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Motto of being a person

Time: 2016-10-18

Motto of being a person

1. When choosing others, let others choose themselves, and when testing others, let others test themselves.

2. You have self-esteem, and you can better respect the self-esteem of others.

3. What is terrible is not loneliness and loneliness, but that you must deal with people you do not want to associate with. ——He Huaihong

4. To judge others is actually a lack of self-affirmation.

5. The appearance is not annoying. If you don't look good, let yourself have talent; if you don't have talent, always smile.

6. Good things are often because they are sincere. ——Roland

7. A person who cares about himself when he is young will become a very shy person. When he is old, he is an incurable miser.

8. People who make friends with you because they are profitable will also break with you because they are not profitable.

9. The natural enemy of interpersonal relationship is "guessing", and cracking the password is "sincere"!

10. Self-defense is not generally done, but some ideas, choices, and right and wrong can be clarified.

11. Choose your friends carefully and change your friends more carefully.

12. Don't take others' good for granted. Be grateful.

13. Don't do anything to others you don't want.

14. Brothers are not necessarily friends, but friends are often brothers.

15. "Experience" is often referred to as "wrong".

16. There is no better thing in the world than a few serious friends who have integrity in heart and heart.

17. Respect the teachers in the communication room and the aunts who are engaged in hygiene.

18. If you see a post that is worth a look, then you must reply, because your reply will give people the courage to move on, it will give a lot of inspiration, and it will also make you grateful! Take this post, for example. Haha ...

19. Opening your eyes does not mean facing the reality.

20. When you dare to laugh at yourself for the first time, you are mature.

21. Share: The less tangible things, the less intangible things, the more points!

22. When someone says something bad about you in front of you, you just smile.

23. Friendship is like a bottle of wine. The longer it is sealed, the higher its value; once it is sealed, it is enough for an alcoholic to drink ...

24. You love yourself sincerely, you can love others more sincerely.

25. Blindfolding one's eyes does not mean that the world is dark; blindfolding others' eyes does not mean that light belongs to oneself.

26. Although one person can choose many paths, he cannot take two paths at the same time.

27. Every milestone on the road of life is engraved with the word "starting point".

28. Friendship can never be a transaction; instead, it requires the most thorough notion of harm.

29. Nothing can improve your bowling performance better than the onlookers. So don't regret your cheers.

30. There is no rich man, but he is so great that he does not need friends.

31. People will respect themselves, and then they will respect them.

32. The easiest place to fall is not high mountains but flat ground. Those who fall into the valley can only find the exit by going up.

33. Don't be afraid to reject others if your reasons are justified. ——San Mao

34. To take the road of tomorrow well, we must remember the road traveled yesterday and think about the road we are walking today.

35. Three fences on one fence and three gangs on one man.

36, people who always love to appreciate their footprints, will only go around in situ.

37. I would rather have a good-faith argument than face a cold silence!

38. The "starling" on the banyan tree was talking, only talking but not listening, and the result was a mess. Learn to listen.

39. If you don't know the details of the other party, you must not take out your heart.

40. Self-criticism always makes people believe, but self-commendation is not.

41. People are so rigid, I use softness to overcome them; people use techniques, I have sincerity; ——Jin Ye

42. Secretly exhort your friends, be sure to praise your friends in the public.

43. For yourself or for yourself, it is a sketch of the inner world that a person hangs under his own name.

44. Friendship is that two hearts treat each other sincerely, not that one heart beats the other.

45. In order to get the friendship of others, you must first show friendship to others.

46. Where there is no harmony with each other, there is no wealth of life.

47. If you are performing or giving a speech, if there is only one person listening, you must continue carefully, even if no one is applauding, because it is your path to success, it is your cradle of success. Others succeed, but you want to succeed.

48. People who cannot conquer each other with tenderness cannot conquer each other with beatings.

49. Don't rush to express yourself, or to correct others, listen again, look at it, and think about it.

50. The person who can speak to you is your best friend.

51. Seeing others proud is actually inferiority.

52. Handwritten letters are more intimate and feel different.

53. You don't have to use "I" as your subject.

54. Like to correct others, it is actually covering up their weaknesses.

55. The ups and downs of life is an invisible carving knife, giving everyone a statue.

56. Showing a disdain for the joy of others is an insult to others.

57. Disrespect for people is, first of all, disrespect for yourself.

58. It is better to swallow the chaff with the good ones than to eat the feast with the bad ones.

59. People, like "people", should always be up and down.

60. Drive your own car. Don't stop and say hello to a cycling colleague. People will think you are showing off.

61. Learn good people with good people, and jump to false gods with teacher-in-law.

62, insist on speaking good words from others behind the scenes, don't worry that the good words don't get into the parties' ears.

63, flattering to please others is actually a lack of confidence.

64. Don't casually refuse or promise people. Don't make a wish, don't give up your appetite, and don't show off your strength on unnecessary things.

65. Temperament is the key. If you can not be fashionable, then be natural.

66. If we want to make friends, we must first do something for others-things that require time, energy, consideration and dedication.

67. Friendship is often formed by a common interest that two people can achieve more easily than one person. This relationship is pure only when they are mutually satisfied.

68. Sometimes ask knowingly: Your diamond ring is expensive! Sometimes, you ca n’t ask even if you want to ask, such as: how old are you?

69. Visit more friends who are in danger rather than becoming popular.

70, everyone gathered firewood high flames.

71. Change the unexported "No" to: "It takes time", "I try my best", "I'm not sure", "I will call you when I decide" ...

72. Do your best for others, and finally do your best for yourself. —— (English) Ruskin

73. Gentlemen and gentlemen treat their fellows as friends; villains and villains treat fellows as friends.

74. Playing with others' emotions is actually hurting their emotions.

75. Seeing others domineering is actually their fear of authority.

76. Don't let everyone know the past.

77. Never entangle with anyone, including those who are most unfriendly to you. You engage in your interpersonal disputes, I am busy with my business work.

78. Don't: Be helped by others and soon forget; but being stomped by others, I can't forget it!

79. You accept yourself sincerely, and you can accept others more sincerely.

80. If a person abandons his faithful friend, it is equivalent to abandon his most precious life.

81. Friends are wealth, and health is capital.

82. When a colleague is sick, visit him. It was natural to sit on his bed and wash his hands after going home.

83. The beneficial chat users are noble, full, and strenuous, and the vulgar talk users are low, empty, and depressed.

84. Look at yesterday clearly, grasp today firmly, and look forward to tomorrow happily. We want experience from yesterday, results from today, and motivation from tomorrow.

85. To appreciate your own value, you must add value to the world.

86. Give others a chance to help you, let him enjoy the happiness of helping others, and at the same time you enjoy the joy of being helped!

87. Remember to start with "us" when speaking.

88. Never think that anyone you come in contact with is stupid than you are stupid than you are.

89. If you want to have friends, you must first have enough friends.

90. You respect me, I respect you.

91. Suspicious of others' rejection is actually not acceptable.

92. Respect people who don't like you.

93. Shake hands for a few more minutes when shaking hands. Sincerity is treasure.

94. Don't expect everyone to like you. That's impossible. Making most people like it is successful performance.

95. Doing things right to others; or being ruthless toward others, showing affection to others; or being the first and doing things second.

96, a good word three warm winter, bad words hurt June cold.

97. Of course, you have to like yourself. But never narcissistic!

98. Don't borrow money from friends. I think a lot of times I lost good friends because of the "money" thing.

99. As long as you are willing to praise others, you will be the biggest winner.

100. A person who will never appreciate others, that is, a person who will never be appreciated. ——Wang Guozhen

101. Applaud everyone who sang on stage.

102. You can't climb the mountain in one step, but you can fall off the cliff without taking a step.

103. When the friendship is compiled, one stitch and one thread, careful and long; but as long as a main line is drawn, the wall of friendship will collapse, which is the same as the main line-"trust"!

104. Only the person who looks at the horizon can find his own correct path.

105. When playing "" with someone, please sit next to the driver first.

106. There is a kind of person who always hopes that others are strong when they are planting, but they die when they are harvested.

107. Be a man first, and then do something. Only when people are in place can they be successful.

108. Although the broken friendship can be restored, it can no longer be intimate.

109. If you talk too much, you will lose, and when there are many people, talk less. (www.sbkk8.com)

110, you sincerely affirm yourself, you are more elegant and affirm others.

111. Politeness is the golden key of human coexistence. Friends are heaven, friends are earth. Friends are more powerful, friends are wind, friends are rain, friends are more wind and rain.

112. Whoever wants assistance in times of distress should be lenient on weekdays.

113, do not "force" guests to see your family album.

114. Destiny is closely connected with the current situation. Good at judging the situation and trying to discover yourself, you can become the master of your destiny.

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