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The guy touched the girl

Time: 2016-03-15

1. For me, please take good care of yourself, eat when hungry, dress when cold, sleep when you are sleepy, turn your head when you see a handsome guy!

2. Although our feelings are not the same as Romannick in the lens nor Liang Zhu in the drama, our experience is even better than them! that's enough!

3. As long as you want, as long as I have, what else can you turn outside and stay with me honestly.

4. You wait, one day, you will be the milk of my grandson!

5. You are not allowed to bully her! Only me in the world!

6. Listen, I allow you to like me. We have no other choice but to grow old.

7. Your hesitation period has passed, and no two-heartedness is allowed! From today, only gentle and considerate, and no overbearing; only one love one , not hate; only laugh, not cry.

8. Snow is falling in the blue sky, and beautiful shoes are missing your feet. Your acquaintance is a myth. Please call me gently!

9. I don't mind if you have an intestine, but never thinner than me.

10. You are aura, I am stupid; you are elegant, I am rustic; your aroma, I am alcoholic; you are angry, I am angry. Everything is just for your satisfaction.

11. I miss you not because of loneliness, but because I miss you. The reason why loneliness is so important is because I think too deeply.

12. Without me by your side, you have to wear warm clothes in cold weather, you need to be full when you are hungry, have good dreams in sleep, and I have nothing but dreams in my dreams!

13. Today I was sick and was very sick. The doctor said that I had acacia, and also said that only you can cure my disease. Will you come? I heard you say to God that you will not marry me. So I don't want you to betray God!

14. I am cow dung, you are a flower, you are a tofu, I am a slag, we were a family 300 years ago.

15. I'm tired of your work, your stomach hurts when you drink, I cry when you're sad, I cover you when you sleep, because I'm your good baby.

16. How are you feeling, are you comfortable now? Sleep obediently for a while, I will be by your side.

17. Daughter-in-law, I really like it. I like watching you carefully and carefully when you cut my nails.

18. I met you in the vast crowd, it is a kind of fate, I just hope to use my sincerity in exchange for your true feelings.

19. Listening to you mentioned in the spring, I can't help but be fascinated, every moment has vitality, every minute has the power of beauty, every second has the charm of your blooming in my heart, long-term love.

20. If you are cold, I will hold you in my arms; if you hate, I will wipe the tears for you; if you love me, I will broadcast to the world; if you leave me, I will bear it silently.

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