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The most popular qq talk

Time: 2016-03-15

1. Take your own path, and divide it with one love and one love soldier.

2, intend to marry a wife, no intention to love one love one .

3. Use your 2b pencil to describe your life .

4. I am a perfectionist. The room will not be cleaned if it is not dirty enough.

5. Even if I am a toad, I will never marry my toad.

6. I don't like to clean up the room. They all call me messy room heroes.

7. Who uses a smile to pretend not to be sad , and who hides sadness seamlessly?

8. There is no way in the world, and there are more people walking, so there are toll stations.

9, life is born, death is life, life is death.

10. After getting on the thief boat, follow the thief.

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11. Life is like a maze. We use the first half of our life to find the entrance and the second half to find the exit.

12. It's better to touch the wall than to face it at home.

13. There are no impermeable walls and beams that cannot be hung.

14, you are longer than the fake one milk and one powder are more poisonous, and I have a bigger head when I look at it.

15. Don't ask me for anything, let alone me for something.

16. The road is long and far away, so it's better for us to fight.

17. What does chicken - chicken mean? Answer: Two chickens!

18. Live well, because we will die for a long time!

19. The results of the college entrance examination came out and the teacher took a breath and said to me: In fact, failing to pass the exam is a happiness for you and the university.

20, should eat, drink, don't take things to heart.

21. Looked over the window, jumped over the wall, and slept in three beds overnight .

22. Sorry, it doesn't look like you want.

23. Most people who change their signatures just want to write a sentence that suits their mood and show it to someone.

24. Maturity is not that the heart grows old, but that tears swirl in the eyes while still smiling.

25. Don't look back, brother is just your back.

26. Change is common, general is changed, change is alive, and life is changed.

27. What is more crazy than falling in love and falling in love is love .

28. Do you think I will just watch you go to death? I will close my eyes.

29. The realistic society has ruined my chance to be a good person.

30. My love and one person call me a third party.

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