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Beautiful ancient style sentence, flowing dust

Time: 2016-12-16

The light is cold, the night breeze is cold, the waning moon has risen, the heavens and earth, the lights are shining, those shaohua are no longer, the dream is impossible, and it is still a lonely lamp and muddy wine.

I ca n’t see through the dust, I do n’t want to wear grudges and sorrows, all sentient beings are bitter, and bitterness is a sentimental life. At this time, there is only a trace of entanglement in the heart.

Tonight and tonight, the past asks memories, dreams have gone, falling into the dry well; no waves rise, wind blowing water mist reveals, once had the same life across the Lingtang Road.

It was too late to sigh, and they have been scattered on the barren terraces of the old garden, which have dappled the long dream of spring, and disturbed the lonely shadow of the next generation when the spring flowers bloom.

Why should Hongchen be troubled in troubled times? The glitzy life is like a dream, when the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of the sky will be drunk by Hongchen for a while;

Life is very small, and the vast sea of people will eventually meet with one hand in hand.

Thousands of revolutions, the depth of love is shallow, and the wind and the moon annihilate several generations of Qinglian, Jinghua is sleepless, condensed at the fingertips.

People are drunk, red dust is tears, a sorrow of sorrow in the wind, and watching the tears in the middle of the night, the soul returns to look for a thousand years, and carefree, just be drunk lying red dust.

Like water and red dust, use a half note to fragrance, bypass the broken bowel tenderness, think about it in the end of the world, remember it, and write to send acacia.

Life after life, reincarnation is the method of fate. If they meet, they will be cherished, but if they missed, they should let go chic, no regrets.

The clear tea in the hands is still warm, the slight astringency between the lips and teeth fades, leaning on the small window, the thoughts drift away, and those moments in the red dust are flipped in my mind.

Tianya Road walked alone, looking back several times, half of Acacia, half of sorrow, Zhusha has run out, red cheeks are not finished, no one will return this incomplete, I only have this collection.

The setting sun, the shade of trees, the setting sun in the sky, the lonely smoke shaking, a thousand miles of barren mountains, a leaf falling, unbearable liquor, but it is drunk first.

The flowery fragrance of the moon is accompanied by the green bamboo, which is helpless tonight and doesn't cry when there is suffering;

Hongchen is like a dream, drunk, it is a night dream full of dust. A ray of love, a few sorrows, and how many vulgar matters. Who is not tired of Hongchen? Who isn't thin for Hongchen. Come and go, Hongchen dreams; sorrow, joy and separation, Hongchen tears. After asking how many Qingfeng dreams, I asked Mingyue what to do, but she said that she could watch the red return. A red dust drew, how many red dust caused tears, rain shed.

The bright red of the years embellishes the spring and autumn of the whole life; the streamer of fireworks breaks the moment of beauty. Yan Yu Hong Chen, who disturbed the old dreams of youth ; dust settled, who told the feelings of parting . Listen, the sound of flute in the distance is long, but sad. Look, there is a long stream of water in the vicinity, but it is a pity that it is a dream. Who can see through the red dust, who is shallow, and who can extinguish the fireworks on this earth?

Who watched for whom became an eternal monument, who condensed into a thousand years of tears for whom. Who keeps the sea to Sangtian for whom, and who keeps the night into the day. Who has made the blue silk into white hair, and who has consumed youth into a flower. Who made someone laugh, who made someone cry, who held whose hand, who married who? In the end who is who, who knows, it doesn't matter if you know the answer, don't try to force who you are!

Who is wandering by the Qianmo, who is waiting by the ancient road. Thousands of years look back, one hundred years of loneliness. Whoever is lonely, who is lonely. The previous life drops rub shoulders, this life drops meet. Love is flying in the wind, and love is playing in the rain. Once I was infatuated with delusion, I was once infatuated, and I woke up with the wind. At this moment: Love is silent and love is silent. Tears wet their eyes and flow into their hearts.

Beautiful ancient style sentence, flowing dust

Hongyan Yuan, Acacia is bitter, several thoughts, difficult to pay. Meeting a drunk is the leading edge, where the wind and rain scattered, floating. Why passionate, why passionate. If the flowers are sentimental, they are long gone. Love is strong, love is strong, how do you know that the red silk is wrong, the road is the same. Happiness is also anxious, and music is also anxious, treading the snow to find the Mei Fang before the break, looking back to the end of the first day. It ’s better to forget each other!

Can't bear to be the prosperous master, can't bear to listen to the prosperous music. The painful acacia ignites another kind of solitary loneliness. The bumpy love will eventually stop at the parting paintings. The beautiful long shadow of parting pulls us away. This shore, you are across the river. The fog says hello to you, step on your mind step by step in your heart, and then leave.

The original strokes, today's remains, are so bland, so unbearable. No more, no matter how beautiful the story is, it will not last for years. Everything is for a reason, everything is a fate, it is better to go to school and go to Buddha, find a bluestone lotus flower under the linden tree and smile. Doomed, everything follows. What was once engraved is still in the heart.

But when I met, I knew each other. An and the prince are best, so that life and death will not be taught.

Draining the water to connect the sky and the moon, the mirror flower is like a fantasy

Yi Xiang Ying Ying concealed a few sighs, and looked coldly at Neon's departure.

Beautiful ancient style sentence, flowing dust

No one dares to tell you that, and no one knows how much I want to hear from you.

Whoever wore the hair and broke his hair; who kept the bronze and hid the flowers; who burned his eyes and lifted the sand; who pretended to play in the painting and fell into the world.

4. Walk through the glitz, walk through the hustle and bustle, and then sighed in horror. What you have is just a dream, not only happiness, but also simple happiness, together with the one meter of sunlight in your heart.

Meaning is still infatuated, difficult words, swinging in a court, Ren Menghui. When I look back, the smoke disappears, and the age is zero. Where is the intoxication? Chiqiu is low, Fang Tie thanked him, and she fell into a dust. Who cares? Read it from the beginning, Acacia, what a good idea! Withered and shattered, the empty court only laughed back.

The heart is like fallen leaves, and the wind leaves marks. The cold wind blew down a lonely place, and the years passing by dappled memories, the prosperity of the time, the fireworks falling on the other side, the trace of red left in the wind, and the dream full of flowers. The wandering and looming pictures can't help but be fascinating.

There are many ups and downs in life like this when you look at the passing years and whisper. There is a saying that 'life will inevitably suffer setbacks, and rainbow after rain and wind; life will inevitably suffer, and rain will be sunny after rain. 'Only perseverance, hard work forward, I believe that through tears, after all, there is a beautiful rainbow.

Years like songs, lonely shadows. Time travels in the corridors of the seasons and draws a beautiful arc. There are always too many pasts in the past, too much sadness, and it is hard to forget. In the sloppy steps, the loneliness wandering all the way, the scenery overlooked during the journey, when quietly thinking back, so nostalgic.

You say that you are growing up with your son, hiding everything. Later, the clouds became old, and the vicissitudes of life were vicissitudes.

Once a few years of youth, now it's gone without trace

Beautiful ancient style sentence, flowing dust

Breaking the string, breaking the three thousand crazy. Fall flowers submerged, buried once the wind ripple. Flowers are pitiful, at whose fingertips.

Shallow encounters, thin acquaintances, faint oblivion, just ask for a smile, but don't ask how much it takes.

Hantang crossing crane shadow, Lengyue buried flower soul.

The light breeze dances the setting sun, and looks across the water with deep affection. Maybe the dust, maybe the afterlife, all the fate is the deep gaze in the eyes.

Send me a song, don't ask the end of the song to get together.

The setting sun goes down, the red colors of the sky hang on the clouds, and the rushing stream of water is briskly striding, no one will cry because of the sunset, and no one will be emotional because the sky is getting dark; because The sky is still hanging on the setting sun, clouds, and tranquility; the appearance of the world is a colorful tune, and all the things that are still running are still following the trail; after dawn, the chickens cried as before, and yesterday ’s life began again A new chapter.

Several autumn events, the wind returned to cool. At a glance, Zhu Yan was thin. The moon is bright, where is the old man today? Liu Low Wu, Yue Jiangxin, just said, idiots dream, and meet each other. The scenery is so old, the situation is thin, a glass of light wine, and the wind is rolling.

Hongchen is not disappointed. When you meet again, you are still the same as before, but I faded the greenness for you, and added the worry of wind and snow. You said that it was me who caressed the music, but you filled up the acacia, I said, both of them, but they settled in one place. The flowers are flying and falling on the shoulders of Jun, like a butterfly, if it is fantasy. Once upon a time, I would also like to be a butterfly resting on your shoulders. With a brief warmth, I will comfort you forever.

The bustling scene is over, the red is full, the vague dreams, you burst into the wind and frost, with a smile and ask me if I still remember the old covenants. I bowed my head hard, reaching out to touch your warm cheeks, but hated the tears and couldn't see you. Kasama held his hand and stared, saying a thousand words, wanting to speak but no words, a shameful glance, has long identified you as the person who has been waiting. Zigui cried at night, awakening the dream. Get up and watch the moon, I hope Hanyue will spill my love and love across Qianshan, and comfort my constant feelings.

Wandering alone, I ca n’t sit, I ca n’t stand, Si Yi 喑 喑, dusted himself, and returned. A zither sound, pity and pain, shattered words, and futile business, make a lingering whistle, sprinkle sorrowfulness, play sorrow and joy, dissipate prosperous, quiet and peaceful, in your comfortable years, read you thousands of times . As I saw for the first time, Shen Yunyu, Tianqing rubbed and wrote a plain face, listened to the dream, flat and broken, with deep tenderness, accompanied by prosperity, in the years, Enron swayed that long dream, waiting for me.

The earth is peaceful, with a clear heart and no tiredness. The time is right, with occasional cicadas, but there is no complexity, and the years are quiet. The leaves dance softly, the red duster dreams, and a monsoon, return to the dust. Three thousand Yanhong, reluctantly scattered, the wind has passed through the dust, no one knows. Then he took a book and walked out of the room. Warm fragrance Qin spleen, where the dust settles, it is better to be dust.

Sauvignon Blanc is a long-term memory, and short acacia is infinite.

Pear Vortex with a smile on the mouth, Pear Vortex is shallow and pretty.

How much red face, how much acacia is broken, but leaving blood stained ink incense crying.

I don't believe in ghosts and gods. If she is frustrated, I will turn the world into purgatory and let these rivers and mountains sacrifice for her!

You say, in the past I went to Yangliuyiyi; I laughed and resolutely remembered that year.

Your breeze and white dew keep me a hundred years old and worry-free. My Feng Guanxia promises you this life.

The drunk knows that the wine is strong, and wakes up to the dream, and it turns out that watching the withered flowers is also a pain. Who buried the promise of a lifetime in front of your grave? Hongchen picture scroll, whose life and death love is painted? In the end, I can only keep the same look, and one guard is one thousand years. Seeing the cherry blossoms sky full of sadness , but can't hide the mottled years. The burnt-out flower, for whom turned into the other shore flower? Who cares for my hair, who owes me a lifetime.

Yuan Ju Yuan San Yuan Yuan is like water, carrying Wan Zhangchen Huan, just for one sentence, waiting for the next meeting.

If I become a Buddha, there is no demon in the world; if I become a demon, the Buddha is what I am.

The street is long and the fireworks are numerous. If you look back at the lamp, the short pavilion is short and the dust is red. I sigh Xiao again.

I'd like to accompany you as a pair of dead bones, to bid farewell to this song.

Fenghua refers to quicksand, and old is a period of time.

Wood leaves return one after another, where is Yuefeng Xiaofeng. The news was half-settled, and acacia a little tonight. Autumn rain, autumn rain, half of the west wind blows away.

If you turn into the wind, I will turn into the rain, protect you, smile with a smile.

The next life is willing to do Chaoyun Muyu, Chao Zhaomu, and Tianya follow.

Who promised time, but time passed, but he finally lived up to his heart.

Use my fireworks for three lives to get you lost forever.

Time flies, the years pass by. It's always so intoxicating and sinking. The world is fickle, many are unpredictable. I have thought about the emotions in the story, and indulged in the encounter of the encounter, and all the styles left by yesterday have turned into loneliness. After the parting, the joys and sorrows, the loneliness of the flowers and flowers, and when I quietly remembered again, the loneliness waiting in my heart was still understood by a few people.

Like the moonlight and the moonlight, tenderness and tenderness, a piece of plain paper, carrying such a miss . Perhaps the horizon is too far away, as distant as a sigh, so sad and so long. A scent of tea scented slowly, just like the gentleness you first encountered. The sound of the piano came from afar. Whose fingertips picked up who passed away, turning thoughts into scattered notes, and falling into a dream?

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