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Talk about Luffy

Time: 2016-03-15

1. Luffy loves adventure, eats meat the most, sometimes there is a lack of muscles in his mind, and he does some silly things, but at the critical moment is a very reliable person and shows that he is beyond ordinary Calmness and wit belong to the type that is strong when strong.

2. Luffy is my favorite person ...

3. I am the man who is going to become One Piece! One Piece, I am set.

4. I like watching One Piece and Luffy.

5. Luffy, the person who grew up with me, loves Luffy ...

6. For Luffy, I am willing to be a real monster.

7. The first time I saw One Piece, I really liked Luffy. He loved and ate, but he was very brave and persistent. Seeing him, you can believe without hesitation that everything will be fine.

8. I like to watch Luffy laugh, as if there are no worries.

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