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Miss lover's sentence

Time: 2015-09-17

Miss one love one sentence

1. You left, leaving me with endless thoughts. But even if I can no longer see you, it is enough to have this true companionship.

2. I don't know since when you have quietly stayed in my heart, a little sweet, a little surprise, I tried to pretend that I don't care about you, and just buried you secretly in my heart. Just like the secret of fish and birds, you care about me, I miss you, but one soars under the sea, and one swears to be in harmony with the sky. Even if you have me in your heart, I have you in my heart, but lament this helpless and distant distance.

3. Countless thoughts of your day and night, the endless love and love of your lingering and lingering, its waves and waves, is your smile; affectionate and moving, is your eyes; infatuated It is my belief that you do not change. You are my only hope in this life.

4, facing the screen alone, fell into inexplicable thoughts, quietly thinking about everything in the past, from acquaintance to embracing, thoughts like tide.

5. The moonlight devoured the darkness of the earth, but it could not erase my thoughts; the starlight dressed up the beauty of the blue sky, but could not drive the loneliness in my heart. A trace of thoughts, a pain, every word in the text message is a sorrow accumulated because I miss you.

6. The days of life that are as plain as water are sweet because of love, warm because of touching, and bitter because of missing. Through the fiery summer, through the tangled autumn, through the warm winter, and through the blank spring. In a blink of an eye, it's hot summer again, because of you, you have a boundless thought and helplessness. Maybe, the past was too beautiful and too real, which made me have a paranoid heart and couldn't let it go.

7. In the wind, my thoughts fly in the air; in the rain, the leaves fall and splashes; the people in my heart know that I am hurt! Not to mention, with a smile on the face!

8. Thoughts are tide, surging on every night that misses you; cares like a sea, surging on every busy day; it seems to hug you and kiss and hug you, let the breath of one love one slip along forever Forever, let you touch with your soul to the boundlessness of my love and one .

9, one night, Liao Liao is difficult to repatriate, the beauty shadow is sparse and dreamy, the snow sorrow wind misses the old league, the thoughts become rivers and tears are hard to break, the starry sky is proud and the night is full of laughter. Thinking of you, in the days of wind and snow, I am willing to hold up a sky for you.

10. Unforgettable you, because you are full of deep passion in that youthfulness, your sincere feeling is hidden in that anxiety, and your deep affection is revealed in Guan Yi Ai Yi . Unforgettable you, because the former eachother mountain alliance still lingers in your ears, the faint voices and smiles are still in sight, and the spirits of the past are still there. Unforgettable you, because your love and one have been deeply engraved in my heart and will never be polished.

11. Time goes by, thinking of you over and over again; the world is always changing, one love one you will not change; the years are always vicissitudes, spreading thoughts; the blue sky says one love one love, one love one you this life Never change!

12. I ca n’t help but love you, just like a bird ca n’t help but miss you, just like a rose ca n’t help opening, I ca n’t help but send a text message to you, I want to talk to my heart, ca n’t help it If you miss it, you can't help but smile!

13. I can't hold back my heartbeat and let me deeply experience the beauty of concern. I will send you a warm jacket woven with my heart and cover you with blessings. May happiness be in your arms forever and happiness will laugh.

14. The road I have traveled is full of thorns to prove existence; because of you, I hope that even if I wear branches and leaves in the future, I will not feel hard. The fragrance is full of trails. On the one hand, there is friendship, and on the other hand, there is love and affection!

15. Life is so contradictory and distressed. Since I don't think it is worthy of you, why can't I calm down at all, but it is becoming more and more enthusiastic, and the love and admiration of my heart increases day by day?

16. The day and night you run in my mind makes me miss nowhere to escape. I am like taking a love, a love, a poison, and a medicine. I ca n’t stop after I love you. There is no way to escape. It can be saved, but you ca n’t quit poison, you can only pray to heaven, and work with you to grow old, just to rely on your life.

17. If you are cold, I am spring; if you are sad, I am sweet; if you are sad, I am happy. Maybe I am not everything of you, every day, but by no means the burden of your life.

18. I have dreamed of you no less than a hundred times, almost every night your figure will come into my dream. Now that we are on each side, I miss you more strongly than ever. All I can do is ask God to give me endurance, and don't push the good times we meet again too far.

19. On every day of the year, every hour of the day, every minute of the hour, every second of the minute, I miss you.

20, the flowers are beautiful and colorful, with a dreamy lily fragrance, the Golden House is only waiting for Yufeng, and the embroidery building still needs nectar. Thinking of you, looking forward to you, I can't help but care.

21. I can't see you with my eyes, I will look at you with my heart; I cannot see you with my heart, I will look at you with my mind; if I still cannot see you with my mind, I will see you with my whole life; (www.sbkk8.com) If I still can't see you with all my life, well, I will replace my entire life with your life and see you in a self-perceived way. Because I just do n’t believe in evil, I just want to feel you clearly in this life.

22. I miss the moment of sending the moon with a long miss, no matter what time you entrust the stars, no matter if you are traveling alone in another country or you just set foot on a returning passenger ship, the starry sky and moonlight are all my best to you. I really miss it!

23. Acacia a little bit, looking forward every night, looking forward to meeting. Listen to a song "Colorful Cloud Chasing the Moon", tears, dripping! That is the talk of the soul! The resentful flute seems to tell me if they can get together again after parting? At this time, I was alone in the dark looking at the moon and thinking about me, and I missed the blue acacia tears to reconcile the thoughts, drifting towards you in the distant night.

24. For the first time, you made me understand the taste of love and love, and for the first time I learned the whole body of excitement and joy ...

25. It ’s a pity that I want to send you a rose, but I do n’t know how to give you comfort, but I still want to send you a ring, but I ’m still in the safe.

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