always hang up with me every time. I ca n’t answer your call in time. Even a small punishment is forbidden. Aggrieved, stupid.

On May 12th, the ordinary can't be an ordinary day, the girl is devoted to doing her own thing in that small company, and working tirelessly for her little dream. As soon as I got off work, a message came from the office: a major earthquake occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan, the epicenter of which was said to be about the same magnitude as the Tangshan earthquake. The girl was shocked, and subconsciously drew her mobile phone from her pocket, forgetting to bring it!

She immediately picked up the landline in the office to call the boy, but when she dialed the signal and dialed the landline number at home, it still didn't work. It seems that Sichuan's communication facilities were also destroyed by the earthquake. An ominous premonition swarmed into my heart, and the impatient girl couldn't wait to get off work. She rushed down from the office building and hurried a taxi to the house she rented. When I opened the mobile phone, there were more than fifty missed calls, all of which were called by the boy. She flipped, and there was an unread text message: baby, dear one , silly girl, exhausted all my life. Love one calls you, I love one you, I love one more than you love one .

Ever since you insisted that I hang up first, I know that you must have seen that story, but dear one , I want to tell you that I love you more than you love me One love one . In fact, I have also read that story, I have seen it a long time ago. It is a beautiful story, which is beautiful because of regrets, but it does not belong to us. I do n’t want that kind of beauty, I do n’t want that kind of beauty. Unforgettable heart will accompany heartbreaking heart, I would prefer two people to live a peaceful life, not the kind of unforgettable heart, I just want to live with you for a lifetime, with the hand of a child, and old age.

I don't want that miserable beauty, I just want real happiness. I never dare to forget to bring my mobile phone. I'm afraid that one day you will miss me. If I don't bring my mobile phone, I'm afraid you will be as frustrated as me. Many times, even in the toilet, I will carry my mobile phone in my pocket. I never shut down at night, I change the battery every night before going to bed, and turn the ringtone up. I'm afraid which night you will be afraid to talk to me. If I shut down, you will be more lonely in a foreign land. Every time you ask me to hang up first, I know it ’s because you love me, I ’m happy, I always think of it when I think of it; my phone never shuts down, but you do n’t know, that ’s because I love you more, don't blame I didn't tell you, my baby, I want to wait until we are all grown up monsters.

Silly girl, it looks like I do n’t have the blessing that will accompany you throughout my life. The prefabricated board on my back has pressed me for more than two hours. My entire chest and back have a tearing pain. I smelled a bloody smell, baby, I may not be able to accompany you any longer. Dear one , I want to hear your voice. I call your mobile phone over and over again. Why don't you answer it? Dear one , do you hear me calling you? Dear one , it's so dark here, I'm so cold, I want you to hold me.

My dear one , my dear one , my baby, I love one you, I am so timid and so afraid of death at the moment, because that means I can't kiss you and hurt you anymore. I am even more worried that you will be heartbroken because of me. Do n’t do that, dear one , I am gone. You will find another person to take care of you in Beijing, where there are many successful people and many opportunities. You are the most holy angel in heaven. No one is protecting you. I'm afraid you will be hurt.

Promise me, dear one , if there is another man who loves you like me, don't answer his call, I know how painful he will be then. I can't breathe, baby, goodbye, afterlife, I must be your husband!

Baby, one love one , silly girl, once again exhausted all the love in this life called you, I love one you, I love one more than you love one .

The girl's tears were like the river breaking the river, and she couldn't breathe before crying. She raised her head to the sky, closed her eyes and screamed:

Dear one , I will be your wife in my next life, I will never forget to bring my mobile phone again! !!

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