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Time: 2016-12-23

★ The most beautiful gesture of life is "light", and the most true feeling is "shou". Grasp the best scales, control the most beautiful distances, meet shallowly, keep indifferent, keep silent, and hide deeply! If life is shivering, everyone is fine-grained, holding on to the small world inside, filled with love and beauty, good at understanding, good at forgiving! Meeting is a kind of beauty; knowing is a kind of happiness! A faint flower blooms, without words, silently watching, silently blessing. If so, sorry!

★ Floating like tea, a bitter thought. Because of the ups and downs of tea, tea has released its own deep fragrance, and life, only after encountering setbacks and bumps again and again, can it inspire the pulse of life . Those who have not weathered the storm, just like the tea brewed in warm water, only float on the surface of life , and cannot soak the aroma of life at all. In life, to experience an ordeal is to exercise your own will; to survive a disaster is to increase your own strength.

★ Lanju Yougu, although lonely is also fragrant; Meimei is partial, although lonely, it also retains fragrance. Light as blue, fragrant and elegant; light as water, pure and transparent; light as tea, fragrant and rustic; life of wind and rain, there will not always be a breeze with the moon and the red and green flowers. Life is faint because of the faint fragrance, and years are faint because of the faint fragrance. Know how to accept the regrets in life, cherish the touches in life, stay in peace in the earth, smile warmly.

★ Remember, there is no pain in this world just for you. Under the eaves of the earth, there are as many people as there are things, there are as many pains, and there are as many broken hearted people. After you experience it, you will find that this pain of yours is really nothing. Be patient and be strong; one day, the pain you have suffered will help you. Life never owes anyone, it gives you a shadow, and it will spit out the sun not far away.

★ Life is full of emotions, love is the strongest, life is prosperous, and lightest. Give yourself a sense of indifference, not due to affection, no regrets in heart, no regrets in life, fulfillment in life, peace in mindset, keeping a clean heart, and indifference. Seeing the true meaning in the quiet, knowing the nature in the light, staying cool in the bustling place, cultivating the nature in the diffusing place, letting the floral fragrance of the soul perfuse once, let the red dust be disturbed, the heart be clear from the wind.

★ After experiencing the heat and cold of life, there is a bustling world passing by. What I see, what I meet, what I admire, fate will not be left out. Only the heart's troubles and losses are the biggest thermometers. Don't be happy, don't be sad, live a life of respect, a life of frankness, bow your head to Qingshan, and make way for the clouds. Indifferent, sober, life is really not a painstaking operation, it is a kind of quiet sharing.

★ Time is like a stream of pure music, melodious and gentle. The passing years in the eyes are a scent of fragrance that lasts forever. The feelings in the heart are a drop of aging, quietly collected, learn to forget, learn to cherish, have a Comprehend, a calm, a warm, a clear sky, light and time to drink, life is like tea, light and elegant, calm as water, clear and happy, like a flower blooming, light and beautiful!

★ If you forgive one more point, the road under your feet will be an inch wide. Tolerate others and free themselves. Indifferent and bright, quiet and far away. The more indifferent the fundus, the better in life. Life is simple and elegant, and life is broad because of tolerance. What life needs is a sense of indifference, so that you can live freely, and life is an insight, so that life can be meaningful, such as love , a lifetime, a permanent companionship.

★ Don't worry about the troubles on earth, just look for coolness in your heart. The mind of a person is narrow with more desires and wider with less desires. In the state of mind, more desires are busy, and less desires are idle. Human heart art, more desire is dangerous, less desire is flat. People's minds are anxious when they want more, and they are happy when they are less. People's feelings are more desire, but less desire is just. Long-term retreat can keep your life safe, your strengths can be peaceful, everything goes well, you can tolerate others, you can know the world, you can live a happy life.

★ The true taste of life is in a "light" word; the style of life is in a "forget" word. When the wind came, the bamboo branches were bent by the wind; when the wind was gone, the bamboo stood upright again, as if the wind had never come. The cloud came, leaving a shadow on the bottom of the pond; the cloud was gone, the bottom of the pond was clean, as if the cloud had never been. A broad-minded person will not be furious because of the neglect of others, nor will he be gloomy because of the harm of others.

★ The happiness of life lies in your attitude towards life. Happiness is your own business. As long as you are willing, you can adjust the remote control in your hand at any time to adjust the window of your heart to the happy channel. Learn to be happy and face it with a smile, even if you are sad . Material can buy happiness, but continuous happiness comes from spiritual happiness deep inside. In life, you must seek satisfaction in the light of heart, peace of mind in your due diligence, happiness in dedication, and happiness in loyalty!

★ Can't let go because it's not bearish. The name is 缰, Lee is a rope, the earthly temptation is like a rope that is bound to all beings. The troubles and pains of life come from this. In order to be relieved, we must first be indifferent to fame and fortune and lose sight of gains and losses. The success or failure of life is only in one thought. We think that gain is to be proud; Hold an ordinary mind and treat others in a sudden manner, and life is naturally relaxed.

★ You don't have to carry too much, just listen to the wind, you will go easier. Some gains may not necessarily last; some lose, they may not be owned again. The important thing is: let the heart learn to dance in the sun; let the soul learn to smile in pain. Not afraid of getting hurt, not afraid to give up, not afraid to love, not afraid to dream. Please believe that the passing of youth is not terrible. What is terrible is the loss of a heart that loves life bravely.

★ No matter how beautiful a person lives, there will be desolate; the road, no matter how chic, there will be confusion; singing and singing louder, there will be a cold field. People have their own positions, values and values. Don't demand others, don't demand too much on yourself, be kind, be sincere, be tolerant of others, be strict with yourself, gain and loss, success and failure, togetherness or disintegration, all are a kind of growth in life. To be pessimistic is to be in a good mood; to look away is to be happy.

★ Simple, it is calmness and calmness in the heart. It is not too demanding for life. There are achievements in life and failures, and there are scattered when there is a gathering. No one can be unique and cover the sky with one hand. You can't have both fish and bear's paw. This is helplessness in life. Mature people can face all imperfections indifferently, so they don't insist on it, they don't stick to it, they try their best to do everything, and they are safe. The pursuit of perfection is a beautiful ideal, and acceptance of incompleteness is a beautiful mentality.

★ People need to be compassionate, mature, not to see through, but to look down; life is a passing, without setbacks and tribulations, it is impossible to be strong, it is impossible to mature, it is impossible to reach the high level of life, more I can't appreciate the happiness in the ordinary life, so it is the true meaning of life to take the road under my feet and see the scenery along the way with a calm heart.

★ Rather than expecting the perfection of others, it is better to act and practice an imperfect self now. People, when they are poor, are simple and rich, and complicated; in their lifetime, sometimes they are proud of the spring breeze, sometimes they are struggling; sometimes everything goes well, sometimes they run against each other, but no matter what, we should maintain a peaceful heart and face all these indifferently . Only in this way can there be no loss and pain when the situation changes suddenly, and it is possible to laugh at the ups and downs of life. (Classic sentence www.5article.com)

★ In the youthful years, we all held our own secrets and forgave each other's efforts. Calmness is not disdain or desperation, it is calmness after the changes of the world. A calm person treats his life kindly and calmly without a lack of enthusiasm. A calm person is not afraid of things and is calm without a lack of pleasure. Calm life, through the vicissitudes of life, but still presents the beauty of indifference.

★ It's dull and persistent, and there are always wonderful things. When the road is done, turn in a timely manner, and the world is wide. Don't care about the momentary possession. Mo will sink into a short period of sorrow. The grass will bloom and the eyes will look far away. Everything is regular. No need to deliberately. You can cry, you can be distressed, but you can't despair. Today's tears will be your growth tomorrow; today's scars will be your strength tomorrow.

★ Meeting can be with you sincerely, no matter how soon you are. Friends know how to be warm regardless of distance. Vigorous, may not be sincere. It is the most precious to be in peace with each other; the most secure is to have it in simplicity. Give everything to time and there will always be answers. In fact, we are all looking for someone who can talk to us. When you are happy, some people share, and some people share the pain. No matter what kind of mood, some people understand, it is the best comfort.

★ Smile, go and sing songs of life, don't blame life for too much suffering, don't complain about too many twists and turns in life. If the sea loses its tumbling waves, it will lose its magnificence; if the desert loses the flying dance of the flying sand, it will lose its magnificence. If life only goes smoothly at two points and one line, life will lose its meaning of existence.

★ Balzac once said, "Unfortunately, it is the ascending ladder of genius, the water of baptism of believers, the bottomless abyss of the weak." After the storm, the sky will be the color of the gull flying fish. When you walk out of the thorns, you will find Kangzhuang Avenue full of flowers. When you reach the top of the mountain, there will be an empty mountain scenery like clouds. In this world, one star falls, can't dim the starry sky, one flower withers, and can't be barren all spring. Every effort must be made in life to pass every level, no matter what difficulties you encounter, you cannot give up lightly.

★ Standing on the coast of history, you can trace back to that historical ditch: Dr. Chu is pondering and dying, and he will never regret it. It is a persistent choice to scorn and listen to it, and not to follow it. Even if Ma Ge is wrapped up in the body, and the soul returns to the wolf, it is only a magnificent choice. Elegant choice. In some choices, the emperor will become his great cause, and the wise men will become their eternal articles.

★ The soft sunlight hangs obliquely on the branches and leaves of green pine and cypress. It seems so quiet and solemn. The green lawn and white cement road are on the shore. The steps are so light and light, but everyone's heart is so excited and thoughts. Surge.

★ The ocean of life is not like the rippling water of Xizi Lake. With the passage of time, it is sometimes calm like a mirror, sometimes the waves are splashing, and sometimes the waves are soaring into the sky ... People often become stronger after being tested by strong winds and waves.

★ When you are in the warm wind, the flowers and birds, the mountains and rivers, and the spring scenery of the vast fields, you will be intoxicated. When you face the golden autumn season, which is like gold and silver, you will be delighted. Have you ever thought that the lush spring scenery is the heroic appearance after the cold winter baptism, but the golden autumn beauty is the crystallization of the hot summer melting.

★ Only the departure will reach the ideal and destination, only hard work will achieve brilliant success, and only seeding will be harvested. Only by pursuing can you taste upright people.

★ Life is a path winding in the mountains, with bumps and ditch cliffs on the side. If you fall, cry if you want to cry, fear something, and pretend not to be! This is frank, not weak, because crying does not affect the rush, but can add a little caution. The mountain flowers are lush and the scenery is pleasant. If you are intoxicated, just laugh when you want to laugh, and pretend to be unreasonable! This is frank, not pride, because a laugh once does not affect the rush, but can increase a confidence.

★ Love is a piece of sunshine in winter. People who use hunger and cold feel the warmth of the world. Love is a clear spring in the desert. People on the verge of using the right to see hope for life again. A ganlin, so that the lonely and helpless people immediately get the comfort of the soul.

★ Life is always like a spun yarn passed from your fingertips, slipping away inadvertently. Those past sorrows and misuse injuries gently passed away in the wake of the current years, and the joy and laughter left behind are long-lasting in the memory.

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