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Miss boyfriend's sentence

Time: 2015-09-17

Miss boyfriend's sentence

1. If the heart is close, the farther way is short; if happiness is made by honey, the bitter seawater is sweet; if you receive my text message, I hope you are happy and tired again today and you are also happy of!

2. I miss you every day, again and again, until I forget the time; there is day and night, and my thoughts endlessly endlessly; thinking of you is my daily subject; loving you is the only thing in my life!

3. I am willing to be a tree and stand on the road you must pass. I am willing to make a cloud to stand up to the scorching sun for you. I would like to make an umbrella and stand up to a storm. This is love and affection!

4. I will give you a fruit basket with love and heart , which will be safe in the lower layer; infinite happiness in the middle; rich and auspicious piled around; happiness and eternal happiness! Happy every day, 365 days!

5. If you are going to say "goodbye" to me one day, then I would rather you be dumb! If you are really dumb, don't think "goodbye" to me. I would rather love you!

6. The importance of life is in the days spent with you. It is with you that I can fight for the beauty of each other's lives. Only with you and my life is full of sun and light.

7. Surprise you with one second, touch you with one minute, wave you with one hour, warm you with one day, warm you with one month, be happy with you in one year, spend your whole life in one One love one you! I love you!

8. Weather forecast: I miss you a little bit during the day. When I turn to imagination in the afternoon, my mood will be reduced by five degrees. Due to this low mood, it is expected that this type of weather will continue until I see you.

9. There is no desert in the world. Every time I miss you, God drops a grain of sand, and there is a Sahara! There is no sea in this world, just because every time I miss you, God sheds a tear, so there is the Pacific Ocean.

10, the heart wants you to hear, one love one must let you see, not afraid to admit how much you love you; when I miss you, I hope you can receive my true message. I love you!

11. If you shed tears, I wish it was the toilet paper in your hand; if you woke up, I wish it was the feces in your eyes; if you died of heat, I wish it was the only cloth left on your body.

12. A warm, a sweet, a happy bag, a bucket of health, a box of peace, a box of happiness, a heart of love, plus my full blessing, you are happy to receive this message forever Good health!

13. Maybe I still don't understand one love one , but I will miss you when you are away, I will care about you when I travel, and I will worry about you when I am sick. In short, everything is all around you! I love you!

14. Forget the tiredness of working during the day, put aside the usual sorrow, let Xi Xi be the bed, let Sisi be the cool quilt, and let me wish you a good night to sleep, good night! Good dream!

15. A person's life may be loved many times, but only one person can make you smile the most beautiful and the most painful.

16. Thinking of you, in every night: the breeze blowing, I whispered to you; miss you, in every morning: the gorgeous morning glow, is the red face I exposed to you.

17. When I meet your heartbeat speed up, I can't see you feeling bad, dreaming that your time is passing fast, is it too long to have you.

18. Let me end Barlin on your mobile phone, I hope it will nourish your mood! Every drop of rain drops, on behalf of me, I send you a blessing, good luck long with you! Happiness is in your heart!

19. Send you couplets: Shanghai couplet: pay for one love and oneself, start your love, and walk in the acacia area. Xia Lian: I also like joy, thinking is sweet, Tiannan Haibei often contact. Horizontal batch: can't live without you!

20, the stars know my heart, my infatuation, waiting for your heart, even if the sea dry stone rotten.

21, the wind is flying through the flowers, and the constant choking is the numerous stumbling blocks to you. No one knows how this kind of thought hurts the heart and lungs, how to completely empty the heart, and then tortured it ruthlessly. Your figure always flies in my heart and makes me drunk!

22. One hundred thousand eagerly tells you that you must be calm and prepared. A group of people inquired about you everywhere and said they would never lightly arrest you! (www.sbkk8.com) One is called God of Wealth, one is Happy, one is Health, one is Ping An, and the leader is Happiness! Alone cares about you!

23. If the frog did not become a prince, if the princess did not wake up, if the little mermaid did not turn into a bubble, would I still believe in love and affection? I believe because there is still you by my side. The vast sea of people guides you by your name; cold nights, hold your name for warmth; endless life, travel with your name.

24. Yeah! I accidentally sent you "I Love You" by mistake. If you accept it, save it. If you do not accept it, send me these three words. Hehe, I love you!

25. If you insist on leaving, how can I keep you? Those who have kept you, your heart is also floating in the distance; I who lost you has nothing. But don't pity me!

26. With you, my life has been inspired from now; with you, my life has a colorful color; with you, my life becomes one color and one color; I live in your miss In. I love you!

27. In the evening, facing the lonely lamp, I fell into indescribable thoughts. When I could n’t solve it, I walked along the beach and grass where we walked, facing the stars and the moon.

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