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The original quotes of scolding Xiaosan

Time: 2016-12-16

★ There is a big brother and a second brother-how old are you? (Primary Three)

★ You look at your ugliness, your name fully shows that from the day you were born, you are destined to be a non-human being without human support. What do you want me to say about you? What do I say to you? I don't know what you think, do you want to be alone? You just sleep in someone ’s bed, isn't it safe? Or are you lonely? ? Why don't you go to Africa? There is no need to wear clothes. You can use your talents as much as you like. No one will despise you so much. It ’s so beautiful. Oops, I do n’t know what the person you spoiled thinks about. I think that man is really a misfortune in his life!

★ Small 3? It is enough to insult you.
Do you think you are as beautiful as flowers?
What are you pretending to be tall and arrogant, do you destroy the feelings of others?
Is it guilty of being guilty?
Madam, if you can provoke it, you're afraid you won't be able to offend.
What is your TM?
To be cheap this time to metaphor you are really sorry for the word 'cheap'.
Alas, you are all qualified to be a dog.

★ Xiaosan, it ’s not even as good as a prostitute, at least for money, and you actually play it. Is your mother also a third? Did you give birth to you? !! I think you are struggling to grow. I do n’t know which is the nose or the eyes. If you look at it like that, you know that your parents did n’t take her seriously when creating her. I ’m afraid it ’s an accident ... Primary 3, you destroy other people ’s feelings. !! correct! Forget that your conscience has been eaten and digested by the dog, destroying my relationship with him, and even seduce him in front of me. Do you have personality? !! Don't show up in front of me, or I'll kick you into the trash. Say to you again: go back to where you should go! by! Attracting a boyfriend , are you personal? !! My mother doesn't scold you, you still have to go in. Even if we break up, you can't help it! Primary Three is always Primary Three! Prostitutes are better than you!

★ Dry your mother-in-law chicken 8 You are a lazy wolf, the youngest one is not a younger one, the Qiong Yao is not a younger one, you seem to have swollen eyes, a garlic nose and wine lees.

★ Fake goods are fakes, and Xiaosan's righting is also cheap.

★ Trees do n’t have skins and no doubt, people do n’t want to be invincible. God declares that you are invincible.

★ Fate is given by your parents. Treasure it. The road is yours. Be careful.

★ It looks like you are dressed up as a condolences woman who was eliminated in the second station.

★ In the love arena, Xiaosan is just a bite of Cheng biting out halfway.

★ The direction of the headwind is more suitable for flying. I'm not afraid of being blocked by 10,000 people, I'm afraid of surrendering myself.

★ Worship when you are rich and when you have no money.

★ I laughed, Xiaosan could right up, the devil could grow angel wings.

★ I really want to invite you to experience KTV! Do you know what is KTV? It's K, you, T, you, and finally I make a V gesture!

★ It also advertises the characteristics of fox essence, but don't take it any further. Is there such a thing as you do?

★ Not yours will never be yours, you have no capital to grab me.

★ Don't think that you have a face of Sister Feng, and be fooled and cheated everywhere, to be the subordinate of Santai Palace.

★ I'm also a woman. I haven't seen you so mean when I grow up.

★ Girl, your bed is always busy, so busy.

★ Don't worry about me as a Primary Three, rest assured!

★ Not tall, not short, not fat, not thin, not three or four, no face, no face, no skin, no heart, no lungs.

★ Even if you try harder, you cannot separate them!

★ Shallow things, how did God create you such a failed product.

★ People like you can only live up to 2 episodes in a serial!

★ No matter how bad you are, it won't change your age and appearance.

★ Long-term acquisition of various idle girls at low prices. Unlimited models. Negotiable for details.

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