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Landscape sentence

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Words that describe the city, idioms that describe the scenery of the city

Time: 2014-10-10

Four words:

The garden is elegant and magnificent, the traffic center is comprehensive, the city is prosperous

Pedestrians like ants, lakes, mountains, mountains, reliable traffic, such as tide trees

Three words:

Scenic Area Commercial Area Industrial Area Big City Municipality Petroleum City

Beauty salons Snack bars Amusement parks Hairdressers Grocery stores Retail stores

Two words:

Park garden lawn grass gazebo lake water lake firm

Train Capital Bungalow Trolley Jianglun Passenger Aircraft Building Vehicle

[Good sentence ]

1. Paris is intoxicating, confusing, and shocking. I think the most worth mentioning is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA. Just a glance on a photo, the golden light is so brilliant, so beautiful, as if built in the clouds, the heavens and the earth have become her foil, shining in the golden sun and light Unforgettable life. The real atmosphere is majestic, swallowing mountains and rivers. I didn't even dare go to that place, because I was afraid the beauty that the photographer who took the picture made at that time would be beautiful, or I might be tarnished by the scenery.

2. Cities are natural predators with a moderate and level mindset. Compared to flowers and green flowers, blossoming flowers, they may have had a great sense of desolation and insecurity in their hearts, and even a low sense of difficulty in opening their lips, unwilling to face up and acknowledge. In truth, being in a bustling environment like a city will always be oppressive and suffocating, unless you don't want to admit it. Therefore, in a sense, the "small" generations are just the most common landscape among the city's tens of thousands of passengers.

3, the city, high-rises, bright lights. The traffic is busy and the bustle is lively. Shopping malls display various world-renowned brand-name clothing, luxury cars of various brands are galloping on the streets, and luxury feasts in the hotel are connected with one table at a time, followed by one by one. Streets and alleys are everywhere Neon flashes, sings and dances, the air is full of avant-garde fashion ... Mansion suits, shark fin sea cucumbers, golf, fitness gyms, flashing lights, reporters in a gang ... Image maze.

4, the streets of the city, neon flashing, crowded, crowded, in addition to the rush and tension during the day, under the envelope of the night, enchanting, indulgent! Tea houses, coffee houses, shopping malls, bars, discotheques, foot washing rooms, men and women, in groups, smiling, laughing, indulging in joy and desire. The ten-mile ocean field was staged with how ambiguous and crazy.

5. The wind and rain bridge lay quietly on the Wushui River, such as a dragon connecting the east and west sides of the city. The bridge surface was more charming and charming under the decoration of the lights. The clear moonlight was sprinkled on every corner of the bridge, and in the dim night, it seemed like a kind elder who was telling us the past, and seemed to be looking forward to the future of the city. The people inside the bridge are full of enthusiasm, the lights are bright, the cars are like running horses and dragons, the merchants on both sides use their unique skills, and the pedestrians in the middle are not slow. Don't worry if you can't buy good and cheap products.

6. At night when the Chinese lanterns first appeared, the small city that was noisy for a day began to flourish at night. Under the neon lights, there are hurried figures everywhere on the sidewalks; hotel shopping malls, park squares are full of recreational crowds. The colorful lights make this town look enchanting. The hibiscus comes out of clear water, and a dazzling pearl like angel wings falls on the historical city known as "Qianchu throat, southwestern town"-Minjiang, Hunan.

7. The torch square has oval-shaped imitation Romanesque buildings, there are steps one by one, and standing at the highest place, there will be a breeze across the face with the smell of grass. Then you can watch a large crowd under the square, or play chess, or fan dancing, or whispering, or a family sharing the blessing of happiness, a harmonious scene. There are tall and tall buildings around, with patches of green space.

8. There are many drum towers in the National Square, and the unique lofts in Shexiang look very special. The bright red light of the decoration climbed to the top through the layers of its pagoda-like top, and was extremely charming under the bright moonlight. Many people in the building can only be surrounded by pillars. Many people are amazed. The stools next to the aisle are full of tourists who come here to relax and cool. They talk about national affairs, they talk about the past and the present, and they tell the ancient and modern things that the town has a different style. Style.

9. The once orchestral prosperity of the Potala Palace, the ears of silk and bamboo, and the complexity of singing and dancing, are now gone, leaving only a thousand years of standing figure, proud but serene. So the prayer flags that rang in the wind turned the story of this millennium into a dance in the wind and sighed softly. This is the so-called simplicity, it is the true and calm after the vicissitudes of prosperity, without pretending to be artificial, placed in the sun and the light, harmony and warmth.

10. If the scenery is to be tasted while walking, the ruins are absorbed in the washing, and the landscape is experienced in the immersive environment, then in the face of these slightly mysterious scenes in Xinjiang, I would rather stagnate and choose a slower taste . I remember when we said goodbye again and again, some colleagues couldn't bear it and chanted a verse : The most beautiful in the world, Xinjiang comes to dream!

11. On the flood prevention dyke on the banks of Wushui River, the night of midsummer has also attracted countless people. The night gradually diffuses, the river flows quietly, and the stars are reflected in the clear water like crystals, reflecting the entire river. Sparkling. The breeze was blowing, refreshing and unpleasant.

12. The night is fascinating and sober. The ancients had a strong name and a lot of troubles. They usually thought about themselves in the middle of the night. The night scenes of cities are often lost, trapped, blind and deaf. The night scene of the city is also stimulating and rejuvenating. The children downstairs laughed at the ball, the students rang out upstairs, and the moon wolf howls of the king of K song in the nearby buildings. When I wrote the composition, Wen Si broke and broke, and I felt extremely irritable. . Afterwards, he couldn't help laughing, and the essay was won or lost, but by nature. So he walked out of the study and took a walk downstairs. Xu Xing with his hands along the way, walked for a while, seeing a distant street lamp, a mother was teaching a child to ride a bicycle. Mother propped up the back seat of the bicycle, pushed it back and forth, and gradually let go. The boy was clumsy and unconscious, the handlebar tilted and fell out of the car. The mother panicked and rushed to her. The boy stood up and laughed. Looking at this situation, I don't feel standing for a long time. Isn't this a night view of the city? In my eyes, how many night scenes of the city have I turned a blind eye and missed?

13. An autumn rain faded the impetuous and sultry summer, as if the city had been added with the colors of autumn overnight, much more beautiful and much fresher. You see, how beautiful the trees on both sides of the road are. Dark green leaves, butter oil flowers, light red fruits, row by row, piece by piece from a distance; a layer upon layer, a string of close ones. It's pleasing to the eye, and it's never tire of it.

14. All the stories gradually exited, and the city fell asleep in the night; only the street lamp stood down with its head down, and it glowed dimly. The lonely night pedestrian walked under the street light, and the shadow was thin and long, gradually shortened to become a point, and then gradually extended, and then extended. A gust of wind blew through, and she hugged herself with her hands, her skirt dangling in the wind. Lonely, or stingy? I can only taste my own thoughts slowly, just like a wounded cat curled up in the corner of no one, and healed himself by licking and wounding. The distant figure, and the shadow of the feet stretched by the lights, were swallowed up by the darkness and dreams of the night, as if she had never walked. Along with it, there was the hustle and bustle of the middle of the night and the lights.

15. As I took a ride on the overpass, I seemed to see a long ribbon tied tightly to the city's chest, firmly tied at the junction of the 20th and 21st centuries. Its colored hem is staggered with lightness and lust: one end floats towards the development of the east; the other leads the development of the west; the other attracts the richness of the south; the other extends the opening of the north ...

16. The buildings here are also like the temperature in these years, which are higher and higher year after year. When I look up at the sky, I feel that the sky is getting smaller. I remember Guo Jingming's sentence in the "summer solstice": if a person stands on the ground that can't see the horizon, then he will feel crowded but no friends, so he will feel lonely outside.

17. There are many, many camphor trees planted in this city. At the beginning, I felt very monotonous, but now, I have started to like this layout slowly. When Yiyang Yiguang swept down every square meter of land, watching the shadow of a thick green camphor tree, then the world opened up. Only in recent years have other trees been slowly planted in the cities. The scenery becomes complicated without being calm.

18. Sitting on a sightseeing bus and traveling around Shanghai, I found the third scenic line that makes it even more beautiful and dazzling, which is the unique cultural style of Shanghai. Look at that, our Shanghai volunteers are passionately introducing our Shanghai to foreign friends, and look over there, a local in Shanghai is enthusiastically introducing Shanghai's history and special products to newcomers to Shanghai; oh And there, a foreign friend standing there, with a headset, must be listening to an electronic tour guide explaining Shanghai's customs and habits ... What has made Shanghai such a big change? Needless to say, you must know.

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