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Famous quotes about bravery and courage

Time: 2016-10-18

Famous quotes about bravery and courage

1. Courage leads to heaven, cowardly leads to hell. -Seneca

2. Bravery is an ability developed based on a sense of self-esteem. ——Napoleon

3. Cowardice is only a means of taking away security. It not only reduces our ability to defend, but even drives us to the cliff of destruction, causing us to encounter disasters that we never intended to commit. ——Shaft Cibury

4. If something is hopeless, bold attempts will often succeed. ——Shakespeare

5. As long as you persist long enough, after a certain moment of fear comes, fear is no longer an extreme pain at all, but a very annoying and irritating stimulus. -Faulkner

6. Tribulation can test a person's character; a very difficult situation can show a very strong temperament; In a calm sea, all ships can compete side by side; When the iron boxing of fate is at the core, only the talented can Be quiet. ——Shakespeare

7, the husband sees shame, pulls his sword, stand up and fight this is not courageous. --Su Shi

8. There is a limit to pain, and fear is endless. -Polynesian II

9. You are as weak as water. People will find out soon. They don't have to bother to find that you have no backbone. They can deal with you like a slave. --Mark Twain

10. When the child is older, he should be able to do more courageous things in his nature than he dares to do. At first, help him gradually let him do it, until the practice has produced a greater confidence, and done well. -Locke

11. If a person's passion, whether in happiness or distress, has the doctrine of what should be feared and what should not be feared to be taught by reason, then we call each such because of his passion part People are brave people. -Plato

12. Bravery can remove all obstacles. -Pasternak

13. Courage is not only a virtue, but also a manifestation of various virtues when they are tested, that is, in the most realistic situations. -Lewis Cyril Connolly

14. Be brave when you show courage; shrink back and fear. ——Conrad

15. Hesitation may be necessary before making up your mind. However, once you make up your mind, you should keep going. ——Ishikawa Tatsuzo

16. Insulting those who cannot ask you to apologize is a sign of cowardice in itself. ——Mike Saudi Kalman

17. People who are accustomed to actual life can persist to the end, and those who self-reflection and empty talk do not want to cross the boundary designated by themselves and stay there forever. They are in a lofty intention, absolute sincerity and Talented conditions hinder the event from advancing because the precipitous mountain peaks will hurt them. -Turgenev

18. Life shrinks or expands with the courage of a person. ——Annes Nine

19. A person who does not know how to be afraid cannot be regarded as brave, because bravery refers to the ability to be strong and unyielding in the face of all changes. -Leo Roseton

20. Be strong, be brave, don't let despair and vulgar sorrow overwhelm you, and keep the great soul open and calm when suffering. -Amicis

21. Courage is very reasonably regarded as the head of human virtue, because it guarantees all the rest. -Churchill

22. Virtue must have courage, and an upright person is never timid. ——Shakespeare

23. When you go forward, you have to plant flowers all the way, because you will never go the second time the same way. -Irving

24. For those who have self-confidence and don't mind temporary success or failure, there is no such thing as failure! There is no such thing as failure for a person with a determined will! Let go of others, and he still insists; there is no such thing as failure of others who retreat and he still rushes forward! For every fall, you immediately stand up; every time you fall, you will jump higher like a ball. There is no such thing as failure! ——Hugo

25. Adventure is a vital element of history, both for individuals and society. ——Weiqian Bolido

26. It takes courage to deal with poverty, courage to endure ridicule, and courage to face the adversaries in your own camp. ——Russell

27. Among all human beings, everyone who is strong, upright, brave, and kind is a hero! -Beethoven

28. I think the best way to overcome the fear should be: facing the things you fear in your heart, go ahead and do it until you succeed. -Roosevelt

29. Toward a certain goal is "ambition". It's "qi" that you don't stop halfway, and together they are ambition. The success of all causes depends on this. ——Dell Carnegie

30. Fear and bravery are close at hand, and they coexist with each other. Those who advance to the enemy line know the truth. ——Yang Luo

31. Be brave in your soul, not just a strong body. -Kazanzaki

32. The test becomes more huge, severe and complicated. The better it is for those who are good at enduring trials. No matter how intense the pain, anyone who can see that the pain has brought extraordinary benefits will lose effect. -Rousseau

33. Our most important principle is: Don't let people knock you down, and don't let things knock you down. ——Mrs Curie

34. A rational animal should have sufficient decisiveness and courage. Everything that he should do should not shrink from danger because of it. When he encounters sudden or terrible things, he should not be afraid But my heart was panicking, her body was shaking, she couldn't move, or she ran away to avoid it. -Locke

35. Bravery is associated with reflection and determination. ——Yu Wujin

36. Whoever fears is tortured, and has been tortured by his fears. ——Montian

37. Human courage can bear all the burdens; human patience can endure most of the pain. -Samuel Johnson

38. The prosperous and prosperous world has bred a coward in vain, and hardship is always the mother of strength. ——Shakespeare

39. When a person dares to take risks with himself and experience a new way of life, he may change and develop. -Herbert Otto

40. Don't pity them whenever they see a little pain, or let them pity themselves. We should try our best to help and comfort them at this time, but we must not have mercy on them. Because compassion can weaken their psychology, they can't support them with a little injury, and often the result is that they are more immersed in the injured part and the damage is more amplified. -Locke

41. The bravery, boldness, and firm determination can be matched with the superiority of weapons. -Da Vinci

42. The only thing I can trust is my lion-like courage and invincible energy for working. -Balzac

43. There are many sufferings in life, so we must not be too sensitive to every minor injury. In the face of life ordeal, spiritual strength and indifference are our best weapons against sin and accidents in life. -Locke

44. Things in the world are never absolute, and the results are completely different from person to person. Suffering is a stepping stone to genius, a wealth to capable people, and an abyss to the weak. -Balzac

45. Although the danger is not imminent, it is better to invite head-on strikes than to stare at them for a long time, because if a person has stared for too long, he is very likely to sleep. ——Bacon

46. The true perseverance is that when a person encounters any calamity or danger, he can calm himself down and fulfill his duties-Locke

47. Courage is one of the most important traits of human beings. If courage is available, other human traits will naturally be possessed. -Churchill

48. It doesn't matter what direction we are in. What matters is what direction we are moving in. ——Homz

49. Except for fear, there is nothing else in the world, the degree can be compared with bravery. ——John Wright

50. The first great commandment: Don't let the enemy scare you. ——Elmer Davis

51. It is impossible to be brave in thinking that suffering is the greatest misfortune; it is impossible to be temperate in those who think that enjoying is the greatest happiness. -Cicero

52. Since the important foundation of child terror is pain, the way to exercise children to make them not horrible and afraid of danger is to make them suffer. -Locke

53. There is no one in the world who pursues success enthusiastically and bravely, and who can succeed. ——Napoleon

54. Who is the invincible person? Someone who is not afraid at all times. -Epictetus

55. There are many kinds of courage, but first-class merits should be left to those who are unparalleled in the world. They are single-handed, dare to face the whole society, and sentenced in the Supreme Court, and when the whole society thinks that the trial is legal and fair, dare to speak up justice. ——Fang Long

56. People just think about how to protect their children, which is not enough. Should teach him how to protect himself when he is an adult, teach him to withstand the blow of fate, teach him not to look at luxury and poverty, and teach him, when necessary, in the snow and ice of Iceland or the blazing heat of Mal Island Can live on the rocks. -Rousseau

57. Bitterness and sweetness come from the outside world, strength comes from the heart, and one person works hard. ——Einstein

58. If you are timid on the day of adversity, your strength will be fine-tuned-"Proverbs"

59. The virtue required for luck is temperance, and the virtue required for adversity is perseverance. ——Fei Bacon

60. The world is under the jurisdiction of the powerful, and it should be powerful and above all else. -Maupassant

61. A person with courage is a person who is not panic, a person with courage is a person who considers danger and does not shrink back; a person who still maintains his courage in danger is brave, a rash person is reckless, he dares Go on a risk because he doesn't know the danger. -Kant

62. The courage shown in misfortune always irritates the humble heart and delights the noble soul. -Rousseau

63. The most glorious day in a person's life is not the day when fame is achieved, but the challenge to life from sorrow and despair, and the day to bravely move to will. ——Flaubert

64. Boldness produces courage, but suspiciousness produces fear. ——Conrad

65. When the blood is boiling and reason permits, those who dare not stand up are cowards; those who have achieved the intended purpose and are still aggressive are villains. -Heine

66. Courage is a kind of tenacity; it is precisely because it is a kind of tenacity that enables us to have any form of self-denial and self-victory. Therefore, precisely by virtue of this point, courage also has some relationship with virtue. ——Schopenhauer

67. Real courage lies between extreme timidity and recklessness. -Cervantes

68. A hero is a person who has no problem in everything from the beginning to the end. -Baudelaire

69. Bravely conquer everything: it can even add strength to flesh and blood. -Ovid

70. There are no risks that can be overcome without taking risks. -Pebrilus Jean Noen

71. Bravery and perseverance The true intelligence is the determination of perseverance. ——Napoleon

72. Weakness is even more harmful to virtue than evil. -La Rochefoucauld

73. For a person with a strong mind, property can be plundered, but courage cannot be taken away. ——Hugo

74. The person who is really brave is the one who knows the happiness and disasters of life best, and then goes forward to take on the accidents that will happen in the future. ——Bolikeri

75. If you want to try the taste of the brave, you must act like a true brave, and let go of all your strengths. At this time, your fear will be replaced by bravery and determination. -Churchill

76. Blind bravery can sometimes frighten some wise men --- when they are not strong enough. ——Bacon

77. If you are a coward, you are your own worst enemy; but if you are a brave, you are your own best friend. -Frank

78. Courage is a temperament and balance factor between fear and arrogance. Fear creates timidity, arrogance leads to recklessness, and courage uses power to empower those Buddhists to face the unavoidable suffering in life. -Philip Lawton Mary

79. Fear of the enemy frustrates his courage in vain, that is, weakening his strength and increasing the enemy's momentum is tantamount to letting his stupid attack himself. Fear is not immune to death, and the outcome of the war is nothing more than death. Fighting to death, destroying death with death, dying in fear, but becoming a slave to death. ——Shakespeare

80. The roar of "take the guts" is the mother of all success. ——Hugo

81. To go to the big goal, you have to start with the small goal. -Lenin

82. The fear of the human heart is the bright future, and the happiness is covered by the shady moment. ——Will

83. There is genius, strength, and magic in bravery. -Goethe

84. Persevering support and perseverance in the principle of running towards the goal, fully aware of your own power ... ——Dostovsky

85. Courage is the light of adversity. -Zweig

86. You have to be like a linden tree. The wind blows the tree down, but the huge trunk is always upright. -Petofi

87. I walk very slowly, but I never step back. --Abraham Lincoln

88. Tribulation can test a person's character; only a very difficult situation can show a very temperament; the calm sea, all boats can win together; when the iron boxing of fate is at stake, only the brave and the wise can be calm . ——Shakespeare

89. Energetic energy combined with tenacious determination has created many miracles. -Dickens (www.sbkk8.com)

90. Difficulties must be foreseen when planning a major event, but they must be ignored in practice unless the danger is devastating. ——Bacon

91. Bravery comes from struggle, and bravery is gradually formed in the stubborn struggle against difficulties. The motto of our young people is to be brave, tenacious, and determined, that is, to overcome difficulties and obstacles ...-Ostrovsky

92. Anyone who is self-improving will eventually succeed. -Goethe

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