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Talking about Internet Emotions

Time: 2016-03-15

1. The most terrible thing is to tell your best friend the truth, but he tells it to others as a joke .

2. The word fate is a contradictory individual. Fate?

3. Meet a firework show, use a reincarnation time.

4. Some people are destined to be missed. And some people do n’t even miss it, just passing by.

5. If something can't be kept, you should let it go and give it freedom.

6, heartache is a wound that can never be covered up.

7. Thank you for your smile. I have been flustered in my life.

8. It is difficult to make up your mind to leave, but even harder is the person who stays.

9. The madness on the dance floor is my fate.

10. I want to give you happiness , but I can't enter your world.

Talking about Internet Emotions in 2014

11. I fell into the tolerance of blind and crazy love, and fulfilled your queen of love and love.

12. The only regret I have is that so far there is no photo taken with you.

13. I said that we are a circle, and everyone who is gone is incomplete.

14. We remembered that there were no wrinkles, but you used iron to leave a period.

15. Time is broken gently, and it can no longer be spliced completely.

16. If not, once was once, the past is long past, be yourself

17, hello is good, handsome I never care about.

18. You don't have to be stubborn, you don't have to lie, people who know you will naturally know what you look like.

19. I ended up with a sad song.

20. Obviously I have forgotten, but always inadvertently, a picture, my heart faintly hurt.

21. Can't you play love songs, the sound is so lonely.

22. A strong heart is often defeated by a simple consolation, and then burst into tears.

23. Even if you lose everything, don't lose your smile.

24. Give up, I have no chance to look back.

25. Spring is here, the small tree has sprouted, and the stock market has turned green.

26. Don't shed new tears for old sadness .

27. Don't wait for me to change before saying that I miss the former.

28. Don't wait for me to change before you say you love me.

29. Not choosing is also a choice.

30. Don't look at it means you don't care.

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