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Describe missed sentences

Time: 2015-09-17

Describe missed sentences

1. Cherish every friendship around you, whether it has passed or not, whether it has a future or not, should not be forgotten. Classmate friendship is a seed and a seed. If you cherish it, you will sprout in your heart, pump a leaf , flower, and bear fruit. And the fragrance when blooming will always accompany you.

2. I just felt a soulless body holding me in my arms, feeling a warmth, and a living creature. So, this night I have no fear, no night without fear, I can sleep peacefully, I can see you in my dreams, see your face, your eyes, your smile and the poetry in your smile.

3. Miss your smile, miss your beauty, miss your noble temperament and charming taste. I can hardly forget your feeling of tenderness and water in memory!

4. There is no pain in tearing the heart apart from the moment when our loved ones are separated from us. It is also painful to miss our loved ones in heaven. When loved ones leave us forever and go to heaven, they leave us with a lifetime of thoughts and a lifetime of concern.

5. In the bright spring, I miss you and want to swim with you; in the waves of summer, I miss you and want to experience the baptism of thunderstorm with you; in the autumn of the red leaves, I miss you and want to share with you Harvest; cold winter, I miss you, I want to hug the warmth of Taiyiyangyi with you.

6. People, the most touching moment comes from being remembered by friends; the most beautiful moment comes from thinking about friends; there is no agreement but tacit understanding. No matter where you are, may you be remembered every day!

7. I want to tell you: friends will support you silently. If you encounter something that doesn't go well, look back, and you will find that I am with you.

8. I turn my thoughts into godly blessings, and I will accompany you for 365 days. May you enjoy all the joy in your expectations, every little thing can bring you sweet feelings and infinite joy!

9. When I am happy, I think about your happiness, when I am happy, I think about your happiness, when I am healthy, I think about your health. When I am in pain, I have your cordial greetings, when I am in trouble, I have your hot hands, and when I am lonely, I have your laughing memories.

10. Lying asleep in bed while listening to comfortable music. In the dream, I returned to the familiar village, the familiar village and the more familiar back ...

11, miss, miss, miss this is the voice of heart, I don't know what to use to explain my heart, no one can see or hear, only I slowly feel the feeling of missing. I hope everyone in the world will cherish everything they have now, and do n’t miss them until they are lost, that kind of miss ...

12, miss friends, when thinking of the extreme, others will see your lips move slightly, a trace of smile will leak from the corner of the mouth, the faint cloud between the eyebrows will gradually dissipate, the gloomy eyes will Gradually revealed a relief, a light of wisdom.

13. At the end of the equator, have you ever felt that the sky in the summer night, every star, is the silent thoughts of your loved ones in your hometown? At the end of the equator, have you ever felt that the snow in winter, every crystal, is a letterhead for your loved ones in your hometown? At the end of the equator, have you ever noticed that spring blossoms are a magnificent scene of life, and autumn raindrops are an overcast, sunny, cold and warm journey of life.

14. Good memories still come to my mind. The good times spent with my classmates will always be deeply engraved in my heart!

15. After a few partings, I experienced the pain of losing my loved ones. I realized that my life is only once, and it can be a blessing to be repaired by my loved ones in a few lifetimes. Therefore, I want to cherish every loved one around me more.

16. Choose such a cold winter night, in a kind of cold and cold, one person thinks about you quietly, my friend. I can't tell if I want to wake up with this cold, or use it to polish something. There was a bit of silence in my heart, and a little bit of movement.

17. Sincere blessings, you can feel the breath of friendship even thousands of miles apart. I wish to accompany my friends through every day. Space is the communication between the souls of friends. Messages are concerned about the true feelings of friends. It is a good miss to leave the space of friends! Also feel the happiness of living under the same blue sky.

18. I remember that my classmates were very young. In order to imitate Shaolin Temple stick monks, we planned to run away from home and go to Shaolin to learn martial arts. A westward journey also made us want to go to Africa, and our dream became Sun Dasheng. Once turned over a two-meter wall ...

19. Thinking back to the days when we were together, my mind was hazy. Your energetic body is always accompanied by moonlight into my dreams, making me worry.

20, I really miss the life at school, those good friends, former competitors, I really do n’t know how they are doing now, do you still remember those sweet and bitter days, those strange things, those good There are bad classmates, maybe they have forgotten it, but the good high school life will really be stored in my memory for a lifetime, even if I no longer think about it for many years, I can't forget it.

21. At Mid-Autumn Festival, relatives in their hometown are admiring the moon, and they are telling the heart song with the round and bright moon. what about you? Is your moon full there? Is your moonlight there? At this moment, are you looking into the distance, missing your hometown and loved ones?

22. The next thing I just miss is silently. I miss those friends who have given encouragement and concern. Although I left, I still appreciate it, but I still miss it.

23. Never betray your relatives for being slow, because you can never imagine how they patiently taught you to walk when you were young; never betray your relatives who will not send emails because you never know when they were young How to teach you to talk tirelessly; never ignore your loved ones because of your busy work, because you will never know how they care about you when you were young ...

24. They have been separated for many years. Maybe you are far away from the sky, maybe you are close at hand. I miss you very much. You are doing well now and become my concern.

25. You can see, you can see, in this rippling spring night, in this courtyard full of moonlight, I silently pick, silently pick, pick up all the thoughts of you.

26. When I miss you, I find that I have the idea of demanding you again. When I think of you, I find that I am a little humble. As soon as I was near your window, listening to the sound of flutes in the curtain, I really wanted to fly in, and I was afraid that it would mess up the mottled bamboo shadow in the house. This kind of repetition made me a little disturbed.

27. The day I leave you is like a day every year. How can a mobile phone express my heart? Every day I stand in front of the calendar: Time, please hurry up, I am not afraid to spend years in my life, what I want is my love and one by my side, share every happiness, share every responsibility , Simple and happy, but it is our greatest happiness.

28. Although distance can separate you from me, what cannot be separated is the thought of you. Whenever you look up and see the bright moon in the night sky, the moonlight has a part of my thoughts, faint, scattered in front of your window.

29. I am a lonely boat, longing for the warm harbor. No matter how far away the ends of the earth, I will come to the shore gently, telling the thoughts of the wind and waves.

30. Worry that you started with that long brightly colored avatar. Every time I hide on the line, I can always see your head light up, I dare not show up, I am afraid to disturb you, and I am afraid of facing the embarrassment of forgetting my friend. Knowing that you love to smoke one by one , but don't want you to smoke one more , knowing that you love to write one, but don't want you to stay up late, if you can, let me quietly hold a cup of tea on your desk, relieve fatigue, Burn another pillar of fragrance, and clear your mind.

31. This poem-like music does not belong to me, this honey-like moonlight does not belong to me, and this spinning dance step does not belong to me. Do you know? Acacia farther than the stars belongs to me, the more hurried steps than the wind belong to me, and the deeper nostalgia than the night belongs to me.

32. There are two lights in the window of memory, which are your affectionate eyes; your talking eyes say to me: the night of missing is about to pass, please meet the dawn of meeting.

33. My hometown is far away, and I miss my hometown and my relatives more. It is the mood that every wandering person has ever had, especially when the mood is depressed. I miss my hometown and my loved ones more. When my family is in pain, they will comfort me. Caring is even more important, but at this moment, the loved ones in our hometown are like us, thinking about their loved ones far away from home, and thinking about the people who are drifting in different places.

34. Looking back, it is a string of sweet and sour yesterday: Yesterday, there was our argument in class; yesterday, we ran on the court; yesterday, we struggled in the examination room; yesterday, there were us in the candlelight singing. Yes, yesterday, how beautiful and memorable!

35. Lost knowing and cherishing. The world of yin, yang, and two is cruel and helpless. I hope that those whose parents are still alive will find time to go home often to try their best to fulfill their duties as children.

36. Friends are fate, I will cherish them forever, friends are gold, always glorious, friends are harps, playing beautiful life, friends are tea, taste the fragrance of life, friends are pens, write happiness for a lifetime, friends It ’s a song, I sing warm for a lifetime, I wish my friends a good mood every day, friends, the fullness around them, the phone that I ca n’t help but want to call, the cup of tea that sits late at night, the one I often want to see The figure is deeply concerned about every festival!

37. I thought that if it wasn't for one milk one for one milk one , my childhood would be full of sorrow. If it wasn't for one milk one milk one , I didn't know how much bitterness I had to eat. Yeah, we should always miss our loved ones, think they are good to us, and give them back with a grateful heart.

38. Even in that dream, I was calling your name softly. Maybe you are like a seed and a seed, implanted in my heart field, sprouting and strong in the days, entangled in the atrium, how can I get rid of you! You have long been rooted in my soul, how can I not want you!

39. My father has been away for ten years, and his sound and smile are still the same as before, deeply rooted in my mind. You leave, but leave your thoughts and memories to your little daughter. (www.sbkk8.com) Father, do you feel it, I miss you!

40, often look at myself helplessly, watching myself confused in a world without you. I always hope that the moment you open the door of a room, you will greet your eyes, always eager to be your passionate vocal accompaniment in the moaning song. However, everything is in vain, only struggling to live, thinking about your expectations in your heart, your orders, your eyes ...

41. The years are changing, the thoughts of loved ones, following the flow of light and shadow, stretched countless times, and then stretched, long, as distant as the Guanghan Palace.

42. Missing is the most precious memory in the world. You ca n’t help but think about it. It ’s there, the indelible traces are deeply rooted in your heart, and the tears will flow along the path of missing. The place I want to go to most, and then it comes out, so there is the tears of miss brand, unique tears, only when I miss them with my heart.

43, dear one friend, where are you? Are you standing in a lonely tragedy looking at happiness? Are you busy living under heavy pressure? Are you still looking for yourself in the rushing crowd?

44. It is another Mid-Autumn Festival night and another bright moon. The moon of Mid-Autumn Festival is big and round. How many relatives look forward to! The moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival is bright and bright, most of which is the eyes of loved ones!

45. Tonight, the moon is shining, the wind is light and the stars are soft. I sit at my desk, turn off the dim lights, and look at the starry night sky through the window, guessing which star is this friend, which One star is that friend, and they all seem to blink and laugh, talk to me, and talk about the story of the stars shining.

46. Everything changed because of the end of the life of a loved one, or died of illness, died through drinking, or died of a single illness; they went so hurriedly, who would have expected their life to be so Short-term, what is left to our family is pain, never-ending mirrorless thoughts, involuntary tears, remembering the bits and pieces that are with our loved ones. If there is an afterlife, if life can come again,

47. Friendship of students, it is most appropriate to use wine as a metaphor, the older and more fragrant. As time goes by, the word classmates can make people more excited.

48. In the earthly life, she used to hide her in a certain corner of her heart, and she always inadvertently appeared, met in dreams or touched by people ... Only on this special day, will the thoughts be released intensively, Ren's tears flowed freely, expressing deep affection for the deceased relatives.

49. In my case, when I feel such loneliness, it is when I miss my friends. A friend is an exhilarating song, a lyrical poem, a lush green meadow, and a sail boat that has gone away, swimming among the clouds, and floating under the moon ...

50. "When the broken soul comes most in the spring, we cry with Qingming." It is another year of Qingming. On this special day, each of us doubles our memory of our loved ones.

51. Sometimes, some people have already left without saying goodbye; sometimes, they do n’t need to speak to understand; sometimes, they have to go longer if they do n’t go. Those people, those things, those roads, just those, just then, it was the past.

52. I have been motivated and remembered in my heart. I have accompanied you and remember your warmth. I will always remember you.

53. There are too many births and deaths in life. This can't be changed but can't be forgotten. The distant is the back of a loved one. The gradual is endless thoughts. Tonight is sleepless. The past is repeated over and over. Missing the net. I miss my loved ones, I miss the years I passed together, I miss the familiar faces of my loved ones, I miss our past ...

54. One love one you just miss when you can't see you; one love one you just look at you stupidly when you see you; one love one you are one love one gentle eyes in your eyes one love one The smiley face by your mouth.

55. Although there is only a lone mother left, I still cannot accompany her daily. For the ideal and life, I am still wandering as before. In the wandering days, I miss my mother as if My mother misses me every day in my hometown.

56. I have eyes but I cannot see you at all times, I have ears but I cannot hear you at all times, and I have hands but I cannot hold you at all times, but I have a heart that can miss you at any time.

57. How can I close my eyes without my swaying gesture in my mind? How can you clenched your fists without the temperature you pull on your fingertips? How can you hold yourself tight and touching the orbit without your touch? How can you feel your passion soar without calling you?

58. When I leave, I know that there is a feeling called miss: when I miss you, will you just miss me too. When people always miss others, I long for you to appear in my dreams, and really embrace me! In Yuelang's starry night, I miss you far away.

59. Thousands of thoughts freeze in the air. Raising the wind to you, with my blessing, I don't care about loneliness, I will be satisfied if you are happy, I think you are my happiness!

60. The spring rain is continuous and intermittent, gradually blurring my vision, and my heart seems to be naturally immersed in the soft spring rain. Looking at the drizzle, spring grass, tender shoots, yellow flowers, and lanlan, I always couldn't help but miss someone I loved.

61. Friends with deeper feelings and deeper feelings of affection and estrangement will gradually fade away. It ’s not that each other ’s hearts have changed, nor is it no longer that the other party is a friend, but, far away in the world, joy and sorrow ca n’t be shared. It turns out that we ’re so far away that we only have greetings — greetings are good, at least we Never forget each other.

62. One day you will be away, or will not return for a long time, or will never return to us, or go to another world. So, after sorrow, we miss forever. What is this miss? Is the pain after habit loss? Or the desire left after being fulfilled? Or is it just because of that familiar atmosphere or figure?

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