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Inspiring celebrities

Time: 2016-10-18

Inspiring celebrities

1. Adversity and hardship are the highest institutions for tempering personality. -Socrates

2. Without knowing pain, it is not a good man. ——Hugo

3. Never be ashamed of acknowledging mistakes, because acknowledging mistakes can also be interpreted as your more intelligent today. -Marlow

4. Defeating yourself is the most tragic failure, and defeating yourself is the most precious victory. ——Anonymous

5. Books are not only a source of life, but also a source of cultural life for the present, past, and future. -Kufayev

6. Give your smile and gain the sincerity of others.

7. Since ancient times, the great man of the Qiqi, who does not succumb to sorrow, is not enough to learn. ——Fang Xiaoyu

8. Fashion brings inferiority to a flattering level, and then makes bad and good very similar. -Bentley

9. The most precious thing in the world is time, and the most extravagant thing is extravagant time. -Mozart

10. I want to choke the throat of fate, it must not make me completely surrender. -Beethoven

11. Whether it is the singing of a beautiful girl, the barking of a hyena, the tears of a crocodile, or the howling of an evil wolf, will not move me-Chapman

12. Success = hard work + the right way + less talk. ——Einstein

13, amateur life should be meaningful, do not deviate. -Washington

14. Books are not lifeless. They contain the potential of life and are as active as the authors. Not only that, it also looks like a treasure jar, preserving the purest essence of the author's vibrant wisdom. -Milton

15. Will is the power of a unique individual to correct his own autonomy. -Lawrence

16. Books introduce us to the best society and make us know the great wise men of all ages. ——Smiles

17. The greatest enemy of life is yourself. This is the most important thing. In human life, you will always encounter some enemies, such as hooligans, rogues, villains, these beasts and beasts—Buddhist whispers

18. Life is exactly like a marathon race ... Only those who persist until the end can be called winners. -Ikeda Daisaku

19. Strong-willed people can put the world in their hands and knead like mud. -Goethe

20. If one day I can contribute to our public interest, I will consider myself the happiest person in the world. -Gogol

21. Crisis is the touchstone of life. -Shirokov

22. Luxury is comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury. ——CocoChanel

23. Nature traps people in darkness, forcing people to yearn for light forever. -Goethe

24. The so-called living person is the person who constantly challenges and the person who constantly climbs the dangerous peak of destiny. ——Hugo

25. To succeed in this world, we must persist in the end: we cannot let go until we die. -Voltaire

26. Whoever works the same as me will be as successful as me. -Mozart

27. Except for the psychological failure in this world, there is actually no failure. As long as it is not a complete defeat, you will surely win. ——Hen Austin

28. All victory is insignificant compared with victory over conquering yourself; all failures are even more insignificant compared with failure to lose yourself. —— Anonymous

29. Only by devoting himself to society can one find out the meaning of that short and risky life. ——Einstein

30. Will and fate often run counter to each other, and their determination will be overthrown in the end. ——Shakespeare

31. Show yourself, here is a stage.

32. The will of those who are supported by indomitable convictions is more powerful than those seemingly invincible material forces. ——Einstein

33. The life given by God is to contribute to the prosperity and peace and happiness of mankind. ——Kanosuke Matsushita

34. Suffering is the teacher of life. —— Balzac

35. The only way to free the will is to free it from willfulness. ——Hale

36. Only those who lie forever in the mud pit will never fall into the pit again. -Hegel

37. When destiny handed me a sour lemon, let's try to make it into sweet lemon juice. ——Hugo

38. Don't be calm and don't let yourself fall asleep! While you are young, strong and flexible, do good things never tirelessly. -Chekhov

39. It is a great thing to be successful in what others despise, because it proves that not only has it defeated itself, but it has also defeated others. —— Monteland

40. Even if a person has reached the top, he must continue to strengthen himself. -Russell Baker

41. Take a step forward and you may find an unexpected path. Life is like a mountain road. If you step forward, you will find a better way to make life more fulfilling and more fun. ——Kanosuke Matsushita

42. Life is a hard struggle, and you can never take a break. Otherwise, if you earn an inch and a foot, you may lose everything in an instant. ——Roman? Roland

43. Pessimistic people are defeated by themselves before being defeated by life; optimistic people are defeating themselves first, and then defeating life. ——Wang Guozhen

44. Those who can bear themselves can enjoy leisure. ——Greiber

45. On the battlefield, a person sometimes defeats a thousand people, but only the person who defeats himself is the greatest winner. —— Nehru

46. Everyone laughed at old fashion, but reverently pursued new fashion. -Solo

47. The first condition of all victory is to defeat yourself. —— Silampa

48. Temperance increases happiness and enhances enjoyment. -Democritus

49. Although patience and persistence are painful things, they can gradually bring you benefits. -Ovid

50. Suffering is a test, a trial, a clenching of his teeth to dig out the stain on his soul. -Ba Jin

51. Where and when do you start self-education? There is an old adage: "Victory over yourself is the hardest victory." ——Suhomlinski

52. Once the path of life is selected, we must go bravely to the end and never turn back. ——Zola

53. Now that I have embarked on this path, nothing should prevent me from going down this path. -Kant

54. Do something calmly, but once you start, stick to it. ——Bias

55. A person can win thousands of troops on the battlefield, but only the victory is the greatest winner. —— Nehru

56. It is noble to fight for the kingdom of heaven, but it is wonderful to live in this world. Then let's be human. -Mozart

57. The creator is the real enjoyer. ——Fulke

58 、 People who know the full meaning of life will not die casually. Even if there is only a little chance, they will not give up life. -Heine

59. Will is a strong blind man, leaning on the shoulders of a bright-eyed mule. ——Schopenhauer

60. Let's enjoy the taste of life. If we feel more, we will live longer. ——Francis

61. The heavy night is a prelude to the day. ——Guo Xiaochuan

62. Adversity and hardship are the highest schools for tempering personality. -Liang Qichao

63. The suffering of life can't crush me. The joy in my heart is not my own. I put joy into music in order to make the whole world feel joy. -Mozart

64. Each kind of favor has a barb, which will hook the mouth that swallowed the favor, and the benefactor will get where he wants to drag him. -Don

65. Destiny does not crush a person, it only makes people stronger. -Burr

66. Passion is the secret of beauty. Beauty without passion is not attractive. -ChristianDior

67. Don't despair, even if you lose everything, it will still be in your hands tomorrow. -Wilde

68. Even if the wings are broken, the heart will fly. ——Zhang Haidi

69. Nothing can be created out of nothing. Seamless stones cannot flow. Whoever can't burn, only smoke-this is the theorem. Long live the fire of life. --Ostrovsky

70, like a raging torrent that fought against a stubborn cliff mouth, you should jump into that strange, unknowable destiny, and then conquer it completely with courage and bravery, no matter how difficult it is to challenge you . -Tagore

71. Lazy people cannot enjoy the pleasure of rest. -Rabuk

72. Tenacious perseverance can conquer any peak in the world. —— Dickens

73. Career is often accomplished through perseverance and impatience. I saw with my own eyes in the desert that the hurrying traveler fell behind calmly; the galloping horse fell behind, and the camel came forward slowly. -Sadie

74. Heaven will descend to the people of Sri Lanka, and they must first suffer their minds, strain their bones, starve their skin, and disturb their actions. Therefore, they must be patient and gain more than they can do. — Mencius

75. Without gratitude, there is no real virtue. -Rousseau

76. Adhering to the great-willed cause requires an unswerving spirit. -Voltaire

77. Books are such a tool for transforming the soul. What humans need is inspirational nourishment. And reading is exactly this nourishment. ——Hugo

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