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Girlfriend flirtatious

Time: 2015-07-29

Girlfriend flirtatious

I will not kill you or scold you, my conspiracy is to kill you.

Your birth gives me hope, and I hope to give you happiness.

The more you want to know if you have forgotten, the more clearly you remember. I once heard people say that when you can no longer have it, the only thing you can do is to keep yourself from forgetting.

The closed heart is finally opened by you. The small space can only accommodate you. You are the only one in my heart, because I can no longer accommodate a second person.

Until now, I have hardly missed you for a moment, and the deep love and shouting in my heart are always sizzling and exhausting. Especially at night, when the moon is in the middle of the sky, bright and clean, half missing and half round, like a poem, like a dream, what kind of state of mind at that time,

Such a feeling-perhaps only this heaven and the moon know!

Every time I think of you in my heart, the rainbow also smiles and opens my mouth, every time I think of you in the middle of the night, the stars also wait for me. Our love is far away, and it is beautiful in nature and sweet-hearted!

Baby, if I quit you can be happy, I am willing; if you want me to be brave, I am willing ... because one love one you, so I want to make you happy; because one love one you, so I want to face everything, baby I love you!

I love my wife the most. After she got married , I was just a child, a well-behaved, dark child.

I just want a shoulder that can bear my tears when I'm frustrated, and a bite when I'm happy. Looking at you smiling, I suddenly realized that I am really the happiest person in the world ...

Girlfriend flirtatious

You are so touching, let me love you, you do n’t put you in your mouth, I hide you in my heart, I will live every day for you, I will treasure you forever

You are the eternal wait in my heart! It has been lingering, just like a thorn in my heart, it hurts to get in, and even more pain when pulled out! Doomed to be heartache for you in this life!

A girl is like the shadow of a person. If you chase her and attach her, she will always be in front of you; when you turn around, she will stare at you instead.

I wish it was the tree in front of your window, I wish it was the book on your desk, and I wish it was the candle in the middle of the night, dedicated and happy for you.

A flower blooms for a season, as evidenced by falling red; how can the years passed be held in smoke. Your smile is my eternal love; whether the true love of Acacia can understand one or two. Dear one love one baby, you are my one, one love one you forever.

The boot is to wait for you, the shutdown is to hide from you, the shutdown is to forget you, and the number expires to never forget!

Loneliness is a cigarette, miss is a tear, in the misty smoke, I see your handsome face, as if moving as we met for the first time.

I want to be a shirt, I can wrap (hold) you all day; I want to be a hot water bottle, I can bake (coax) all day; I want to be a bowl of warm soup, dissolved in your mouth and melted into your heart .

Lost and lonely, it is you who led me out of loneliness.

Girlfriend flirtatious

For centuries of reincarnation, we meet; how many marriages we have accumulated, we fall in love. Dear one love one , it's nice to have you, let's love each other sweetly , keep happiness happy, until we grow old!

When drinking tea, we usually feel the first bite is bitter, but if you keep drinking it, you will feel the fragrance deep inside! The reason we kept drinking was just to forget the bitterness of that first sip.

I have never thought about being rich and rich, and being able to walk quietly through all the spring, summer, autumn and winter in my life with the one who loves one and the one who loves me (you) is my only and biggest luxury.

There is an explanation for encounters called fate. There is a belief about life called reincarnation. And for me there is a complex called miss! If there is reincarnation, I hope you will be in every life

The sky is falling, and I will be the last pillar above your head. The earth is cracking, and I will do the last note of Ganquan beside you. The one who loves one , walks with your heart, and the one with one loves you.

My dear, it is you who accompany me through the ups and downs, and with me Hou Yun Kaiyue Ming, let me learn to be stable in impetuousness, and to learn to be upset when frustrated. It's nice to have you along the way

Without love and affection, man is like a grass that cannot be illuminated by a sun and a light, and will eventually decline; without love and affection, man is like a lake that cannot excite the thousands of layers and waves, and is extremely lonely and peaceful! People need one love one to nourish, please give me your warmest one love one !

I like the Adi perfume on your body, I like your strong and dark body, I like your pure male sex, and I prefer your unchanging heart

I just want to grow old with you.

I want to see your face every day.

Girlfriend flirtatious

One love and one love is great. It unbalances the laws of mathematics. Two people share the pain, only half of the pain; two people share happiness, but there are two happiness!

You are so bad, you draw a love and affection, dig a gentle and tender pit, put a sweet set, let me drop the trap you set, but if I come again, I still want to go Jump down.

The crush on someone's mood is like a seed in a bottle waiting to sprout. It can never be sure whether the future is beautiful, but it waits sincerely and stubbornly.

To love a girl, instead of giving up her for her happiness, keep her and work for her happiness.

We meet in the red dust, we hold hands in the wind and rain, we move forward side by side in the waves, and the sky has its own arrangements, let us treat this feeling kindly.

Girlfriend flirtatious

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