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Satire Xiaosan has a connotation

Time: 2016-12-16

★ Shameless bastards may also be free little sisters, and everyone scolds broken shoes.

★ Everything is rising, that is, people are getting cheaper.

★ Did your mother teach you to have a clean soul?

★ Come out and mix? How to mix? Meat? Or do you offer a public toilet service?

★ You are a bus, you can get on and off for a dollar.

★ After all, this is not a society that sluts love, you still have to converge a little bit.

★ When your mother turns into a swan, you are still an egg!

★ Primary Three, you will always be just a new love.

★ Third party, your skirt is off.

★ My husband is only when you are a tool, you should do it yourself.

★ In fact, think about how pitiful you are. If you don't get happiness, you can only destroy the happiness of others.

★ Oh, good looking, why did n’t you take one of the equipment your parents gave you?

★ Playing with emotions? When the third? Destroy others' feelings? I will make you cry very rhythmically.

★ Since it's definitely shameless to be a junior, she's used to it if it's awful.

★ It's pitiful to attract bees and butterflies, and occasionally it's calm. Red lips have been kissed by men for a long time, and Yuyi has been tangled many times. Yang Yang is proud and shameless. Provocation when unwilling to be lonely, what's the point of AIDS?

★ is your characteristic! Be careful. Sooner or later, there will be a third party. You are not as good as a little sister.

★ Please also take good care of yourself.

★ Sorry to make you laugh.

★ Jiangshan is so much sleep, Primary Three is so coquettish.

★ I heard that it is not easy for you to be a little sister to go out. I will give you more money. You must serve my man. I do n’t want him to run to your henhouse every day.

★ Congratulations! You are the eighth woman who likes him! But I believe you will be the same as the first seven, and there will be no good end in the end.

★ I'm not a straw boat, you don't have to mess around with me!

★ People like you can only live up to two episodes in a series!

★ It's good to know what you are.

★ How can you set off the beauty of the world without your presence.

★ Girl, your bed is always busy, so busy.

★ How to say it, as long as your cheapness does not affect us.

★ One white one mile and one red one is different. Passionate, peacock Kaiping.

★ For love , you choose to be a junior; in order to make money, you become a chicken.

★ It looks like you are dressed up as a consolation woman who was eliminated before World War II.

★ Primary 3 Don't think that shit is on your head.

★ Do you know how to write shame? Lost your ancestor for 18 generations.

★ You cheap and shameless woman, you always have to pay back when you come out. If you do n’t do it, you will curse your happiness.

★ He always says you don't look very good, but you are rich. At first sight, it was true. It seems that he still did not lie to me, and I love him more and more.

★ I really want to invite you to experience KTV! Do you know what is KTV? It's K, you, T, you, and finally I make a V gesture!

★ Want me to divorce him without a door, unless you serve me well. Please please, please. Maybe I can give you up.

★ Primary Three is Primary Three, just like Adou who can never help right.

★ When I see you, I feel more entangled than going to the grave!

★ Sluts are always sluts. Even if inflation is inflated, you can't be expensive!

★ I didn't expect a person to be so innocent, and it was silly and naive!

★ First come first come, did your mother tell you that you have to wait in line to buy something?

★ A tree without its bark will surely die, and one should not face the world invincible. God declares that you are invincible.

★ You are just a remainder in the division formula. No perfect accessory can compare with the original. Besides, this accessory is just a defective product.

★ By the way, a word of reminder: change your clothes to bellybands, and open your crotch pants, which is more beautiful.

★ It doesn't matter to eat the leftovers of other people. The key is that your actions are too big and hurt the owner of the meal.

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