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Time: 2016-12-16

"Your legs are so long." "Which is long." "Girth!"

"I said ugly in front ..." "I said handsome after I was handsome"

"What is a miracle?" "It's a miracle that you live to death."

"I'm so handsome bubbling" "talking" "I have acne"

"Let's be together" "What?" "Don't you like me" "Sorry, you're just a dream I had a few years ago"

"Will you abandon me?" "No" "I'm so touched! Why?" "It can't be so heavy."

"What made you suddenly give up the person you loved in a flash." "I'm jealous, and he said he made trouble."

"You and I can only choose one delicious" "I choose you and you will buy me delicious"

"Let's go out and play when my homework is finished" "I know you don't want to see me"


"Turn on the light if you're afraid of the dark, and contact if you miss" "I'm a strong person" "Let's miss it"

"Every time the chair is farting, it's awkward!" "I'll make a few more times to show innocence"

"Have you finished reviewing the materials?" "Look, it's over."

"Just treat the wind as me when I'm away." "So I always draw the wind."

"Why is summer vacation in the month?" "Because hot days, the school does not want to pay so much electricity"

"Why do you often eat alone?" "I'm afraid that half of a person's meal scares you."

"Uncle police, I lost one of my bags." "Rest assured, keep it on me." "Then give me back."

"A Modern Poem" Hidden Knife in a Smile "for everyone" "Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha"

"Why are you short-sighted?"

"If someone praises you for being good-looking, how do you answer in a low-key way?" "What do you say? Be loud, I can't hear you!"

The sister spit and said to me, "Sister, you see me spitting blood." I watched her spit and said to her, "My blood tank is empty."

"Which middle school is the best in the middle school entrance exam" "The third middle school of the eleventh session, they plenary."

"Why did you dye your hair black?" "Because I want to prove that I'm not Huang Yimao and Yancheng"

"You're fired SpongeBob" "Crab Boss ..." "No thanks"

"What's it like to be thin?"

"Guess a riddle" "What riddle?" "Pear was crooked and turned into something?" "Crack Pear." "I love you too."

"While trying to figure out the intention of the questioner." "Teacher, he wants me to die."

"Sister, I'm hot. I want to blow a fan." "Oh, you can go outside to blow a typhoon."

You said that it would be okay to hit the baby three times a month? "Your girlfriend ? !! "No. It's my bike. "." How do you describe a woman's beauty? " "" Putting you back in time, you can stand up a green first floor ! " .

"Does someone reply to you with a message that they don't want to answer your question?" "I think so." "Why?" "Oh."

"Teacher, your Yida" "No, it's your one, one sugar-free homework, caring for holidays, and caring more for you"

"What does it feel like to be short?"

"I just touched the barrier of the enchantment just now!" "Speak human!" "I hit the wall."

"If I have passed the exam, don't call me Xueba" "What's that for you?" "Call me a gambler"

Do you know what your crush loves just like you? "This is imagination. "

"What do you think about the entrance exam" "Ah, the English score is not as high as the PE score"

"You are so fat" "You say it again" "You wear so much ..."

"Do you have a boyfriend " "No" "Then you have it now"

"Why do you always want to eat when you are in a bad mood" "Because it is sad "

"Why did you suddenly have a nosebleed?"

"What's it like to love someone" "I suddenly understood a lot of love songs after falling in love with her"

"Tell me to kiss you again" "Impossible!" "Why?" "Can I be considered a strong kiss without resistance?"

Teacher: Xiaoming, do you know why you take geography class? Xiaoming: Because there is no heaven.

"I want to have a cat" "But I want to have a dog" "Let's have a cat" "Then let me have a dog" "Then let me have a dog

"What the hell am I in your heart" "Air" "Why can't you live because you leave me?" "Not because there is carbon dioxide in the air"

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